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Boba 4G review

Best Budget Baby Carrier 2020

Comfort is what really makes the Boba 4G stand out. Perfect for taking on holiday, it’s a non-bulky all-in-one carrier, and also covers the largest weight range, making it a great investment.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Jul 15, 2021

Bobo 4G review Mumsnet Best

The Boba 4G was worn for long periods of time, and although the weight of a child could become heavy, it never felt uncomfortable. This was true for both front and back carrying. The waist belt is padded, and provides adequate support even with a heavier child.

The fabric is soft and the design is simple, yet it has all the features you would expect, including a head cover and an infant insert. The infant insert is attached easily using poppers, and can be quickly removed for a larger child.

Assuming a back carry position can sometimes be precarious when out solo with your child, but we didn’t find this an issue with the Boba 4G. The seat is wide, and the chest buckle can easily be adjusted to ensure that it is within your reach.

It has fleecy canvas so very comfortable for DS and for me. I can work at the computer in it, as well as wash up and take the dogs for a walk!

The Boba 4G includes a couple of lovely little extras too; there are the three small zip pockets for keys, money or a phone and a bag tab to help stop bags slipping from your shoulders. The Boba 4G is the only carrier we tested that comes with the option to have foot rests for your child. This means that your child’s legs won’t dangle while positioned in the carrier. However, be aware that some little passengers could use the footrests to push up and try to stand whilst being carried, which could be cause for concern. The good news is, the footrests are removable if you prefer.

The Stats

Weight range: 7 to 45 lbs

Age: Up to 48 months

Number of carrying positions: 2

RRP: £99

Resale value: £57

Available in a range of exciting colours and Limited Edition designs.

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