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10 best anti-chafing shorts to wear under dresses

Skip the painful chafing part of warm days with these clever anti-chafing shorts. Here’s our edit of the ones to buy this year.

By Gemma Wilcock | Last updated Oct 24, 2023

Best anti-chafing shorts for women

Nothing ruins a lovely, sunny day faster than developing a red, raised, painful chafing rash on your legs. Some people seem to escape chafing, but for those of us who don’t (it’s the combination of gorgeous thighs and sweat that does it!), it can be a real mood killer on an otherwise fun summer’s day.

Thankfully, anti-chafing shorts (also known as chub rub shorts) exist. These brilliant shorts stop your thighs from sticking together and rubbing so that you can walk around during the summer months without feeling uncomfortable and sore. The best anti-chafing shorts won’t ride up, fall down or dig in. While they look similar to cycling shorts, these will be stretchy, comfortable and made from lightweight, stretchy material that won’t make you feel too hot during the warmer months.

To help us find the best ones to buy right now, we dived into our Mumsnet forums and found recommendations for the very best anti-chafing underwear. We then used consumer and expert reviews to help us whittle down our list. 

Here are our top picks for the best anti-chafing shorts to buy this year.

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Best anti-chafing shorts for women: quick glance

1. Best overall anti-chafing shorts: Sloggi Women’s Basic+ Long Brief Shorts

Price on writing: From £8 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Sizing: 12-26 | Material: Cotton, elastane | Washing: Machine wash | Colours: Black, white, skin

What we like

  • High percentage cotton

  • Soft seams

What to know

  • Only neutral colours available

What Mumsnet users say

Sloggi long brief shorts. Like cycling shorts but made of knickers fabric. Wear instead of knickers - no one needs 2 layers down there on a hot day!! Don't worry they have a lined gusset just like knickers.” holidaytimeatlast

Another vote for Sloggi. Light weight and cool.” endofthelinefinally

Our verdict

Sloggi’s Long Brief Shorts have rave reviews from our Mumsnet community. The popular shorts are available in black, white or beige and have a lace detail to the hem. They have soft seams for extra comfort and are made from 95% cotton so you don’t get too hot and bothered wearing them.

Mumsnet users praise the shorts for being cool to wear and say they keep coming back to this Sloggi style. We’re sold! 

2. Best budget anti-chafing shorts: SIHOHAN Women's Slip Shorts

Price on writing: From £7 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Sizing: S - 3XL | Material: Polyamide, elastane | Washing: Hand wash only | Colours: White, black, beige, blue

What we like

  • Seamless

  • Multipacks available in different colours 

What to know

  • Only comes in neutral colours

  • Hand wash only

What Mumsnet users say

According to my Amazon account these are the ones I have - they don't roll up and are cool and comfortable to wear. They aren't cotton though. I have them in white and beige in large and I wear UK 12-14 clothing.” planthelpadvice

Our verdict

Available to buy in multipacks and in four different neutral colours, you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to wearing these shorts under your dresses and skirts in the summer. There can be nothing more annoying than having to keep adjusting the shorts when they roll up, but the SIHOHAN Women's Slip Shorts are knee length with a wide elastic waistband to prevent them from slipping down.

Wearers also say that the flat edge design stays nicely in place around the tummy when you’re walking around on a summer’s day. They are hand wash only unfortunately, so you may want to stock up on some of those multipacks to stop you having to wash the same pair over and over.

3. Best colourful anti-chafing shorts: Snag Chub Rub Shorts

Price on writing: £9 | Buy now from Snag

Key specs

Sizing: A/B - G | Material: Polyamide, elastane, cotton | Washing: Machine washable | Colours: Wide range of colours and styles

What we like

  • Wide range of colours

  • Cotton gusset

What to know

  • Slightly more expensive than some options

What Mumsnet users say

You could try Snag Chub Rub Shorts – they have cooling varieties and they genuinely are cooling. No idea how.” (Brand recommended by Mumsnet user RedCarsGoFaster)

Snag tights! Just bought mine and they came the next day. :) they’re fab!Scalessayeek

Another vote for Snag, they come up high over my waist, don’t ride up my legs and are cool, thin material.” TulipTuesday 

Our verdict

The humorously titled ‘Chub Rub’ Shorts from plus-size brand Snag are the perfect solution to uncomfortable chafing. Made from 80 denier tight material, Snag have designed these shorts to be cooling and keep you comfortable on the sweatiest of days. The moisture-wicking fabric is just the thing for the summer months.

