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Best double buggies: quality prams for twins and growing families

If you have twins or a growing family, then a double buggy is a must. We spent months researching and testing the most popular products to reveal the best double buggies to buy.

By Gemma Wilcock | Last updated May 18, 2023

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Prices and availability checked and updated by MNHQ on 17 May, 2023.

When it comes to the best double buggies, there's a huge range of different designs to consider, including basic side-by-side pushchairs, tandem prams, sturdy off-roaders and lightweight strollers for whizzing round cities, putting in the car boot and for taking on holiday

If you’re looking for a double buggy, you’ll likely be expecting twins, have a toddler and a newborn, or are planning to grow your family. It's an essential purchase for getting out of the house with two children. 

From the size of the wheels to the pram’s set-up to how far the seats recline and the storage basket, there are a lot of features to consider.

Typically, you need to choose between one of three different types of double buggies: a side-by-side pram, a tandem pushchair in which the children sit front and back or a convertible pram that you can adapt to suit your family’s needs. Which one you go for will depend on who will be using the buggy and what you’ll be using it for as a family. 

We rigorously tested 13 of the most popular double buggies on the market, scoring them in six different areas. After months of testing, covering more than 150 miles over a variety of terrain and taking into account Mumsnet user recommendations and reviews, we reveal our winners below to help you find the best double buggy.

We've also got guides to the best pushchairs, the best lightweight strollers, the best umbrella strollers, the best travel systems and the best running buggies, all researched and reviewed by parents. If you're looking to add an extra passenger to your pram, consider our roundup of the best buggy boards. And if you're buying a double buggy for new arrivals, you'll definitely need to check out our guide to the best baby car seats

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Best double buggies at a glance

1. Best overall double buggy: Mountain Buggy Duet V3.2

mountain buggy duet

RRP: £709 | Latest deals from Amazon

Tested by parents: Mountain Buggy Duet V3.2 full review

Key specs

Age range: Newborn to 4 years | Maximum load: 18kg in each seat; 9kg per seat in newborn mode (lie-flat) | Weight: 15kg | Dimensions: 32 × 65 × 89cm (folded); 114 × 65 × 108.5cm (unfolded) | Travel system-compatible: Yes | Orientation: Side by side

What we love

  • Exceptionally compact
  • Brilliant handling over any terrain
  • Comes with a handbrake for extra peace of mind on hills

What to know

  • Foot brake is hard to engage
  • Rain cover doesn’t come as standard

What Mumsnet users say

“We’ve tried so many double buggies but have found the Mountain Buggy Duet to be our favourite” -  recommended by Mumsnet user, river12

Our verdict

The Mountain Buggy Duet V3.2 is a side-by-side double buggy that can initially be bought as a single with the view to extending it as your family grows.

It comes with world-facing seats that are quick and easy to set up, and it offers a variety of configurations that make it particularly versatile, more so than most double buggies we tested. The Duet V3.2 can be adapted to fit up to two carrycots, two cocoons and two car seats to suit twins and children of different ages. It can even be used as a single when the second seat is not in use.

We especially like that the Mountain Buggy Duet V3.2 is compact and easy to manoeuvre. At just 65cm wide (the same width as many single buggies), it’s one of the slimmest side-by-sides on the market and can fit through most doorways. This means that it can be wheeled in and out of your home and round shops, with an extendable handlebar and four air-filled tyres that can tackle any terrain.

The one-handed folded mechanism and large storage basket make life on the go even easier. Unfortunately you do have to pay extra for a rain cover and a few standard accessories, such as a carrycot or cocoon, but the Duet V3.2 is suitable for newborns straight from the box.

The black and silver chassis and chunky wheels give the pram a functional yet stylish look and the fabric can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth. While it’s not one of the cheapest prams we tested, we think its versatility and high-quality design make it great value for money.

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Latest deals from trusted retailers

2. Best budget double buggy: Chicco Echo Twin Stroller

chicco echo twin stroller

RRP: £299.95 | Latest deals from Online4Baby

Tested by parents: Chicco Echo Twin Stroller full review

Key specs

Age range: Newborn to 3 years | Maximum load: 15kg | Product weight: 13.4kg | Dimensions: 38 × 40 × 105cm (folded); 78 × 82 × 108 cm (unfolded) | Travel system-compatible: No | Orientation: Side by side

What we love

  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Simple umbrella fold for families on the go
  • Reasonably priced

What to know

  • Not compatible with a car seat or carrycot
  • Storage baskets are small

Our verdict

Chicco’s Echo Twin Stroller is the double version of the popular Echo and, although basic, there’s a lot to like about it.

