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Parents are widely supportive of teachers’ strikes, despite concerns about the impact on their child’s education.

New polling released today by Mumsnet ahead of tomorrow's national teachers’ strike revealed that 62% of parents support the teacher strikes, despite nearly half saying their child's education will be disrupted as a result.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Jan 31, 2023

The survey of over 1,200 parents showed that:

  • 54% of parents will have to work from home with their children or take annual or unpaid leave as a result of the strikes

  • 44% of parents are concerned that their children's education will be disrupted as a result of the strikes

However, despite concerns over childcare arrangements and the impact on children’s education, parents show substantial support and sympathy for teachers. 62% of parents told us that they support the teacher strikes, compared to only 27% who oppose them, with many parents blaming the government for the disruption, rather than the teachers. In a separate poll, more than a third of parents told us that investment in education was their number one political priority.

Justine Roberts, Mumsnet founder and CEO, said:

"We know that the teachers' strikes will be disruptive for many families, with parents forced to work from home and take annual or unpaid leave to look after younger children. There is also concern about how the strikes will affect children's education, particularly in exam years.   However, there is a significant amount of sympathy for teachers amongst Mumsnet users, with 62% telling us they back the strikes and just 27% opposing them.

"We've seen an increasing number of conversations about schools that are struggling to attract and retain staff, and how that, coupled with a lack of funding, is already affecting education - particularly for those children who are entitled to additional support.

"And, with more than a third of Mumsnet users telling us that investment in education is their number one political priority, it's clear that many parents blame the government, rather than teachers, for their failure to resolve the issues that have ultimately led to industrial action."