They are a bit pricier than other pairs, but we love the range of fun colours on offer, especially the raspberry pie, which will add a bit of fun to your summer outfits - if you want more than one pair, they do offer a discount if you buy three or more. Snag have really thought about every detail with their Chub Rub Shorts, they’ve even included a cotton gusset to make you even more comfortable.

4. Best anti-chafing shorts multipack: Wirarpa Long Leg Knickers

Price on writing: From £18 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Sizing: 8-26 | Material: Cotton, elastane | Washing: Machine washable | Colours: Wide range of colours

What we like

  • Multipack

  • Lots of colours available

What to know

  • No 100% cotton gusset

What Mumsnet users say

“I got these Amazon ones and they are great. Not nearly as long as in the photo, more like men’s jersey trunk style boxers. I’m a 10/12 and M is a perfect fit.” (Vetted by Mumsnet user JudyStillDreamsOfHorses)

Our verdict

Once you’ve discovered anti-chafing shorts, it’s hard to go back. So, this multipack with three pairs is a great buy. We love the range of colours available, you can either opt for a bright and bold combination of blue, yellow and pink shorts. Or you can go for a pack of three black shorts, which are easy to wear and perfect for laying under all of your favourite dresses.

The shorts are made from cotton and elastane, the perfect blend for being breathable whilst also holding their shape. They could do with having a pure cotton gusset, for added breathability, but overall they’re a brilliant buy.

5. Best anti-chafing shorts with cool technology: Marks & Spencer Cool Comfort Anti-Chafe Shorts

Price on writing: £20 | Buy now from M&S

Key specs

Sizing: 8-22 | Material: 81% polyamide, 18% elastane and 1% cotton | Washing: Machine washable | Colours: 7 available

What we like

  • Seamless, ‘no show’ design

  • Cooling technology

What to know

  • A little more expensive than some options

What Mumsnet users say

Good old M and S and Popsy (online) are effective as well. The stitching on my Snag shorts comes undone and they then roll up. Maddening!Wishihadanalgorithm 

M&S and up a size. They have fitted really well.lifehappens12

Our verdict

Marks & Spencer have been leading the way in high-quality, affordable women’s underwear for decades and their anti-chafe shorts are no exception. These shorts have been made with M&S’s Cool Comfort technology which helps to keep you cool all day long. 

They’re also constructed with seam-free outer legs so they won’t show through any tight-fitting dress. There’s nothing worse than a bumpy seam poking through an otherwise smooth silhouette of your dress or skirt. They are pricier than others on the list but we love the ‘no show’ design of these shorts and there’s seven neutral colours available, making it even easier to style them with a wide range of pieces to get maximum wear out of these protective shorts.

6. Best anti-chafing shorts for stretch: Popsy Underpops Anti-Chafing Shorts

anti chafing shorts

Price on writing: £9 | Buy now from Popsy

Key specs

Sizing: 6-22 | Material: Not known | Washing: Not known | Colours: 23 available

What we like

  • 80 denier material

  • Wide range of colours

What to know

  • Reviews mention sizing being a little generous

What Mumsnet users say

I wear Popsy ones when I'm dancing.” (Recommended by Mumsnet user RuthW)

Our verdict

Underpops, the anti-chafing shorts from Popsy Clothing, are a popular choice. They’re made from the same material as tights so they feel snug and stretchy to wear. At 80 denier thickness, these shorts are opaque enough to add a layer of decency without being so thick they make you feel too hot.

