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10 best bibs for babies and toddlers

When you think of bibs you might think of weaning, but if your baby is a dribbler or has reflux then they can be an essential piece of newborn kit too.

By Anna Cook | Last updated Mar 3, 2022

Toddler wearing a bib

Newborns need soft, absorbent materials that won’t irritate them, while weaning, for around six months, is all about stopping mess and stains.

Babies are experts at getting dirt, leaves and grass into their mouths – however much you don’t want them to – and they’re also experts at getting tasty treats all over themselves and the floor.

Here are the best baby bibs for weaning, dribble and beyond.

1. Best overall baby bib: IKEA Kladdig Bib

IKEA Kladdig baby Bib

“I like the IKEA ones best. You can put them in the washing machine or do them with the washing up and they dry quickly. All my other ones look revolting after two months of baby-led weaning.”

IKEA doesn’t just do nursery furniture and toys. Their Kladdig bib offers the best of all worlds. It’s soft against the skin, but is made from an easy-to-clean plastic that’s free of harmful substances.

It’s so easy to clean that you can just rinse it out, wash it in the sink, or throw it in the washing machine or dishwasher. There’s also a pocket that catches spills.

It has an adjustable neck that allows you to securely fasten it, and is ideal for babies aged six months to around two years old.

Price: £6 for one

2. Best silicone bib: Happy Healthy Parent Waterproof Silicone Bib

Happy Healthy Parent Waterproof Silicone Bib

For a comfortable, wipe-clean bib, you can’t go wrong with silicone. Yes, silicone bibs are pricier than plain cotton, but many parents agree that they’re completely worth it.

Silicone bibs are soft and flexible, like fabric ones, but are waterproof so that they can be wiped clean after meals. The Happy Healthy Parent Waterproof Silicone Bib also has a lipped-edge to catch (most) food and there are adjustable neck poppers for a comfortable fit. Even better, you get two in a pack.

Price: £16.97 for two

3. Best budget baby bib: Vicloon Bibs with Sleeves

Vicloon Bibs with Sleeves

If your child is a very messy eater, then a bib with sleeves could save their clothes and your nerves. This pack includes four different designs, including a frog and a giraffe.

They’re designed for babies from six months to three years, so they may come up big on very small children, but are great as you reach the toddler years as they make perfect art aprons too.

To clean, just sponge down or hand wash with cool water – you can’t throw these ones in the washing machine.

4. Best bandana bib for newborns: Yoofoss Baby Bandana Dribble Bibs

Yoofoss Baby Bandana Dribble Bibs

“My DS was a terrible dribbler. They soaked up the dribble brilliantly and I'd only have to change them two or three times a day.”

Bandana bibs are great for newborns onwards. They catch milk dribbles, baby sick and saliva, and are essential if you have a dribbly baby – or if teething encourages dribble.

These Yoofoss bandana bibs are 100% soft organic cotton on the front and polyester fleece on the back, making them super soft but also very absorbent.

They have an easy Velcro fastening, but as with anything around a baby’s neck, don’t leave them alone when wearing them. There are eight in a pack, which means you can put the washing machine on less often.

5. Best for coverage: BiBaDo Weaning Bib

BiBaDo Weaning Bib

“BiBaDo bibs are amazing. DD is very small so they work well. There are these popper things on the sleeves to shorten them. They cover the highchair too so prevent food from falling onto her legs.”

This cleverly designed BiBaDo bib hooks over your baby's highchair or booster seat to offer extra protection for them and for your floor.

Unlike lots of other bibs, this one is both waterproof and machine-washable. Choose between yellow, navy, pink and green.

It has adjustable sizing so one bib is suitable from weaning – approximately six months to two years – although bigger toddlers may not appreciate having their movement so restricted.

6. Best dribble bib: Little Lucky Baby Double Layer Bibs6. Best dribble bib: Little Lucky Baby Double Layer Bibs

Little Lucky Baby Double Layer Bibs

The cotton-polyester blend used in these Little Lucky bibs makes them super-soft to touch. They are a great option for dribble bibs but probably won’t stand up to tomato pasta stains.

You get seven in a pack, which will help with the washing. Choose from white, pink and blue.

7. Best teething bib: Cheeky Chompers Teething Bib

Cheeky Chompers Teething Bib

“Cheeky Chompers are good. They are pricey but wash well. I bought two packs of two for DS1 who is now three and DS2 who is eight months is currently getting good use out of them.”

