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Seven out of 10 Mumsnet users want a vote on the Brexit deal

A new Mumsnet survey has shown that 71% of over 2000 respondents want a further referendum on Brexit, while 26% do not.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Jan 5, 2022

60% of survey respondents said they felt misled by claims made by campaigners in the 2016 referendum, including 41% who said they felt misled by claims made by the Leave campaign and 18% who said they felt misled by claims made by both Remain and Leave.

“The government are making such a mess of this. I don’t think we should put our country at risk.” Survey respondent

“The Leave campaign did not mention about no deal/crashing out at the time. Leaving the EU with no deal is catastrophic for the country.” Survey respondent

“There were too many scare tactics on both sides.” Survey respondent

22% of those who say they voted Leave in 2016 say they now want to Remain, while 2% of those who voted Remain in 2016 say they now want to Leave.

“We should have not been put in this position, it was a ridiculous miscalculation. Our future has been sold up the river. I envisaged jobs, travel and opportunity, not having a potato delivered by the army.” Survey respondent

28% of respondents would like a three-way referendum question (with second-preference voting) offering a choice between No deal, the government’s deal, and Remain – the format advocated by former cabinet minister Justine Greening MP. 25% would like a two-way choice between the government’s final deal and Remain, and 17% would like a two-way choice between Leave and Remain.

“I'm very worried – food shortages, medicine shortages, unemployment and the threat to the NHS because of the hit to our economy. I'm desperately hoping it can be stopped.” Survey respondent

Mumsnet Founder Justine Roberts said: “Since the Brexit vote people have got a lot more insight about the likely terms of a Brexit deal and what it will actually mean in practical terms, with many saying the campaigns were misleading. Given the new information, most Mumsnet users would like a further vote on a Brexit deal and whether the terms are acceptable.”

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