The buggy is quick to set up, taking less than 10 minutes to assemble. It has a simple umbrella fold and an automatic lock, making it compact enough for storage and easy for parents of multiples to manage.

While it’s safe to use from birth, we don’t feel the seats recline flat enough to give adequate support for newborns, so we’d recommend this buggy from six months plus. Unfortunately, you can’t attach a carrycot and it’s not travel system-compatible, but we love the fuss-free design that’s ideal for busy, budget-conscious families.

The handlebar is split which makes it tricky to push one-handed, but the Echo Twin’s four small wheels cope well with most terrain. The coverage on the hoods could be better and the storage baskets are small, but our tester found the seats the easiest to adjust of all the buggies she put through testing.

At a fraction of the price of its competitors, the Chicco Echo Twin Stroller offers exceptional value for parents on a tight budget.

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3. Best double buggy for twins: iCandy Peach 7

icandy peach 6 buggy

RRP: £1379 | Latest deals from Samuel Johnston

Tested by parents: iCandy Peach full review

Key specs

Age range: Newborn (with carrycot) to 4 years (or age 7 in single mode) | Maximum load: 15kg per seat (or 25kg in single mode) | Weight: 12.9kg (in double mode) | Dimensions: 70 × 61 × 29cm (folded); seat unit 88 x 36 x 23 (unfolded) | Orientation: Tandem (world- and parent-facing) | Travel system-compatible: Yes

What we love

  • Extremely versatile, with up to 25 configurations
  • Carrycot converts to a seat
  • Tandem design is as narrow as a single pram

What to know

  • Tricky to assemble with multiple zips
  • One-handed fold is tricky to engage

What Mumsnet users say

“We love ours. The main selling point for us is that it converts into a double pram as we don't want a long gap between children.” - Mumsnet user

Our verdict

Now in its seventh generation, the iCandy Peach is a super versatile tandem buggy. Whether you want to use it as a single pram, a double buggy or a pushchair for twins, the pram offers up to 25 different configurations using seats, car seats and carrycots.

As the seats are at the front and back of the pram, the Peach 7 is very slim, with a seat unit that measures just 36cm wide. This allows you to easily load up the pram inside your house and wheel it straight out the front door without disturbing sleeping babies – very handy at nap time.

The buggy comes with everything you need to get out and about with two children. The carrycot converts to a seat after six months so there’s no need to buy extra seats or store a bulky carrycot.

It’s not a quick and simple assembly and you do have to take all the seats off for folding, but they click on and off easily. While assembly could be simpler and the one-handed folding mechanism does take some getting used to, the chassis folds down small for storage – you’ll just need to remember to take all the seats off before you do.

Despite being small and lightweight, the iCandy Peach 7 has been designed with quality in mind, with plush seats and a cosy carrycot lining that small babies will enjoy.

There’s no denying that the Peach 7 is pricey, but its versatility and slimline design makes it a great option for parents of twins. Available in a range of stylish colours and designs, it’s also a pram that will definitely turn heads.

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Latest deals from trusted retailers

4. Best double buggy for newborn and toddler: Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double Pushchair

baby jogger city tour 2

RRP: £509 | Latest deals from John Lewis

Tested by parents: Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double full review

Key specs

Age range: Newborn to four years | Maximum load: 15kg in each seat | Product weight: 10.5kg | Dimensions: 63 × 66.5 × 25cm (folded); 94.5 × 66.5 × 102.5cm (unfolded) | Travel system-compatible: No | Orientation: Side by side

What we love

  • Lightweight and slimline
  • Cosy carrycot
  • Compact fold for easy storage

What to know

  • Wheels are small and don’t cope well with rough terrain
  • When folded, the handlebar doesn't lock into place

What Mumsnet users say

"It is a brilliant pushchair and even when dd1 was 6-7 and having a moment, she could sit in it and be pushed around. Massive seat" - recommended by Mumsnet user, user1471530109

Our verdict

The Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double is a lightweight double stroller that caters well to both babies and toddlers.

Measuring just 66.5cm wide and weighing in at only 10.5kg, it’s very much geared towards urban life, fitting through most doorways with the ability to be wheeled in and out of your home.