Cheeky Chompers have the ultimate two-in-one – a bib and a teething toy. The bib is made from 100% Organic Super-Soft Muslin, and the teether is made from FDA food-grade silicone so won't flake or peel.

It’s also totally BPA- and phthalate-free so it’s very safe. Because it’s attached to the bib, you can say goodbye to picking up dropped teethers from a dirty floor. The adjustable poppers mean it can be used from two months as a dribble bib all the way up into toddlerhood.

8. Best bib for baby-led weaning: Silly Billyz Fleece Bib

Silly Billyz Fleece Bib

“Silly Billyz are fab. I am doing baby-led weaning with twins and they're the business!”

Baby-led weaning can be messy and Mumsnet users rate Silly Billyz. The water-resistant nylon sleeves provide extra protection from food wobbling off a spoon or fork.

It has a durable fleece front, which is suitable for both feeding and messy playtime. The backing is made with a water-resistant nylon to keep clothing and kids clean and dry. It’s also machine-washable and safe for tumble-drying.

9. Best bib with sleeves: JoJo Maman Bébé Deluxe Sleeved Bib

JoJo Maman Bébé Deluxe Sleeved Bib

“JoJo Maman Bébé waterproof long sleeve ones, with a tab that catches the food, are the best. I wash them with the washing up.”

This Deluxe Sleeved Bib by JoJo Maman Bébé has long sleeves for extra coverage and a pocket to catch crumbs, plus it has a very cute design.

It’s available in three sizes so, while it won’t last from newborn to age three, it offers a good fit for different ages.

It also gets bonus points because of its eco credentials – it’s made from the equivalent of approximately three recycled plastic bottles.

10: Best travel bib: Babi Hapi Waterproof Silicone Weaning Baby Bibs

Brilliant Bibs Waterproof Silicone Weaning Baby Bibs

Silicone bibs are great because they wipe clean, but they can be bulky to transport. These, by Babi Hapi, roll into the pouch for easy storing and will easily fit into your changing bag.

You get two designs for under £10 and they are made from 100% food-grade silicone. There are also three different designs to choose from.

Which fabric is best for baby bibs?

There are different types of baby bib fabrics depending on what you’re using them for. For newborns, bibs are all about stopping milk and dribble from making their clothes wet, so you will need bibs that are made of cotton or other absorbent materials to soak up liquids. Many have backing to stop the dribble from soaking through to their clothes.

While these bibs need to attach to your baby, obviously you should never leave a baby alone when they have something around their neck.

When it comes to weaning, silicone and synthetic baby bibs are popular because they can be easily wiped clean.

If you’re doing baby-led weaning, known as BLW, then you might need bibs with pockets to contain the worst of the spills. Other parents prefer ones that cover your little one from their neck to their knees and help protect their clothes – if not your carpet.

When should babies start wearing bibs?

Most people associate bibs with weaning – whether that’s spoon-fed or baby-led weaning – so usually introduce a baby bib at around six months. However, if you have a dribbly newborn or one who is often sick or takes milk too quickly, then you’ll likely need a bit too.

How many bibs do you need for a baby?

The number of bibs you need depends very much on your baby and how often you want to wash them. If your newborn is dribbly, you may go through as many as six to 10 dribble bibs a day. If you want to put one wash on a day, then you’ll need at least 20. Luckily, because most are cotton, they dry quickly. However some Mumsnet users find they don’t need newborn bibs at all.

When it comes to weaning, most parents recommend at least two bibs – one for the changing bag and one at home. Others prefer four – one for each meal and an extra one for messy snacks. If the bib is wipe-clean-only then you will need fewer as you don’t need to wait for a washing machine cycle. IKEA’s Kladding Bib is dishwasher-safe too for even easier washing.

How long do baby bibs last?

How long bibs last depend on your baby’s size. Newborn bandana styles will last until your baby is about eight months. Some have adjustable fastenings so they will last even longer.

Weaning bibs are designed from six months and can last until your child is two or three – depending on which centile they are on. Some savvy Mumsnetters reuse baby bibs with sleeves as art aprons or smocks.

If you follow the care instructions and wipe clean ones that aren’t suitable for the washing machine, then many bibs will easily last for second, third (or more) babies and toddlers.

A top tip from Mumsnetters is to dry material bibs on the washing line as the sunlight – even in winter – can naturally bleach dark stains like tomato pasta and banana.

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