"I fancy Mark Carney": is nobody safe from MNers' lust?

Mark Carney

What to do when you've crushed your way through the entire cabinet and shadow cabinet? Turn your attentions to the world's major economic players, of course.

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"He will have ALL the money. I want him on for a webchat about, err... interest rates."

And so it began. The Governor of the Bank of England is fair game, apparently.


"He can quantatively ease me any time."


"I'd particularly like to explore his views on backward vertical integration."

"I'm sure DH won't mind, so long as MC continues to keep interest rates down."

Woman taking wedding ring off

Ok we're listening...


"That's not all he can keep down with me. Or up. <confused> I need a spreadsheet."

Say that word again.

"He can stimulate my economy."

<undoes top button>


"I think I can match his inflation target."

Woman with dollar bills

Oh God.

"He can publicly censure me."


"He can examine my gross domestic product."

We're gonna... no wait, WHAT?

"You've got Benign Authority Figure Attraction Syndrome. In severe cases it can lead to finding John Major attractive."

Well THAT was an anticlimax.

Thanks to Mumsnetter MaryBerrysEyelashes for making everyone's year day.


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