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Best blackout blinds for baby’s nursery, bedrooms and while travelling

Need to stop light streaming into your baby’s nursery? A blackout blind could help. Here's our guide to the best blackout blinds for babies, your home and while travelling.

By Louise Baty | Last updated Jun 2, 2023

best blackout blinds uk

Blackout blinds are more effective at shutting out light than standard blinds, so they could help your child get a better night’s sleep - and you too. Mumsnetters say the best blackout blinds will block light from shining on your baby’s bed, allowing them to sleep for longer.

Sleep deprivation is one of the most challenging parts of new parenthood, and getting your baby’s sleep set-up just right can make a huge difference to yours and your child’s sleep quality. That’s why Mumsnetters highly recommend investing in the best cot mattress you can, as well as a few other clever sleep-hacking accessories. We’ve reviewed quite a few over the years, take a look at our roundup of best white noise machines, if you think background noise might help your bedtime routine.

The NHS advises that, in the early months, it’s wise to teach your baby that nighttime is different from daytime. This means that, during daytime naps, don't worry too much about everyday noises when they sleep. However, at night it’s helpful to ensure calm surroundings to teach your baby that nighttime is for sleeping. A way to help your baby drift off to sleep at bedtime - even when the clocks have just changed - is to keep noise to a minimum and block unnecessary light with a blackout blind.

To help you find the right one for you, we’ve pulled together a list of the top blackout blinds Mumsnetters love. We think there’s a great range here, from roman blinds to travel-friendly options and bargain finds.

Here are the best blackout blinds to buy.

The best blackout blinds - at a glance:

1. Best overall blackout blind: Gro Anywhere Portable Blackout Blind

Gro Anywhere Portable Blackout Blind

Price on writing: £22 | Buy now from John Lewis

Key specs

Size: H29 x W23 x D6cm | Washable?: Machine washable

What we love

  • Lightweight

  • Portable

  • Easy to use

What to know

  • Suckers can lose their grip over time

What Mumsnet users say

“I have the Gro Anywhere blind. The one with suckers that you can attach to any window. Total lifesaver.” (Recommended by Mumsnetter pairofchairs)

“They were a game changer for me and I took the blind everywhere we were going. We had a gro blind. About £20 on Amazon.” (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user megladon2020)

“@pairofchairs I second the gro-blind, we've used ours for years, it's brilliant. I was actually thinking the other day that it was probably the best child related purchase I ever made (and I have been a parent for 16 years).” (Loved by Mumsnetter thenewaveragebear1983)

Our verdict

If you want a blackout blind to use anywhere, whether you’re staying at home or travelling the world with your baby, the Gro Anywhere blind ticks every box. It’s certainly the best travel baby blackout blind we’ve found but it also works well at home. Each side of the blind contains velcro patches and suckers all the way along. This is what Gro refers to as the blind’s ‘clever re-sizing system’ because it allows you to modify the blind to around a third of its maximum size, ensuring that you can fit it to any window perfectly. The maximum size is 130cm x 198cm.

The blackout fabric features a chic monochrome design. When not in use, you can stash the blind away in its useful storage bag and it’s lightweight too - just 200g - so it’s handy for chucking in a suitcase when you’re on the go. The blind comes with an easy to follow instruction manual. The only criticism some reviewers - and Mumsnetters - offer is that sometimes the suckers lose their grip, causing the blind to slip. But the positive ratings far outweigh the negatives.

2. Best budget blackout blind: Lifetree Total Blackout Window Film

Lifetree Total Blackout Window Film

Price on writing: £11.99 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Size: Range of sizes available | Washable?: Wipe clean

What we love

  • Cheap

  • Very effective

  • Rental friendly

What to know

  • Fiddly

  • Needs to be left up

What Mumsnet users say

“My 11 month old was up at 5:30am every day and it was killing me... 3 days ago I stuck some sticky black out blinds from Amazon on the windows and covered the cracks with duck tape and it’s properly dark in there now. Like not even a tiny strip of light. Ok so from the outside my house looks like a dodgy internet user might live there BUT I have had 6:45/7am starts ever since..! ” (Tried and tested by Mumsnetter CFeatherstone)

Our verdict

If you’d rather avoid installing new blinds in your baby’s nursery or any other room where they’re likely to be sleeping, there’s good news - you don’t have to do so. Instead, you could buy a roll of cheaply priced light blocking window film. All you have to do is cut it to fit your window, remove the backing sheet and smooth it onto the window. Reviewers report that the film really does do what it promises, by blocking out all light.