Designed to be worn under your dresses or jumpsuits, these shorts are a versatile addition to your wardrobe. Choose between a wide range of colours including red, yellow, blue, purple and pink. Some reviewers say the sizing is a little generous so make sure to check which size will be best for you before ordering.

7. Best leak-proof anti-chafing shorts: Modibodi Anti-Chafing Short

Price on writing: £30 | Buy now from Modibodi

Key specs

Sizing: 12-26 | Material: Not known | Washing: Machine washable | Colours: Black and nude

What we like

  • Two-in-one period pant and anti-chafing shorts

  • Soft, breathable material 

What to know

  • The fabric is a bit thick for the summer months

  • Only available in two colours

What Mumsnet users say

“I have to wear knickers under my sports shorts ones from Sainsburys but not my Modibodi ones as they are suitable as underwear designed for periods or bladder leaks (I get the latter).” gogohmm

Our verdict

These shorts offer double the protection; from chafing and during periods (and even bladder leakage too). With a built-in moderate to heavy lining, these anti-chafing shorts work as an alternative to tampons or pads. Sitting just above the knee, they also protect from uncomfortable rubbing when wearing skirts or dresses.

Made from a soft, breathable material, the lining that has been designed to be antimicrobial, absorbent and fight odour, stains and bacteria. Reviewers do say that it is a thick material though, which may not be ideal for hot summer days. They also only come in two colours, black and nude.

8. Best seam-free anti-chafing shorts: Jockey Skimmies Slipshort

Price on writing: From £15 | Buy now from Amazon 

Key specs

Sizing: S-XXL | Material: Polyamide, elastane, cotton | Washing: Hand wash only | Colours: Black, nude, white

What we like

  • Cooling fabric

  • Accurate fit

What to know

  • Hand wash only

  • Slightly more expensive than others on the list

What Mumsnet users say

Jockey Skimmies! They were a godsend for me when holidaying in Orlando (a lot of walking and very hot/humid). Got mine from Amazon.” (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user MarshmallowsOnToast)

Our verdict

Reviews of these cooling Slipshorts by Jockey are enthusiastic and glowing. Customers use phrases like "life-changing" and "sooo comfy" to describe them.

These shorts are made from a super-soft blend of polyamide, elastane and cotton. While they’re a little more expensive than other options, they’re made to a high standard so should be there to protect your thighs for summers to come. Reviews praise the accurate fit of these shorts too, and how good they are at not rolling up or folding over at the waistband. They are hand wash only so we recommend stocking up!

9. Best high-waisted anti-chafing shorts: Better Tights Anti Chafing Shorts

Price on writing: £8 | Buy now from Better Tights

Key specs

Sizing: 4-36 | Material: Nylon, elastane | Washing: Hand wash or machine inside a pillowcase/lingerie bag | Colours:

What we like

  • Good range of sizes

  • Nice colours available

  • High waistband

What to know

  • Tights material so you will see your underwear underneath

What Mumsnet users say

I love my chub rub shorts. We'll worth investing in. I have some from Snag and some from Better Tights. Both are amazing, couldn't wear dresses before I bought them.” Elmo230885 

Our verdict

These ‘chub rub’ shorts by Better Tights may look small when you get them out of the packaging but thanks to the super stretchy material, they give a nice, comfortable fit that moves with your body. A thick, high waistband prevents the shorts from rolling down and the seams don’t ride up around the thighs either, so you’ll barely notice you’re wearing them. 

They’re made from a lightweight tights material to keep you comfortable and cool in the warmer weather and we love that they come in eight different fun colours for mixing and matching with your summer wardrobe. They are transparent like tights, so you will be able to see your underwear underneath, but they’re available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, including petite, tall and plus size.

