norks not news

Here at Mumsnet, we're big fans of norks, as you know: after all, they can feed a baby, squish a loved one, and (if you're lucky) provide a handy shelf.

But much as we love them, they're really not - in any sense - news. So, following on from this discussion we're very pleased to announce that we're getting behind the No More Page 3 campaign.

Justine (42 [ahem], from North London) said: 'The implication of Page 3 is pretty clear: men make the news, and women stand next to the news in their pants. This isn't what Mumsnet users want for their daughters - or their sons.'

You can see our reasons for backing the campaign here, sign the petition here, and have a look around the No More Page 3 site here. We're asking Sun editor, David Dinsmore, on for a webchat - he's said in the past that women are Page 3's biggest fans, after all so we're hoping he'll be up for a discussion.

Some of the reasons why Mumsnetters are supporting the campaign:

"It's not the nudity that's the problem, it's the context. Topless beaches - fine. Topless photos of women in a 'family' newspaper that are there purely for sexual gratification – objectifying and definitely not fine … I don't mind my children seeing me naked if I get out of the shower. I would mind them seeing me pose naked for my husband's sexual gratification - can you not see the difference?" EauRouge

"It's about the message that the Sun drip feeds into society every day with page 3. That a woman's place is with her clothes off and tits out for the lads. That our job is to 'cheer the lads up', to 'brighten their day' with our knockers, that we are a primarily decorative species whilst the men make the news … I firmly believe that all women are affected by page 3, whether they choose to purchase it or not." emcwill74

"It's bringing the values and aesthetics of porn into everyday life." MooncupGoddess

Continue to let us know if you have any thoughts about things we could do collectively to raise awareness of this campaign, on the Talk thread.

"Page 3 is outdated, objectifies women and I think encourages this weird mentality of women as 'birds' whose breast shape, size and appearance you get to rate. I want young men and women to focus less on physical appearance, there is so much more to us than that." LizzieTish81

"We have generations of children growing up. The only way page 3 wouldn't be normal for them, as an adult, is if changes are made now. Someone has to do something if we want our children to live in a more equal, more healthy society." lougle

"It is a dinosaur relic from a sexist past." carriemelbourne

"I could choose not to read The Sun, but there are many young children (boys AND girls) who see their father reading the paper, and learn at a young age that men are politicians and sports stars in suits and football strips, and women are for posing almost-naked." Frettchen

"Don't forget, it also dumbs down the men, to suggest they are only interested in the news if it comes with a side order of tits." BeyondTheLimitsofAcceptability 



Last updated: about 5 years ago