This Is My Child

This Is My Child is a myth-busting and awareness-raising campaign, launched in 2013 in response to requests from our members and supported by input from some of the leading charities in the field. 

Its aim is to support parents of children with additional needs, inform everyone else, and open up a conversation about how we can all act to make life easier for everyone caring for children with additional needs.

For this campaign to be a success we need it to reach far and wide, so please share as widely as possible – via Twitter (#ThisIsMyChild, @MumsnetTowers), Facebook and everywhere else.


About This Is My Child


Find out more about the aims of our This Is My Child campaign, how it came about and what you can do to help.

Special needs parenting: 'so much comes down to money'

hannah postgate

Guest post: MN blogger Mrboosmum, whose son has cerebral palsy, describes the extent to which his quality of life is dependent on money – and her despair at being told that his needs are 'too expensive'.

Carrie Grant webchat

Autism: different for girls? Carrie Grant, National Autistic Society campaigner and mother to four children with additional needs, chatted to MNers about the particular challanges of raising girls who are on the autistic spectrum.

This Is My Child gallery

This Is My Child

We've put together a pretty fab photo gallery of pictures submitted by Mumsnetters of their children, all of whom have differing additional needs. 

Myths about special needs

Myths infographic

We want to challenge myths around the behaviour of children with special needs and how their parents are treated. 

Strategies for parents

Wheelchair access button on wall

Mumsnetters share their strategies for coping with reactions from the general public towards children with special needs and for dealing with professionals.

Facts and figures

Child on day out

What do we mean by 'disabled children'? See stats and definitions to see the number of parents and children affected by disabilities.

Campaign supporters

Mumsnet campaigns placard

Read a selection of the supportive #ThisIsMyChild quotes we've received so far from public figures ranging from authors to politicians, to specialist charities in the field.

Advice and resources

Tiger Trike

Advice gleaned from Mumsnet Talk about diagnosis, benefits, statutory assessments, family support workers and more, plus useful links.