The pram comes with two world-facing seats that can be used from birth, but the Baby Jogger also takes up to two carrycots, which are cosy, easy to pop on and off, and can be collapsed when not in use. The seats are deep and each has an infinite recline, a decent hood and an adjustable calf rest.

The folding mechanism is fairly simple to get to grips with and, when folded, the buggy is compact and easy to store, both in a car boot and at home.

As it’s a pram designed for city life, the wheels are small and great over flat ground, but are heavy to push on rougher terrain. But with good quality fabric that can be removed for machine-washing, it’s a functional and affordable option that most families will love.

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5. Best all-terrain double buggy: Thule Urban Glide 2 Double

thule urban glide 2

RRP: £750 | Latest deals from

Tested by parents: Thule Urban Glide 2

Key specs

Age range: Newborn (with carrycot) to 4 years | Maximum load: 45kg (22kg on each seat) across two seats | Product weight: 15.5kg | Dimensions: 87 × 76.5 × 41cm (folded); 104.5 × 80 × 102cm (unfolded) | Travel system-compatible: Yes | Orientation: Side by side

What we love

  • Wheels great for any terrain
  • Long lifespan
  • Handbrake gives extra peace of mind

What to know

  • Only suitable from newborn with carrycot – but not for twins
  • Very bulky when folded so not easy to store
  • May not comfortably suit all families

Our verdict

A double version of the Thule Urban Glide 2, this specialist side-by-side buggy is designed with active parents in mind.

The buggy has three big wheels and a solid frame making it perfect for jogging or country walks. With built-in suspension and a handlebar brake to control speed, this is a pushchair that can tackle any terrain with ease.

The Thule Urban Glide 2 Double is pretty much ready to go straight from the box, which most will appreciate, and it boasts an intuitive design with a simple fold mechanism and an adjustable handlebar, with all other adjustment points on the pram highlighted helpfully in blue.

The buggy can be used from birth with a carrycot, however it’s not suitable for twins until six months. You also have to pay extra for a carrycot and rain cover.

Other downsides are that Thule Urban Glide 2 Double may struggle in small spaces and, as it’s bulky when folded, it’s difficult to store. But the seats can hold up to 22kg each and with a solid, well-designed frame and durable materials to boot, this is a buggy that’s clearly been built to last. It has everything you need for an active lifestyle, including great storage space with zips compartments and pockets in the seats.

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Latest deals from trusted retailers

6. Best lightweight double buggy: Out n About Nipper Double V4

out n about nipple double v4

RRP: £659 | Latest deals from Amazon

Tested by parents: Out N About Nipper Double full review

Key specs

Age range: Newborn to 4 years | Maximum load: 22kg per seat | Weight: 12.8kg | Dimensions: 72 × 96 × 119cm (unfolded); 72 × 42 × 90cm (folded with wheels on); 71 × 36 × 79cm (folded with wheels off) | Travel system-compatible: No | Orientation: Side by side

What we love

  • Effortless steering on all terrain
  • Brake is very easy to flick on and off with the bottom of your foot
  • Can fit through most doorways and on public transport

What to know

  • It isn't travel system-compatible so there's no option to use it with a baby car seat
  • Seats don’t feel flat or supportive enough for a newborn
  • Tricky to fold

What Mumsnet users say

"I had one years ago and still have fond memories... loved loved loved it - Mumsnet user, Shylo

Our verdict

Previously awarded our best overall double buggy award, the Out n About Nipper Double V4 is a side-by-side three-wheel model for twins or siblings of different ages.

This is a buggy that will, quite literally, go the distance, with a maximum weight limit per seat of 22kg, which is around four years of age. It’s not travel system-compatible, but you can attach a carrycot to give more support in the early months.

The pram is quick to assemble and comes with individual hoods that give good coverage. We found the pedal brake one of the easiest to use and the one-handed steering a real boon.

With rear suspension and large, air-filled tyres, this is a buggy clearly designed for off-roading, which may not suit all families. However, the Nipper Double V4 is still fairly slimline (72cm), which makes it great for urban life too, whether you’re nipping round shops or getting on and off the bus.

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Latest deals from trusted retailers

What should I look for when buying a double buggy?

Start by thinking about what type of double buggy you need for your family. This will depend on your lifestyle, who will be using the pushchair and what you will be using it for. Generally, there are three different types of double buggy:

Side-by-side double buggy

Ideal for twins or children of different ages who like to interact with one another, although most designs also allow you to recline the seats independently.

