Myth 4: language about special needs doesn't matter

"I really am sick of people casually using the word 'autistic' as an insult. It cuts like a knife; it's so hurtful when it's spat out as a slur." Mumsnetter penny100

Think about the language that you use in everyday life. Do you use words like 'retard', 'mong', 'spastic' or 'schizo'?

They may feel lighthearted to you, but you could be insulting someone who's standing right next to you.

And a child with Down's syndrome is just that – not a 'Down's child'.

  • "One myth I would like to tackle is that words like retard or mong aren't hurtful. My son has autism and learning difficulties, but calling him a retard is as hurtful to us as a racist word would be." Sickofsocalledexperts
  • "I wish people would stop referring to Tourettes for added comic effect in trivial conversations. The reality is that Tourettes is heart-breaking." Gunznroses
  • "When you talk about 'normal' children, you imply my child is 'abnormal'. My child isn't abnormal, merely untypical." Bluebirdonmyshoulder

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August 2013

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