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UGG Fluffette Slipper review: our verdict on this update of the iconic Scuffette

UGG Scuffettes are quite possibly the most iconic women's slipper on the market, but how does the new ultra-plush update the 'Fluffette' compare? MNHQ put them to the test.

By Natasha Gregson | Last updated Feb 5, 2024

UGG Fluffette Slipper review

Price on writing: £70 to £78 | Buy now from Amazon

Whether it's a cold day and the floors are feeling a little too chilly, or you want added comfort when working from home or pottering about, a pair of the best women's slippers is likely to be an investment you'll get plenty of use out of all year round. However, time and time again Mumsnetters declare that when it comes to slippers, you really do get what you pay for, with cheaper options usually ending up in the bin more quickly than their premium counterparts.

That being said, £70 is a substantial chunk of money to splurge on something you'll most likely only wear around the home, so are UGG's Fluffette Slippers – a gloriously soft and stylish take on the brand's much-loved Scuffettes – worth it? MNHQ-er Hannah put them to the test to find out, giving her verdict after wearing them daily around the house since Christmas 2023. Read on for her full review.

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What we like
  • Stylish

  • Offer luxurious comfort

  • Fit true to size

  • Durable

  • Don't show marks as easily as the Scuffettes

What we don't like
  • Pricey

  • We would have preferred more platform to the sole

  • Wide fit not available

  • Amazon exclusive so can't buy on the high street

Key specs

Sizes: UK 3 to 10 (narrow) | Colours: Dragon Fruit (pink); Chestnut Natural; Charcoal | Materials: Suede, wool and rubber sole

Our verdict

UGG Fluffette Slippers from above and the side
  • Comfort: 4/5

  • Warmth: 5/5

  • Style: 5/5

  • Value for money: 3.5/5

Super soft, stylish and warm, these UGG slippers are a real treat for padding about the house and bring a sense of luxury comfort to every day. I found them easier to care for than their predecessor the Scuffettes too – their suede exterior shows up marks much more easily, whereas the Fluffettes' furry outer lining means they look cleaner for longer.

However, while the comfort and warmth are brilliant, the flatness of the sole and the high price point in comparison to other slippers made me knock a mark off the overall score. At four stars out five, they're still a great buy though, and I've worn them daily for over a month.

What are UGG's Fluffette Slippers?

The epitome of comfort and luxury, UGG's Fluffette Slippers are, as the name suggests, a fluffier upgrade on the brand's Scuffette Slippers, a Mumsnetter favourite. Crafted from suede and wool, the Fluffettes feature a plush lining that envelops your feet in warmth, while the relaxed, open-back design adds extra style points.

They come in three colours, including a striking hot pink colourway, along with more muted yet chic charcoal and chestnut versions. Unfortunately, they are an Amazon exclusive, so you can't pick them up from John Lewis, Office or Schuh, but the good news is that they are eligible for free delivery.

How comfy are the UGG Fluffette Slippers?

The UGG Fluffettes are super comfy and warm, and I can slip them on and off very easily. The real shearling provides a luxurious and cosy touch, making them feel like a treat to wear.

In terms of fit, I've found that they generally run true to size – similar to other UGG models. I’d say, if anything, they run slightly on the smaller side. 

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What are the UGG Fluffette Slippers like to walk around in?

While they are very comfortable, I find them a bit too flat for my liking. I would have preferred if they had a little more platform to the sole.

They stay on reasonably well, but the grip is more suitable for indoor use – I wouldn't recommend them for outdoor walks, having seen that lately, it is becoming more trendy to wear UGG slippers as standard outdoor shoes.

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UGG Fluffette Slippers: design and style

UGG Fluffette Slipper

I own the Chestnut Natural UGG Fluffettes, and I find the colour very pretty; I think it resembles more of a dusty pink than a chestnut. The overall design is simple and I like that the entire slipper is shearling (bar the plastic sole). 

How easy is it to maintain the UGG Fluffette Slippers?

Unlike other UGG models, including my previous Scuffettes, I fortunately don't have to spot clean them. I found that with the more classic suede exterior of the Scuffettes, they would constantly get water marks and look a bit crusty, as well as receiving creases in the suede. The UGG Fluffettes are definitely more forgiving, and I find they look cleaner, despite everyday use. 

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Do the UGG Fluffettes offer good value for money?

I think the UGG Fluffettes, while a bit expensive, do offer value for money in terms of the genuine shearling that provides extra warmth. The luxurious comfort and durability contribute to their overall value too.

However, I do believe you are also paying for the UGG label and that there are most likely other slippers on the market for a more affordable price that are just as great.

How we tested

MNHQ tester Hannah put the UGG Women's Fluffette Slippers through their paces in late December and January. During testing, she carefully rated them on their warmth, comfort, fit, style, and overall value for money.

  • Tested daily for over a month

  • Cross-compared with other slippers and UGG products Hannah had tried, including the original Scuffette Slippers

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