The best heated rollers for salon-style hair

02 March 2021

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Heated rollers are the go-to hair styling tool if you want to achieve voluminous curls. They can also cause less heat damage than a curling iron. The best hot rollers heat up quickly and safely to give you salon-quality curls that last all night. With this in mind, we’ve listed our pick of the best heated rollers to buy right now.

After spending all day changing nappies and feeding picky toddlers, it can be hard for us mums to feel good about ourselves. But, sometimes, all it takes is a new outfit and a fresh hairdo to make us feel transformed. Heated hair rollers are an easy way to create a fresh look without needing to visit the salon.

Whether you want to add some curl to your straight hair or give some oomph to your existing curls, these heated hair rollers are sure to make you feel put together when you need it most. Here are the best heated hair rollers for 2021.

1. Best overall heated rollers: BaByliss Thermo-Ceramic Rollers

“I have long, straight, very fine hair (but lots of it) and swear by my heated rollers which are these ones by BaByliss. They aren't heavy at all and the clips make them quick to put in.”

BaByliss Thermo-Ceramic Heated Rollers

These BaByliss heated hair rollers use the latest thermo-ceramic technology, which will leave your hair looking silky and smooth.

They heat up quickly and there are two different options for holding the curlers in place: metal pins or large butterfly clips. There’s even a heat indicator on one of the rollers, which changes colour when the rollers are ready to use, so there’s no risk of using them too soon.

The BaByliss Thermo-Ceramic Rollers kit contains everything you need to create beautiful curls, and it’s straightforward and easy to use, even for beginners.


  • Three different sized rollers for easy styling
  • Good number of rollers included (20 in total)
  • Competitive price
  • Two settings for thicker and finer hair


  • Lots of small pieces to keep track of


  • Number of rollers: 20

2. Best budget heated rollers: Nicky Clarke Travel Rollers

Nicky Clarke Travel Hair Rollers

If you’re looking to buy some heated rollers at a lower price point, the Nicky Clarke travel rollers are a great option. They’re cheaper than the other roller sets we looked at, but still receive great reviews.

The rollers are marketed as a travel set, so they come in a handy carry bag. There are only 12 rollers included in the set, in only one size, so they’re perfect if you don’t need a large selection of different rollers.


  • Handy zip-up travel bag
  • Colour-changing heat indicator


  • Can only heat up six rollers at a time
  • Only one roller size


  • Number of rollers: 12

3. Best quick-heating hair rollers: Remington H9100 Proluxe Rollers

“I use Remington hot rollers. They add loads of volume to my mid-length hair.”

Remington H9100

If you like your hair products to have a bit of style, you’ll love the Remington H9100 Proluxe Hair Rollers. They’re stored and heated in a beautiful rose gold box, and they’re flocked with velvet, which is super soft on your hair.

The rollers are held in place with large butterfly clips, which are heated along with the rollers to provide the best hold possible. And they heat up in just 90 seconds too.


  • Beautiful box for storage
  • Good number of rollers included (eight medium, 12 large)
  • Both rollers and clips are heated for best results
  • Rollers heat up in just 90 seconds


  • Higher price than some other sets
  • The flap needs care when opening


  • Number of rollers: 20

4. Best heated rollers for beginners: BaByliss Curl Pods

BaByliss Curl Pods

Curling your hair with rollers and pins can be a bit fiddly if you’ve never done it before, but the BaByliss Curl Pods make things much simpler. There are no metal pins or butterfly clips to keep track of – just wrap the hair around the pod and pop it closed.

With 18 curl pods included in the set, there should be plenty to curl your entire head of hair.


  • Good number of rollers included
  • Competitive price
  • Easy to use for beginners


  • Rollers are all the same size
  • Some reviewers say they find it tricky to get the pods to stay shut


  • Number of rollers: 18

5. Best heated rollers for long hair: BaByliss Pro Heated Ceramic Roller Set

“I bought the Babyliss Pro 30-piece roller set a few weeks ago and love it. Plenty of rollers for my medium-length thick hair, and also for my sister's massively thick and massively long hair. Four different sizes and the curls are amazing.”

