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Maternity Action teams up with Mumsnet for legal clinics

Since July 2018 Maternity Action has held free online clinics every few months for Mumsnet users. Here are links to pages with the questions and answers from all of the clinics on issues including redundancy, flexible working and rights while pregnant.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Jun 14, 2023

Maternity action baby holding

Mumsnet and Maternity Action have teamed up since July 2018 to offer an online legal clinic - where, during the allocated week, anyone can ask a question and get free advice on pregnancy, maternity and parental rights at work from qualified employment solicitors and barristers who are members of the Employment Law Association.

We're really glad to be able to provide this resource for all women and parents. We see on the forums that this is a huge issue, especially during Covid.

The clinics take place every few months and users ask their questions during the week.

Questions asked in previous clinics include:

"I was made redundant in July whilst on maternity leave, two weeks after my mat leave started which was four days after my baby was born. I’ve found that you only have three months to do anything about this, is this true?"

"I've just returned from maternity and my role has changed, I've got fewer responsibilities than before my maternity. I don't have an up-to-date contract either. Do I have any rights or do I have to accept my reduced role?"

Subjects covered in the clinics

Maternity Action experts have answered questions on subjects including:

Terms and conditions – please read

The advice provided to an individual poster is based only on the information provided by that poster. Advice on these threads is also particular to the individual who has asked for it and is likely to be specific to that person’s situation.

A poster may have provided further relevant information by private message which will not appear on the threads. So please take care if you choose to apply that advice to your own situation - it is recommended that you first take legal advice from one of the sources Maternity Action have suggested here.

Mumsnet, Maternity Action and Maternity Action's volunteers accept no liability for any loss suffered as a result of an individual choosing to follow advice provided to another poster's question on the thread.

The lawyers, all of whom are specialists in employment law, will be working as volunteers for Maternity Action in respect of the clinic.

Any personal information collected as a result of the clinic will be held by Maternity Action and will be deleted after 18 months. If you wish to make a complaint about the service you received, you can use Maternity Action’s complaints policy here.