A word of caution though; as the film needs cutting before use you’ll need a clean, dry and spacious surface for doing the cutting. You’ll also need to smooth out any air bubbles when applying it to the window - a credit card can be helpful for this. As it can be slightly fiddly to apply you'll want to leave these up, so it's worth getting a soothing night light for your baby's room too. But, if you want to block out light from a window for a considerable chunk of time without the faff or expense of installing new blinds, it’s ideal.

3. Best blackout curtains for baby’s nursery: Daydreamer Blinds Original Blackout Blind

Daydreamer Blinds Original Blackout Blind

Price: £28 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Size: 100 x 130cm (2-pack)| Washable?: Hand washable

What we love

  • Pack of two can be used on separate windows or together on a large window

  • Secure velcro fastening

  • Easy and convenient to store when not in use

What to know

  • Not suitable for travel

What Mumsnet users say

“We use the blackout blinds that velcro to the window frame. You put the velcro on the frame and the material just velcros straight to it. You just cut to size. No gaps and easily removable.” (Recommended by Mumsnetter NerdyBird)

Our verdict

This award winning blackout blind comes in a pack of two - you’ll get two 1m x 1.3m blinds that can be used together or individually. Like the Gro Anywhere blind, each blind weighs just 200g. However the Daydreamer blind works differently in that it attaches to your window frame with velcro to ensure no slipping. Each blind also includes securing straps, meaning that you can roll it up to the top or gather it to the side when not in use.

The benefit of this system is that the blind can be left in place - unlike the Gro Anywhere blind which you have to take down if you want to let some light in and then put back up when darkness is required. The drawback of the velcro fastenings is that it isn’t suitable as a travel blind - most hotels wouldn’t approve of guests sticking velcro pads over their window frames. Reviewers say that although the thick blackout fabric used isn’t the prettiest, it’s effective at its job - even in bright sunlight. As with many blackout blinds, it also traps in heat which is something to remember during hot weather.

4. Best portable blackout blind: Nomadic Star Temporary Blackout Blinds

Nomadic Star Temporary Blackout Blinds

Price: £33 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Size: 130 x 200cm| Washable?: Hand wash warm

What we love

  • Adjustable size

  • Easy to fit

  • Cute star pattern

What to know

  • Suction cups may come unstuck

What Mumsnet users say

 “You can get portable blackout blinds that have suckers on them which stick to windows if you want to try it out before committing. Great for travel as well.” (Recommended by Mumsnet user Bootsyjam)

Our verdict

This travel blackout blind fits to windows with strong wide suction cups and additional optional frame fasteners. These fasteners reduce the risk of slippage when in use.

The blind is almost identical in size to the Gro Anywhere blind, at 130cm x 200cm. Using the hook and loop resizing system means that you can adjust the blind to fit almost any window - without having to faff about with cutting to fit. It makes an ideal on the go travel blind and comes in a handy silk printed black and silver storage bag too although the manufacturer warns that there may be imperfections on the bag’s print.

5. Best blackout blind for baby’s room: Custom Blackout Blinds

Custom Blackout Blinds

Price: On request | Buy now from Custom Blackout Blinds

Key specs

Size: Custom | Washable?: No

What we love

  • Made to measure

  • White blackout fabric

  • Hassle free

What to know

  • More expensive than other options

What Mumsnet users say

”We bought blinds from Lovely blinds no duct tape required! Lovely fabrics too.” (Recommended by Mumsnetter Truzza)

Our verdict

If you hate DIY and don’t have time for fiddling around with scissors or measuring tape, then why not get someone else to do the hard work? By opting for custom made blackout blinds, you won’t have to worry about reattaching fallen blinds at 3am or accidentally trimming them the wrong size. Handmade to fit each window frame, cordless Custom Blackout Blinds are made from white blackout material, which reflects the sun, keeping your baby’s room cool. The blinds are then covered in fabric of your choice.

As velcro is sewn into the blinds, you can take them down and then put them back up as often as you like without worrying about the blind slipping off. The hook side of the velcro is self adhesive ensuring it stays firmly fixed to the window frame, without any need for screwdrivers or drills. You can be sure that the blackout blinds look chic and in keeping with your decor, which let’s face it, can’t be said for, erm, all baby blackout blinds. Of course, this comes at a price - handmade is always going to cost more which is fair given the time and expertise required.

6. Best temporary blackout blind: Easynight Blackout Blind


Price: £29 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Size: Range of sizes available | Washable?: Wipe with a damp cloth

What we love

  • Can be cut to fit any size or shape window

  • Easy to fit

  • Largest temporary blackout blind on our list

What to know

What Mumsnet users say

“We used a blackout blind with velcro works so well we got one for our room, it came from easy blackout blinds on Amazon, I think.” (Tried and tested by Mumsnetter Hs2Issue)

Our verdict

Another blackout blind which attaches to a window frame with velcro pad, this reasonably priced offering from easynight will do the job if you don’t want to install permanent blackout blinds. The blackout blind attaches to uPVC or painted wooden window frames with self adhesive, removable velcro pads and it’s available in a variety of sizes but can also be cut to fit, making it super versatile. The XL size is 145cm x 240m - the largest temporary blackout blind on our list.