10. Best pretty anti-chafing shorts: Big Bloomers Anti Chafing Lace Edged Slip Shorts

Price on writing: £20 | Buy now from Big Bloomers

Key specs

Sizing: 8-36+ | Material: Polyamide, elastane | Washing: Machine washable | Colours: Black, white

What we like

  • Lace trim

  • Seamless

  • Shaping back panels

What to know

  • Only available in black or white

  • More expensive than some options

What Mumsnet users say

I got dd some from the Big Bloomers company.” dementedpixie 

I’ve had some for years from the big bloomers company which stay up really well on my (large, jiggly) stomach. I seem to remember them being quite expensive though, although they have lasted really well.” BelindaBears

Our verdict

If you plan on showing off your anti-chafing shorts, or just have a thing for gorgeous underwear, then these shorts by Big Bloomers are perfect for you. These anti-chafing shorts are finished with an intricate lace hem. The soft, delicate lace adds a beautiful feminine touch to these comfortable shorts.

We love the elegant look of the lace hem peeking out of a short dress or skirt. Not to mention these shorts are also seamless, making them extra comfortable to wear. Elegant and soft – the perfect combination. They are pricier than others on our list but there is a twin pack available which saves you around £3 per pair.

What causes chafing or 'chub rub'?

Chafing, or ‘chub rub’ as it’s sometimes called, is caused by your thighs rubbing together over and over again as you walk. It happens more when you’re hot and sweaty as the heat further irritates the skin so it can get very sore. It can happen all year round, but it’s usually more of a problem in the summer months. Chafing can be sore and uncomfortable for women when wearing dresses or skirts, which makes it harder to keep cool during warmer weather.

How do anti-chafing shorts work?

Anti-chafing shorts are a clever solution to thigh chafing. They provide a subtle barrier in between your thighs to stop them rubbing.

They look similar to cycling shorts and are designed to be worn under your favourite dresses or skirts so you can still wear your summer wardrobe, just without the painful rash on your thighs.

What material is best for anti-chafing?

Anti-chafing shorts tend to be made out of cotton or tights material. Each one has its own strengths. Cotton is brilliant for being breathable and cool, but is perhaps the most noticeable under clothing. A pair of shorts made from tights material will be subtle and smooth, even under tight-fitting clothing. You can also get anti-chafing shorts made from synthetic blends like polyamide and elastane – these will be both smooth to wear and will effectively wick away sweat.

What shorts prevent chafing?

Any cycling short or anti-chafing short will prevent your thighs from rubbing together and so stop you from chafing. Anti-chafing shorts have been specially designed to be worn under other clothes and so are usually smoother and thinner than cycling shorts to prevent you from overheating during the warmer weather.

Can I wear anti-chafing shorts under dresses?

Absolutely! Anti-chafing shorts were designed for this very reason. While some people opt for basic cycling shorts to do this job, anti-chafing shorts can be layered under dresses, skirts and jumpsuits without making you feel uncomfortable or too hot.

What else can I use to help prevent chafing?

You could choose to wear trousers or a jumpsuit to prevent your thighs rubbing. Or, you can buy barrier creams and gels that can help your thighs glide over each other.

What are the best anti-chafing shorts?

There’s one brand that comes up time and time again on our Mumsnet forums for being comfortable, good quality and affordable (especially important if you need to buy multiple pairs to last throughout the summer). Sloggi’s Long Brief Shorts have soft seams and are made from 95% cotton to make them lightweight and cool when worn under clothes - perfect for mixing and matching with your summer wardrobe.

How we chose our recommendations

Recommendations from real parents

We started our research by trawling the Mumsnet forums to find out what our users thought about anti-chafing shorts - and they couldn’t recommend them enough! We looked out for brands that were recommended the most from our seven million users, noting what they thought about the style, size and fit. This helps us to identify which products are the best quality as they will have been tried and tested and also cater for different styles and budgets.


We then looked at reviews to see which brands and products impressed the experts and consumers the most. This helps us work out what features are important, such as the material and length. We searched through online consumer reviews on websites such as Amazon to help us pick the best anti-chafing shorts.

Celebrated best products 

Finally, we always make sure to look at products that have received awards. This, combined with real parent recommendations, reviews and expert advice, helped us recommend a variety of anti-chafing shorts to keep you feeling cool and comfortable during the summer months.

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