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Didofy Aster 2 review: the lightweight pushchair with one handed MagicFold

The award-winning Didofy Aster 2 promises to be the best compact pushchair on the market. But does it deliver? Mumsnet editor and mum-of-two Rebecca tests it out.

By Rebecca Roberts | Last updated Dec 4, 2023

Didofy Aster 2 review

Price: £299 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Suitable from: Birth to approx. four years old | Maximum load: 22 kg (50 lbs) on the seat | Orientation: World facing only | Pram weight: 6.2 kg | Unfolded dimensions: 55 x 82 x 105 cm | Folded dimensions: 55 x 47 x 25 cm | Materials: Polyester fabric, filling and mattress, 100% PU leather-look handlebar grips | Included accessories: Rain cover, cup holder and footmuff

What we like

  • One-handed compact fold with the push of a button

  • Weighs just 6.2 kg and can be carried as hand luggage on most airlines

  • Stands upright when folded or lies flat for easy storage at home or when travelling

  • Includes a rain cover, footmuff and cup holder

  • Flip flop-friendly brake

What we don’t like

  • Doesn’t have an extendable handlebar for different user heights

  • Recline requires two hands to adjust

  • Cup holder can be reached by a child in the seat

  • Steering was sometimes tricky on uneven ground

Our verdict

The Didofy Aster 2 has revolutionised our family’s outings. As former owners of a bulky tandem pram, the Aster 2’s ultra-compact design has been a game-changer.

British brand Didofy burst onto the scene in 2019, offering a range of premium strollers and travel systems with easy folds. The Aster 2 is their most compact, easy-to-use offering, designed for parents on-the-go who desire a lightweight pram from birth up to 22 kg.

Personally, being able to switch from one child to the other as needed during outings has been a lifesaver. The one-handed MagicFold is a breeze to use, and not only does it take up less space than our existing pram, the Aster 2 is also incredibly easy to manoeuvre outdoors and in shops, restaurants and crowds. Plus, at £299, it’s a more affordable option than other compact pushchairs on the market, like the Babyzen Yoyo+ and the Bugaboo Bee 6.

With its in-built suspension and multi-position seat, babies from birth to approximately four years old will have a smooth and comfortable ride. While the Aster 2 is suitable from birth as it comes, adding the carrycot for an extra £180 may be worth it for parents who prefer to have their newborns forward-facing. Despite the added cost, the Aster 2 is a valuable investment that will last for years to come.

Final thoughts: If I had known about the Aster 2 before our first child, I would have bypassed our bulky travel system and opted for this ultra-compact pushchair instead.

Didofy Aster 2: how we tested

  • Two weeks of using the Didofy Aster 2 on a daily basis

  • Tested use with a toddler and preschooler

  • Used on walks, visiting a farm, and visiting the shops

  • Used while travelling to the city centre by train

As a mum with a toddler and preschooler, getting around can sometimes be a battle of wills. Primarily because my preschooler wants to run everywhere, whereas my toddler is still catching up. Suffice to say, when we go on walks or visit our local parks, it often ends in us carrying him while chasing after his older brother.

Understandably, finding a lightweight pram that can handle both children’s weights - one that’s nimble and lightweight enough to manoeuvre as we chase either child - has been on our radar for a while now. So, when the opportunity came up to test the new Didofy Aster 2, I couldn’t say no.

The Didofy Aster 2 has a lightweight design

With its sleek, lightweight design, the Aster 2 is great for parents on-the-go

With the help of both kids, we put the Aster 2 through its paces. Gravel, grass, pavement, muddy walks - you name it, the pushchair has been everywhere with us recently. Alongside our local park and walks, we’ve also visited both indoor and outdoor shopping centres to test how well it performs while navigating crowds and smaller places.

We have a large SUV for transport, so having a pushchair that still leaves ample space in the boot for our dog’s crate, shopping and other personal items is important to us as a family. However, there are occasions where we’ll travel into the city via train. Due to childcare, we also need something that fits in a grandparent’s car, too.