While the blind comes in a cotton storage bag, you wouldn’t want to use this blind as a travel blackout blind, due to the sticky velcro pads (even if they are described as ‘easily removable’ by the manufacturer. However, there is a travel version with just suction pads, which would be fine to use when staying in hotels or other people’s homes.

7. Best blackout vertical blinds: Bloc Blinds

Bloc Blinds

Price: On request | Buy now from Bloc Blinds

Key specs

Size: Custom | Washable?: With a dry brush or damp cloth

What we love

  • Thermal fabric regulates room temperature year-round

  • Made to measure

  • Child-safe design available

What to know

  • Expensive

What Mumsnet users say

“Bloc blinds. You fit a frame round the window (it’s easy!) the blind fits in and it’s total bloc out. It’s also cordless so no worries about safety.” (Recommended by Mumsnetter halfstonehomerun)

Our verdict

BlocOut Blackout Blinds offer some impressive features such as light blocking side rails and a rubber bottom seal to ensure no sneaky slivers of light sneak in. It’s ideal if you need to block out even the strongest sunlight during your baby’s naps. The manufacturer claims that these blinds offer year-round climate control with the thick thermal fabric reducing heat loss by up to 43% but also blocking out the sun’s rays on hot days.

The child safe design uses a cord-free spring-operated system and some designs can be upgraded to a motorised operation. Of course, all high-spec design comes at a price. While every quote is individual, you should expect to pay considerably more for bespoke blinds than for a budget friendly option on our list such as Lifetree Total Blackout Window Film. Also bear in mind that you’ll have to measure up and install the blinds yourself.

8. Best no mess baby blackout blind: Magic Blind

Magic Blind

Price: £28 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Size: Cut-to-size | Washable?: Wipe-clean

What we love

  • Mess free

  • Cut to fit any window

  • Suitable for use on holiday

What to know

  • Can be fiddly to take down and put up again regularly

What Mumsnet users say

“Magic blinds. Cut to size and they stick to window with static.” (Tried and tested by Mumsnetter daisypond)

“Another vote for Magic Blind. Very easy - just pull a sheet off a roll and cut it to size. It sticks to the window with static and really blocks all light.” (Recommended by Mumsnet user ihaveoflate)

Our verdict

A similar product to Lifetree Total Blackout Window Film - although double the price - this blackout Blind comes on a roll that you simply cut to size. It then clings with static to the window, blocking out all light. As no adhesives are needed (although a spray of water can help create static) and you can peel the film off a window without leaving a mark, this blind is marketed as a travel blackout blind.

Whether you would want to be peeling the blind on and off a window on a regular basis when travelling is down to you. Some families may prefer to use a fabric travel blackout blind with suction cups. However, Mumsnetters really do rate Magic Blinds for being a mess free solution for a peaceful night’s kip for the whole family.

9. Best bedroom blackout blinds: Blinds 2 Go

Blinds 2 Go

Price: On request | Buy now from Blinds 2 Go

Key specs

Size: Custom | Washable?: No

What we love

  • Aesthetically pleasing

  • Custom fit

  • Easy to put up and take down regularly

What to know

  • Expensive

  • Only suitable for uPVC windows

What Mumsnet users say

“Look at perfect fit pleated blinds - can get them from blinds2go. You push little clips into the silicone around the window frame (assuming uPVC windows) and the frame clip in. You can remove it all when you leave, but they’re made to measure so probably not reusable elsewhere unless windows the same size. We’ve just got them for our bifold doors and they’re brilliant, strongly considering for DS2s room who’s started waking up pre-6 this last week.” (Recommended by Mumsnetter ThePug)

Our verdict

If you want a stylish, permanent solution to your ‘too light to sleep’ problem, you might choose to invest in chic perfect fit blinds. Suited to most rooms - not just your baby’s nursery - these clever blinds are made to measure so that they fit within uPVC window frames perfectly (the clue is in the name). The installation is drill-free and you can then adjust the blind within each individual window pane to ensure your baby’s room has just the right amount of light.

Blinds 2 Go offer a range of perfect fit blackout blinds to keep rooms dark and warm. They are only suitable for uPVC windows though so this option won’t work if you have traditional wooden window frames unfortunately. As you’d expect, they’re also a pricier option than temporary ‘off the shelf’ blinds.

