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8 of the best eyeliners for hooded eyes that won't budge

“I got tired of looking like a panda halfway through the day…” BetsyBobbin

By Rebecca Roberts | Last updated Apr 10, 2024

eyeliners for hooded eyes

If you have hooded eyes, we’ve no doubt you understand the struggle of finding an eyeliner that doesn’t smudge throughout the day. Hooded eyes refer to a specific eye shape, where the upper eyelid appears to be partially or completely covered by the skin of the brow bone when the eyes are open. This creates a ‘hooded’ appearance, making it challenging to apply eyeliner or eyeshadow. 

Because of this, makeup can be transferred or smudged easily throughout the day, leaving Mumsnet users like ellebelli frustrated and on the hunt for the best eyeliner for hooded eyes. 

Unsurprisingly, fellow Mumsnetters were quick to come to ellebelli’s aid with their top picks of eyeliners that won’t budge when applied to hooded eyes. So, without further ado, here are the best eyeliners for hooded eyes that our Mumsnet users swear by themselves. 

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How to apply eyeliner for hooded eyes

When it comes to applying eyeliner on hooded eyes, there’s a few handy techniques worth learning that’ll help enhance your eye shape and create definition overall:

Hooded eyes eyeliner do’s

  • Prep your eyelids with a primer or concealer

  • Choose the right eyeliner 

  • Apply a thin line on your upper lid

  • Keep it subtle for a winged eyeliner look

  • Highlight the inner corner of your eye

First, prep your eyelids. Start by applying an eyeshadow primer or a thin layer of concealer to your eyelids, to create a smooth base and help your eyeliner last longer. 

Of course, choosing the right eyeliner is important. You should opt for a waterproof or long-wear eyeliner, like those in our guide above, that won’t smudge or transfer during the day. 

Then, apply a thin line on your upper lid. With hooded eyes, a thin line along the upper lash line works best to avoid overwhelming the space on your lid. So, with your chosen pencil, gel or liquid eyeliner - draw a thin line as close as possible to your lash line. 

For a winged eyeliner look, keep it subtle. Extend the line slightly upwards and outwards at the outer corner of your eye, following the natural shape of your eye. Avoid covering too much of your eyelid. 

To complete your eye makeup, highlight the inner corner of your eye with light-coloured eyeshadow or a highlighter to open up your eye area even further. 

Hooded eyes eyeliner don’ts

  • Avoid thick lines or heavy eyeliner

  • Skip your lower waterline

You should avoid thick lines or heavy eyeliner on your upper lid, as this can make your eye actually appear smaller. 

Also skip the lower waterline on your eyes. Or alternatively, choose a light-coloured eyeliner pencil to brighten your eyes instead. 

Can I use false lashes with hooded eyes? 

Yes, you can absolutely use fake eyelashes if you have hooded eyes. Although, there are a few tricks to use to make sure your look is both flattering and comfortable. 

  1. Choose the right lash style: opt for false lashes that are shorter in length and have a natural curl. Avoid overly dramatic or long lashes that can overpower the shape of your eyelid. 

  2. Trim your lashes: measure and trim from the outer corner to ensure the inner corner of the lashes doesn't irritate your eyes.

  3. Apply lashes on the outer half of your eye: this helps lift the outer corner of the eye, creating a more lifted and elongated look.

  4. Curl your natural lashes: before applying false lashes, this helps to blend them seamlessly with the falsies and create a cohesive look.

With the right selection and application technique, false lashes can enhance the appearance of hooded eyes by adding definition and drama to the lash line. Experimentation and practice will help you find the perfect false lash style and application method for your eye shape.

Eyeliner for hooded eyes

How do I make my eyeliner stay on longer with hooded eyes? 

To make your eyeliner stay on longer with hooded eyes, follow these tips:

Tip one: start with a primer

Apply an eyelid primer or a thin layer of concealer on your eyelids before applying eyeliner. This creates a smooth base and helps the eyeliner adhere better.

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Tip two: use waterproof formulas

Opt for waterproof or long-wearing eyeliner formulas, as they are more resistant to smudging and fading throughout the day.

Tip three: set with eyeshadow

After applying your eyeliner, lightly dust a matching or translucent eyeshadow over it. This helps set the eyeliner in place and prevents it from smudging or transferring.

Tip four: avoid oily products

Avoid applying oily skincare products or creams on your eyelids before eyeliner application, as they can break down the eyeliner and cause it to smudge.

Tip five: set with setting spray

Once you've finished your eye makeup, including eyeliner, mist a setting spray over your face. This helps lock in your makeup, including eyeliner, and ensures it stays in place for longer.

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Tip six: use a setting powder

If you find that your eyeliner tends to smudge or transfer, especially in the crease of your hooded eyes, lightly dust a translucent setting powder over your eyelids to absorb any excess oil and set the eyeliner.

Tip seven: avoid touching your eyes

Try to avoid touching or rubbing your eyes throughout the day, as this can cause the eyeliner to smudge or fade.

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