We Believe You Rape Awareness Campaign

we believe you

This ongoing Mumsnet campaign has two simple aims: first, to shine a spotlight on the prevalence of rape and sexual assault in women's lives; then, to pull apart the many myths surrounding rape, which make so many women feel that they will not be believed if they report this crime.

To all those women, we say: we believe you.

We hope this campaign will succeed in showing just how many lives have been blighted by sexual violence, and reassure those who have experienced rape that it's never your fault. #webelieveyou


We Believe You: latest news

Rape Crisis England and Wales' lobbying has persuaded the govt not to fold the Rape Support Fund. And, after a campaign by the parents of Jane Clough, DPP Keir Starmer QC has issued new guidance on the need to prosecute rape charges when murder has also been committed.

Who's supporting our campaign?


We've had some great messages of support, including ones from the Prime Minister David Cameron, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, and Labour party leader Ed Miliband.

Rape myths - busted

So many myths surround rape – what it is, who does it and whom it happens to. These preconceptions can discourage women from coming forward when they've been raped. We lay down the facts and bust some of the most common myths.

Every survivor needs support

Rape crisis 125

The National Sexual Violence Freephone Helpline (0808 802 9999) is a vital lifeline for many women and girls, but receives no central government funding, meaning only a quarter of all calls can be answered. Help Rape Crisis expand this lifeline to all who need it.

Schools must take sexual consent seriously

End violence against women

Almost one in three girls has experienced unwanted sexual touching at school. The End Violence Against Women coalition is calling for urgent action to ensure that all schools help create a safer world for women and girls.

End child sexual exploitation


Barnardo's is campaigning to free children and young people from sexual exploitation. But they need your help – find out how you can protect children at risk in your own community.

Getting help

If you've experienced sexual violence of any kind, you can find out where your nearest Rape Crisis centre is here. Rape Crisis also run a freephone National Sexual Violence Helpline, on 0808 802 99 99 (open 12pm -2.30pm/7pm-9.30 pm every day). Alternatively, you can access a Sexual Assault Referral Centre – they're open 24/7 and will provide support, advice, and immediate medical help if necessary.