BaByliss Pro Heated Roller Set

If you’re looking for a fully comprehensive set of heated rollers, with enough rollers to curl a full head of long hair, you can’t go wrong with the BaByliss Pro Ceramic Roller Set. With 30 rollers in four different sizes, you’ll be able to create all sorts of different styles.

The metal pins used to secure the rollers are colour coded, so even though there are a large number of pieces to keep track of, you can easily see which pin is needed for each roller.


  • Large number of rollers (six small, eight medium, eight large and eight jumbo)
  • Colour-coded metal pins to secure rollers
  • Two temperature settings


  • Higher price point than most other sets (but also lots more rollers included)


  • Number of rollers: 30

6. Best heated rollers for short hair: BaByliss Pro Ceramic Hot Sticks

BaByliss Pro Ceramic Hot Sticks

These ceramic hot sticks are a different design to a standard hair roller and may be easier to use if you’re new to hair rolling, or if you have particularly short hair that doesn’t wrap well around a thicker roller. Just roll the hair around the heated stick and pop the end of the stick through the hole to achieve a perfect curl.

Reviews of these hot sticks say they’re great for a vintage-style curl, and with two different thicknesses of rod, you can play around with all sorts of styles.


  • Colour changing heat indicator
  • Easier to use than traditional hair rollers
  • Good number of rollers included (12 large and eight medium)


  • Need to take care with the hot rods to prevent burning
  • They take a while to heat up


  • Number of rollers: 20

7. Best luxury heated rollers: T3 Micro Volumising Rollers

T3 Micro Volumizing Rollers

The T3 Micro Volumising Rollers are a luxury set of heated hair rollers for those who are willing to pay extra for a top-quality product. There are only eight rollers included in the set, but you can purchase additional rollers if necessary.

The rollers, which come in two different sizes, are secured with large butterfly clips for smooth results every time.


  • Two different roller sizes (four medium, four large)
  • Gives beautiful bouncy curls
  • Two heat settings for different hair types


  • Fewer rollers than most other sets
  • Very high price point


  • Number of rollers: 8

8. Best portable heated rollers: TRESemme 3039U Volume Rollers

TRESemme Heated Rollers

The TRESemme 3039U Heated Roller Set comes in a handy travel case that’s perfect for packing into a suitcase or grabbing to take to a friend’s house. The lightweight, plastic rollers are quite large, giving big, bouncy curls.

The heated rollers are held in place with metal pins so, unlike some other roller sets, there are no large butterfly clips included. As such, these TRESemme rollers may be more suitable for people who are already experienced with using metal pins to hold rollers in place.


  • Very competitive price
  • Handy carry bag
  • Can heat all 10 rollers at the same time, unlike some other small travel sets
  • Rollers heat up quickly


  • No butterfly clips included – only pins
  • Only one roller size


  • Number of rollers: 10

Are hot rollers better than a curling iron?

Many people prefer to use heated rollers rather than a curling iron because it’s less hands-on. Once you’ve rolled the curlers into your hair, you can get on with something else while your hair curls itself. Using a curling iron is much more labour-intensive, as you need to create each curl individually.

Curling irons also tend to produce tighter curls than the big, bouncy curls you’ll achieve with hot rollers, so it depends what type of hair style you’re hoping for.

Do heated rollers damage your hair?

As with any heated hair tool, hot rollers can cause your hair to become dry and brittle if they’re used too often. Make sure you use a heat protectant on your hair before using your heated rollers, and try to only use them once or twice a week.

What size hot rollers should I use?

It depends on what type of curl you’re hoping to achieve. If you’d like loose, bouncy curls, use larger rollers. If you’d prefer small, tight curls, use smaller rollers.

Which heated rollers are best?

After researching the top products on the market, we think that the best heated rollers are the BaByliss Thermo-Ceramic Rollers. It’s a great set, with plenty of different sized rollers to choose from, and it comes in at a very competitive price point too.

What are the best heated rollers for fine hair?

If your hair is particularly fine, it’s a good idea to use ceramic rollers to avoid damaging your hair. These give an even heat distribution and a consistent temperature. Based on consumer reviews, the BaByliss Thermo-Ceramic Rollers are the best heated rollers for fine hair.

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