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Snüzpouch review

The people at Snüzpouch have really thought about what a parent might need, and made it happen, with this sleeping bag that’s just a little different.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Jul 15, 2021

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What we loved most about the Snüzpouch is its innovative nappy-changing feature, which makes the late-night shift that much easier.


  • Amazing for nappy changes
  • Beautiful designs
  • Incredibly soft


  • No transitional travel element so can’t be moved from car seat to cot, for example

Key features of the Snüzpouch

  • Nappy change zip for quick and easy changes
  • 100% super-soft cotton
  • Comes in six modern designs
  • Available in 0-6 months and 6-18 months
  • Available in 1.0 tog for summer or 2.5 tog for all-year-round
  • RRP: £36.95
Snuzpod with annotations

How easy it is to use day to day?

The Snüzpouch lets you change your baby WHILE HE IS STILL ASLEEP. Our tester was over the moon when she came across the innovative circular zip which is over the nappy area. You simply zip it open (you don’t even need to take the baby’s legs out of the bag) and do the change with no disturbance at all, keeping your little one snug and safe all night long. Our tester’s baby often screams and shouts when his nappy is changed, but remained blissfully unaware of the event in the Snüzpouch and didn’t wake up once. Now if that isn’t an innovative idea, we don’t know what is.

The sleeping bag also scored well on the Mumsnet Baby Wrangling Test, during which our tester tried to get her baby into the sleeping bag mid-pre-bedtime scream. The Snüzpouch has little poppers on the shoulders so it’s easy to get your baby in and out of (even taking into account flailing limbs). There is also poppers under the arms which means it adjusts to fit your baby perfectly, so the sleeping bag grows with them and stops them from falling into the bag.

How does the Snüzpouch sleeping bag look?

There's a choice of gorgeous patterns which match the Snüz bedding range, as well as different tog weights to choose from, depending on the time of year. Snüz is great at coming up with beautiful designs that appeal to everyone. From geometric shapes to chevrons to cloud and wave designs, the bags looks very simple but very stylish. They also have bags that are just one solid colour, with a stylish, colourful zip.

How does the Snüzpouch feel?

It feels like a snuggly duvet. In fact it was so soft and comfortable our tester said she was tempted to email Snüz and see if they could make one in an adult size. The 100% super-soft cotton is very high quality and no matter how many times we fiddled with the zip or popped and un-popped the poppers, everything remained in place. We couldn’t fault the quality at all.

How do I wash the Snüzpouch?

It washes at 40C and tumble-dries, for quick turnarounds. There’s nothing nicer than washing something and feeling that it softens with each wash. This is exactly what happened with the Snüzpouch – with every wash the material just felt softer and more snuggly. It also retained its shape well, looking like a brand-new sleeping bag every time it came out of the wash.

Snuzpouch on hanger

Is the Snüzpouch safe?

For new, nervous parents who might not have used sleeping bags before, the Snüzpouch has really simple instructions on the back of the pack on how to choose the right tog and what you should dress your baby in when they are wearing the sleeping bag.

Simple instructions like are great because you feel informed without feeling like it’s information overload.

The Snüzpouch is made entirely from 100% cotton, so it's naturally breathable as well as super soft and comfortable. The zip shield prevents your baby getting scratched during the night.

Is the Snüzpouch good value for money?

The Snüzpouch is, admittedly, slightly on the more expensive side but the clever nappy-changing zip certainly makes it one of a kind and is a design idea worth paying a bit extra for. If you're after a cheaper sleeping bag, why not try the Travel Grobag. The only thing that would make it better is if there were a transitional element, so it could be used in a car and a cot. But aside from that we feel that the quality and design is fabulous and that nappy-changing zip is a game-changer.