10. Best blackout roller blinds: Dunelm Glow in the Dark Stars Cordless Blackout Roller Blind

Dunelm Glow in the Dark Stars Cordless Blackout Roller Blind

Price on writing: from £22 | Buy now from Dunelm

Key specs

Size: Range of sizes available | Washable?: Sponge clean

What we love

  • Cute glow-in-the-dark star design

  • Great looking

  • Child-safe design

What to know

  • DIY installation

  • Only fits standard-sized windows (although length can be trimmed)

What Mumsnet users say

“We bought a lovely one from Dunelm which has glow in the dark stars. It's a child safe one with no cord dangling” (Recommended by Mumsnetter Enicat5)

Our verdict

If your baby’s nursery window is a standard size, then you may be able to buy a readymade blackout blind. Dunelm has a great reputation for quality window dressings at affordable prices. This cordless Blackout Roller Blind is no exception. Available in five sizes and two different colours - Grey and Navy - all styles are adorned with glow in the dark stars which will add a bit of sparkle to your baby’s room once the lights are off - although not too much sparkle to keep them awake, we hope.

It’s worth knowing that the blind can be trimmed for a perfect fit if your window isn’t standard.

The blind is cordless - you open and close it using a twist safe mechanism. You will need a drill and low level DIY skills to install the blind. While the blind is supplied with all fittings, it’s worth knowing that the width stated is for fabric only - you should allow an extra 3.2cm for the brackets and mechanism.

What are the best blinds to blackout light?

Reviewers rate the Magic Blind for blocking out 100% of light when applied correctly to windows. This mess free blind attaches to windows with static and leaves no residue when removed.

Do blackout blinds keep the light out?

Forget sticking tinfoil over your windows - blackout blinds are the best solution for truly blocking out all light. While curtains can look lovely - and can have a blackout lining fitted - they will also let in a certain amount of light because they don’t sit flush to a window. By using Bloc Blinds which velcro into a frame on your window, you should block out the majority of light which would still sneak through curtains.

How do you completely blackout a bedroom?

Blinds  such as Blinds 2 Go perfect fit blackout blinds can be made to fit a window precisely without any slivers of light peeping through.

How effective are blackout roller blinds?

While roller blinds can sway in a breeze, allowing a degree of light into a room, most are fairly reliable at keeping a room dark.  Dunelm Glow in the Dark Stars Cordless Blackout Roller Blind come in three shades, with a pretty glow in the dark star print, and are rated as very successful when it comes to blocking out light.

How can I make my room darker at night?

If you want your bedroom to be darker at night, so that you - and your baby - can sleep for longer - you may prefer a more permanent blackout blind solution such as Custom Blackout Blinds which are made to fit your window space and come in a variety of different fabric designs to match your bedroom decor.

Is it best to sleep in pitch black?

Sleep experts say that it’s important to create pitch black darkness in your bedroom. The absence of light sends signals to the body that it’s time to rest and you’re more likely to enjoy quality sleep and for longer when you’re not disturbed by light flooding through your windows.

How do I blackout a room without curtains?

You don’t need curtains to blackout a room. In fact, curtains aren’t always the most effective way to create darkness in your bedroom or your baby’s nursery, because they can move in a breeze, letting in chinks of light. Blackout blinds such as Daydreamer Blinds Original Blackout Blind are an excellent way to ensure total darkness and a decent night’s sleep for you and your little one.

What are the best overall blackout blinds for a baby’s room?

The best overall blackout blind for a baby’s room is the Gro Anywhere Portable Blackout Blind because it can be attached by both suction cups and adhesive velcro pads and they’re also easy to fit to any window space. They work well both at home and on holiday too. Mumsnetters rate this blind as being an excellent all-rounder product.

How we chose our recommendations

All the blackout blinds in our line-up came from Mumsnetter recommendations. We believe that when you’re considering buying a new baby product - such as blackout blinds - it’s invaluable to have recommendations from other parents who’ve tried and tested them already. That’s where Mumsnetters on our talk boards come in - we reckon that between them, they’ve bought, used and reported back on the majority of blackout blinds on the market right now. With over 10 million users on our forums each month, that’s a staggering wealth of knowledge and experience to share.

To compile our list of blackout blinds, we studied reviews of blackout blinds on the Mumsnet forums to find out which blackout blinds parents had tested and rated. We cross checked these recommendations with consumer sites to see which blackout blinds were mentioned.

Finally, we collated all that information and compared them to other online reviews to see which were the bestsellers and which received rave recommendations. We then cross-referenced our findings to select the blackout blinds that had won the most praise and recommendations across the board, to bring you a selection of the best at various price points.

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