Didofy Aster 2: what’s in the box?

For £299, you’ll receive the following with the Didofy Aster 2:

  • Stroller

  • Rain cover

  • Footmuff

  • Cup holder

  • 4 x puncture proof wheels (2 x front, 2 x back)

To transform the Aster 2 into a complete travel system, you can purchase the additional carrycot (RRP £180) and adapter clips (RRP £30) separately. Other additional accessories available include a mosquito net (RRP £20) and stroller bag (RRP £30) as part of the Aster range, again, these are sold separately.

Total cost of Didofy Aster 2 range: RRP £559 for the stroller and all available add-ons.

Didofy Aster 2: how easy is it to assemble?

The Didofy Aster 2 folded and standing

One of my favourite things about the Aster 2: it stands upright on its own when folded

The pushchair came folded in a surprisingly small and compact box. Weighing just 6.2 kg, I think it actually feels lighter and is incredibly easy to carry and lift in and out of the house and car boot.

After opening the box, I just needed to press the button to unfold and clip the wheels on, which was very easy. In just a few minutes, we were ready to go.

Didofy Aster 2: how does it look?

Available in three colours, the Aster 2 has a sleek, swish design. I tested the olive colour with the anodised bronze frame, and while it wouldn’t be my usual go-to choice of colour, it’s lovely and makes a nice difference to the usual black or grey designs I go for.

It looks fab when out and about, is nippy enough for more crowded places like shops, but still holds its own while on walks in colder weather. Plus, the quilted fabric looks high-end; it’s soft, comfortable and neither child had any complaints.

Didofy Aster 2 removeable bumper bar

The bumper bar is easy to remove, revealing the 5-point harness and quilted fabric seat

Testing the Didofy Aster 2 on different terrains

We found it easy to navigate different terrains while testing, although mud is a little trickier

The handlebar is comfortable and soft to use, and the inclusion of the cup holder is definitely appreciated. From experience, other brands sell this at an additional cost, so I was pleasantly surprised to see both the cup holder and the footmuff included in the box.

Didofy Aster 2 handlebar

The leatherette handle is comfortable and smooth to hold

Didofy Aster 2 footmuff and pushchair

A warm, snug ride for baby when the weather is colder

When set up with the footmuff, it’s cosy and warm, and fits both DC’s legs with ease. The large UPF50 hood is expandable, ventilated and waterproof, and when open fully - combined with the footmuff - creates a lovely, snug seat that can withstand the weather on a walk. The added peek-a-boo window at the top helps to spy on your child, too.

Didofy Aster 2 available colours

Aster 2 - Grey with black frame
Aster 2 - Grey with black frame


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Didofy Aster 2 in black
Aster 2 - Black with bronze frame


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Didofy Aster 2 in olive
Aster 2 - Olive with bronze frame


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Didofy Aster 2: what's it like to use day-to-day?

Adjusting the seat and harness

Didofy Aster 2 suits different weights up to 22kg

A comfortable fit for both my DC: the adjustable harness and footrest help

I find it durable and incredibly easy to use as it suits our needs. There’s just 15 months between my DC, so I don’t need to adjust the height of the 5-point harness regularly. It’s worth mentioning, though, that if you’re using the Aster 2 for a newborn and a preschooler, where there’s a larger age and height gap, you may find it tricky to adjust while on the go. Changing the strap requires looping the straps at different heights manually.

To accommodate different heights, however, the Aster 2 has an adjustable footrest that’s simple to use, and a multi-position reclining backrest that lays flat for newborns. The only issue is that the recline function is operated via a toggle, requiring both hands and crouching down to adjust, which can be inconvenient when on the move.

The included bumper bar is easy to remove and attach, but doesn’t swivel up or down like other prams I’ve used.

