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Red Kite Cozy Bounce Review

Best Budget Baby Bouncer 2018

If you want a good, solid baby bouncer at a fabulous price, The Red Kite Cozy Bounce should be top of your list. It does what it’s meant to, without any frills and without any of the nonsense, too.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Jul 14, 2021

Red Kite bouncer main Mumsnet Best


  • Amazing value for money
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Easy to carry from room to room
  • Detachable toy bar with musical and vibration options
  • Detachable padded cushion for your baby’s head


  • Not machine-washable – didn’t hand-wash as well as other bouncers we tested
  • A little on the small size
  • Batteries and crosshead screwdriver required

Key features of the Red Kite Cozy Bouncer

  • Detachable toy bar
  • Vibration and musical options
  • Suitable from birth until six months
  • RRP: £25

How big is the Red Kite Cozy Bouncer?

  • W50cm x D60cm x H48 cm
  • 2.3 kg

Granted, this might not be one of the most stylish baby bouncers on the market. And it doesn’t boast multiple recline positions and fancy bells and whistles. But, we loved the fact it has a detachable padded cushion to help cradle your baby’s head and its price tag outshone all its competitors.

Unsurprisingly, it’s a current bestseller on Amazon, and we think it’s the perfect no-frills place for your baby to play, nap and relax.

Red Kite bouncer

How easy is it to put the bouncer together?

The Red Kite bouncer is reasonably straightforward to assemble compared to other bouncers – if you can locate a crosshead screwdriver.

It has a simple instruction leaflet and there’s also a customer service number you can call if find yourself in choppy assembly waters. You do need batteries to make the music and vibration work so it’s worth checking your stores of these, too. The bouncer isn’t too big so it’s quite easy to put away.

How good is the Red Kite bouncer on day-to-day usage?

The Red Kite Cozy Bouncer is simple and easy to use, probably due to the fact there aren’t flamboyant extras to get your head around.

Our tester’s baby seemed very content in it and happily played for 20 minutes with the toy bar and its squeakers and rattles. The musical and vibration functions were a real hit with our tester’s baby and our tester loved the fact you can switch between the two or turn them off for a bit of peace and quiet.

Although the bouncer can’t recline in multiple ways, it does bounce enough to keep your baby entertained. Sadly, the bouncing motion isn’t automated, so you have to power the it yourself. Constant toing and froing can become a little tiresome but the cost more than makes up for the extra steps.

You also won’t break a sweat carrying the Red Kite bouncer from room to room. It can easily be scooped up in one arm, which is great if you want to move the bouncer around the house while you perform chores or admin.

How easy is it to clean the Red Kite bouncer?

This is one of the areas where the bouncer doesn’t come up trumps. When our tester’s baby had a poo explosion, our tester had to take the cover off in order to handwash it – you can’t pop it in the machine. The results weren’t great and she found it a struggle to get the cover back onto the frame. You might want to put a muslin under your baby’s bottom if you think there might be “a big event” on the way, nappy-wise.

Red kite bouncer product

What does the Red Kite bouncer look like?

We tested the linen collection and were impressed with the look and style of the bouncer. It had a clean-looking, soft grey colour palette with modern prints and contemporary designs. It is a very unisex range and looks stylish without being obtrusive. The toy bar is cute and the little star and teddy are subtle yet interesting enough to keep your baby entertained. It definitely looks more expensive than it actually is.

How safe is the Red Kite bouncer?

The detachable padded cushion for your baby’s head keeps your baby secure and in place, especially when tiny. The baby bouncer comes with a three-point safety harness, which is really thick and padded around the legs and waist so it keeps them nice and secure when they wiggle about. Our tester found the bouncer surprisingly sturdy and said it didn’t slip on the floor due to its non-slip feet.

Is the Red Kite bouncer good value for money?

At just £26 the Red Kite Cozy bouncer is great value for money. It may not have many jazzy extras but our tester’s baby loved it and happily played and napped in it without complaint. What more could you ask for?