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'Nowhere near ambitious enough': Mumsnet responds to announcement of new childcare measures

Mumsnet founder Justine Roberts responds to the Government's package of childcare measures.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Jul 6, 2022


On Monday 4th July, the Government announced a package of measures to respond to the childcare crisis, namely relaxing childcare ratios, making registering as a childminder easier, and more promotion of the existing tax-free childcare scheme. Please find below a statement from Mumsnet founder and CEO Justine Roberts on the measures:

"Our childcare system is broken, and more often than not, it's women who are forced to pick up the pieces - to reduce their hours, forego promotions, or even leave work altogether because the childcare they need is either prohibitively expensive, or is simply not available. If this is to change, the Govt must recognise childcare as the vital infrastructure it is and invest in it accordingly. Sadly, the package of measures announced today are nowhere near ambitious enough to meet the scale of the challenge."

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