Quick and easy to transfer from home to car

Didofy Aster 2 in the car boot

When folded and upright, it left more than enough room in our large car boot

Besides these few minor nitpicks, the Didofy Aster 2 overall is a brilliant pushchair for day-to-day use. It’s made life significantly easier with two small children, and going out with both of them is no longer as stressful as it was. I’m able to quickly fold and unfold the pram when getting out of the car with ease, reducing our time spent getting in and out of the car from approximately 15 minutes to just a few. A very appreciated change with an impatient preschooler, I must say.

Gone are the days of squishing my big food shop between the gaps of my tandem and dog crate in the boot. Now, with the Aster 2, I have ample space to tidily load a week’s worth of shopping alongside the pushchair in our car boot.

What it’s like to push

It even earned my DH’s seal of approval after he was able to manoeuvre the pushchair between the aisles of Next without accidentally knocking into something (or someone). Admittedly, he did step on the brake (which is flip flop friendly) a couple of times. As it’s positioned just right to centre, his foot would catch it mid-walk. That was probably more to do with him not watching where his feet are, than the pushchair itself, though, IMHO.

Much like the one-handed fold, the Aster 2 is also easy to manoeuvre one-handed thanks to its front swivel wheels (that can be locked when needed). With its lightweight chassis, I found it easy to push my toddler while my preschooler held my hand during a recent walk at our local park. On another outing, we visited a local farm, during which it handled grass and a few bumps well, but struggled on more uneven terrain and mud as we went off the pavement.

How sturdy is it?

Where the Aster 2 wins points with how compact and light it is, it isn’t the sturdiest of pushchairs I’ve used. Although, with one of it’s biggest selling points being how lightweight it is, I wasn’t expecting a huge chassis. With that said, the chassis itself is durable, and the anodised frame didn’t scratch or dent during our outings.

The instructions warn not to allow children to lean sideways out of the pram, and understandably so. My eldest DC would be able to topple the pushchair with ease, whereas our toddler would struggle. I’d also warn against attaching a baby bag or rucksack to the handlebar when the pushchair is empty, as it would certainly fall backwards.

Didofy Aster 2: how easy is the fold?

Thanks to the innovative MagicFold design, the Aster 2’s biggest selling point is its ability to fold and unfold with one hand.

While testing, I found folding it down to the floor quick and smooth, easily placing the pushchair in its compact position. Whereas, when lifting it off the ground to fold like I found myself doing more ofte, I needed a second hand (or knee) to help bring the lower part of the pram in.

When folded, it can stand or lie flat for easy storage at home, in the car or on public transport.

Didofy Aster 2: how easy is it to clean?

With two DC that snack all day long, having a pushchair that’s easy to clean is a plus. The fabrics on the Aster 2 are wipeable, and the seat cover is removable and can be machine washed. The harness straps are also easy to wipe clean, which we discovered after an ice cream stop, and the frame can be wiped down with a damp cloth in case there’s any dirt or debris.

Didofy Aster 2: is it good for travelling?


At just 6.2 kg, the Didofy Aster 2 fits most airline overhead compartments, as shown on a recent TUI flight

Most definitely. Thanks to its compact size, travelling by train with the Didofy Aster 2 was a breeze. To store it in the luggage compartment, DH was able to swiftly fold and lift it while I juggled getting both DC into their seats around the table. Once at our destination, it was very easy to quickly unfold the pushchair to strap our youngest in before leaving the train station.

Weighing just 6.2kg, the Aster 2 is one of the more lightweight pushchairs on the market. With its ultra-compact design, it fits into the overhead compartment on most airlines. While an all-inclusive trip to Greece wasn’t included in our review, I can confidently say that travelling via plane with the Didofy Aster 2 would be super easy. In fact, I look forward to taking it abroad later this year on our family holiday.

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Beyond her role as an editor here at Mumsnet, Rebecca can be found balancing life as a working mum of two toddlers and when she’s not at her desk, you’ll likely find her at a local playgroup, in a nearby coffee shop, or walking the dog.

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