Side-by-side double buggies tend to be wider than the average pram so may not be suitable for public transport or small car boots. They often have roomy storage baskets though and can be folded easily, but if you have an older child who often wants to walk, the second seat will sit empty. Most are suitable from birth or you may be able to attach an infant carrycot or car seat.

Tandem (inline) double buggy

This style of double buggy has one seat at the front and one at the back. Often the same width as a standard single buggy, tandem buggies can fit through doorways and shops aisles more easily than most side-by-sides. This does mean the frame can be longer and heavier though and, as the children aren’t sat next to one other, there’s less interaction – and one child will have to look at the back of a seat.

Always fully check the design of your chosen tandem buggy as some only have one seat suitable for a newborn so may not be right for twin babies.

Convertible double buggy

These can be used as a single or a double pushchair and mostly function as a tandem pram when used with two children. They appeal to parents who want a pram that will grow with their family or those that want to be able to switch back to a single buggy when the second seat is not in use.

They can offer a variety of configurations including world- and parent-facing seats, carrycots and car seats, which makes them suitable for a toddler and newborn or for twins, but they can be tricky to fold and will usually sit at the higher end of the price scale.

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Features to consider

  • Age range: look at the age and weight restrictions. Can it be used from birth? Check to see if the seats recline flat or whether you can attach a carrycot. If you have twins, make sure both seats are suitable from birth or you can fit two carrycots. If you have a toddler, is there plenty of room to grow?
  • Safety: check that your buggy has been made to meet safety standards, typically BS 7409 or BSEN 1888:2003. Look at the harness – most prams come with either a three- or a five-point harness. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) advise that a five-point harness is best.
  • Size: double prams can be bulky, so check the width and weight. If you need to push the buggy through your front door, measure how wide it is. A slimmer, lighter buggy will be better if you live in a flat and for shopping or travelling by bus.
  • The fold: check how easy it is to fold (some prams have a one-handed folding mechanism) and how compact it is when folded. Consider if it will fit in your car boot or in your home when not in use. Side-by-side prams tend to be easier to fold than tandem buggies, but can have a much larger footprint.
  • The seats: look at how spacious and supportive they are. Seats that can be independently reclined will suit the individual needs of both children. Separate hoods are also handy – look at how much coverage they give and whether they have UPF protection.
  • Orientation – decide whether you want your children to be world-facing or parent-facing. Parents often want to make eye contact with their baby in the early months. Side-by-sides tend to be world-facing but a convertible pram can offer both.
  • Is it a travel system? If you want to be able to attach a car seat or two, check that the pram is compatible (you may need to buy adapters). Both tandem and side-by-sides can offer this.
  • The wheels: choose between a standard four-wheeler for stability, or a three-wheeler for rougher terrain. Smaller wheels will suit urban life but for jogging or active lifestyle, an off-road double buggy with big tyres will be better for rough ground. Also consider the turning circle – a pram with swivelling front wheels will manoeuvre more easily than one without.
  • Handlebar: if more than one parent will be pushing the pushchair, check the handlebar is a good height for both of you. If not, find one that can be extended.
  • Cleaning: look at how easy the buggy will be to clean. Is the material waterproof? Can stains be removed easily? Consider whether you’d like to be able to remove the covers for machine-washing.
  • Storage space: a basket should hold enough for a day out and be easily accessible. Extra seat pockets can also be handy for smaller items, like a phone or keys. Side-by-sides tend to have roomier storage baskets than tandems as often the second seat in a tandem buggy sits in the basket.
  • Extras: what does the pram come with? While a rain cover is essential, not every pram comes with one. If you want a bumper bar, you may also have to pay extra for this. Other accessories could be a cup holder, footmuff and seat liner.

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Do double buggies fit through doors?

Being able to wheel your pram into the house when your children are sleeping or load up the buggy before you leave home will be essential for many parents. It’s also great if you can wheel it around town and through shop doors easily.

Double prams can be very bulky and generally measure up to around 82cm in width. But with standard external doorways measuring around 76 to 96cm, most double buggies will fit through doors. However, there are slimmer options available that will cope with most small spaces.

Seats on tandem prams sit at the front and back so they are great for getting through front doors or small shops as they are the same size as a single pram. Side-by-sides tend to be bulkier but some are as slim as 65cm and can be pushed through most doorways with ease. It’s a good idea to measure your front door so you know how wide you need your pram to be.

How much do double buggies cost?

One of the biggest factors when considering what pram to choose is how much you want to spend. Double buggies can be expensive, but you don’t have to spend over the odds to get a decent model.

The more basic side-by-side models can cost as little as £70 while some travel systems can go up to over £1,400. While that will make a hefty dent in your bank balance, these do tend to be convertible prams (travel systems) so it may be worth the price if you use it for up to three or four years or more with multiple children. Equally, if you’re on a tight budget there are plenty of decent pushchairs at the lower end of the price range that will suit your needs.

You can pick a buggy up secondhand much cheaper, but always check that the pram is safe and all the straps and attachments work properly. Also check for any evidence of heavy wear on the edges of the wheels and make sure the fabric is intact.

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What is the best double buggy to buy?

The best double buggy is the Mountain Buggy Duet V3.2. A compact and versatile side-by-side pram, it’s suitable for twins or siblings of different ages and can take up to two seats, carrycots or car seats. It has an easy one-handed fold mechanism, a big storage basket and four big tyres to make it a great all-rounder for any terrain.

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What's the best double buggy for a toddler and newborn?

We think the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double is the best double buggy for a toddler and a newborn. It’s lightweight and has a slimline frame that can fit through almost any doorway. The buggy also has individually reclining seats, hoods and adjustable calf rests that are suitable from birth, making it great for parents with children of different ages.

How real-life comparative testing makes Mumsnet Reviews unique

When it came to picking what prams to test, we wanted to make sure that we selected a cross section of prams that meet all needs and budgets.

Journalist Gemma Wilcock, a mum of two, was commissioned to research and review a range of the best and most popular double buggies currently on the market.

Gemma is a parenting writer and has compiled previous Mumsnet reviews, including guides to the best newborn beds and the best baby bouncers. Mum to a six and a four-year-old, she understands why it’s important to pick the right buggy for your family.

During more than 15 hours of research, Gemma scoured the internet looking at the huge variety of designs currently on offer. She checked trusted reviews sites, such as Which, to see which ones scored highly across all areas and cross-checked them with the best sellers and highest scorers on retailers such as Amazon and Mamas & Papas. With some of the best recommendations coming from parents themselves, she also spoke to mums and dads and looked for recommendations on our Mumsnet forums.

To ensure the products were safe, Gemma chatted to Philip LeShirley, Product Safety Advisor at The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), who advised what to look for when purchasing a pram to ensure it’s safe to use.

Gemma ended up with a list of almost 30 products which she whittled down to 13 to put to the test, covering a range of needs, lifestyles, brands and budgets.

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How we tested

We tasked busy mum-of-two Liz with putting the double buggies through their paces. At Mumsnet, we believe like-for-like comparisons are the fairest and most consistent way to test products because each one is tested by the same person in the same scenarios for at least a week.

We wanted to see how well the prams fit into everyday life and how safe and easy they are to use. When testing began, Liz had a four-month-old and a four-year-old preschooler and racked up more than 150 miles in total over four months.

We broke down the testing into six keys areas to ensure every aspect of the pram was looked at thoroughly:

Safety and stability: we checked how sturdy and well made the buggy was and whether it provided good support for growing children. We considered how suitable the pram was for a newborn and whether the harness was secure for children of different ages. We ran brake and topple tests to ensure the pram was safe in all its potential configurations.

Assembly: we noted what was in the box and whether all the basics were included. We looked at the instructions and how easy the pram was to assemble.

Day-to-day usage: we ensured the pram was tested on all kinds of terrain looking at how the wheels performed, how easy it was to push, turn, fit through doorways and lift over kerbs or bumps. We also tested the fold mechanism and looked at where it could be stored. We carried out a storage basket test and assessed the seats, such as the recline option and whether you can add a carrycot or car seat. We also tested the effectiveness of the hood and rain cover.

Cleanliness: we wanted to know what the pram is like to clean. We carried out a cleanliness test to see how well the fabric coped when juice was spilled and how easily mud came off.

Aesthetics: looking at the materials and colours, we considered whether it was stylish design or more of a practical pushchair, whether the materials were high-quality and if it was built to last to the maximum age limit.

Value for money: taking all of the above into account, we wanted to know if it was worth the price tag and whether this was a pram that Liz would recommend to other parents.

Each of the buggies was given a score for each area and when the final tallies were in, the awards were given to the six highest performing prams with the Mountain Buggy Duet V3.2 emerging as the best overall double buggy to buy for babies, twins and toddlers.