End the HRT shortage: how you can help

woman tablet menopause campaign

Mumsnet and Gransnet have launched a campaign to help women going through the menopause get the treatment they need. Find out how you can help…

Rather bizarrely, and despite it affecting so many women, nobody really knows why there’s an HRT shortage, or why specific problems at individual manufacturers (around the adhesive used in some patches) should result in a nationwide problem affecting so many different forms of HRT.

While the problem may be complicated, we think the ultimate responsibility for sorting it out lies with the Department for Health and Social Care and, ultimately, with the government. Some measures have been taken already, but what we want is a wholehearted focus on this issue until women can get their prescriptions without fuss, stress or delay (and definitely without having to chase around umpteen pharmacists or consider buying medications online).

As the observant among you will have noticed, we’re slap-bang in the middle of a general election campaign, meaning that now is the ideal time to get politicians’ attention. So if you’d like to get involved…

If you have one minute

Please use social media to ask party leaders to commit to resolving this issue quickly and decisively if they form the next government.

Here’s a sample Tweet you could send:
Dear @JeremyCorbyn @BorisJohnson @JoSwinson The HRT shortage has been going on for months with no end in sight. Will you act quickly and decisively to #endtheHRTshortage if you become PM? tiny.mn/334H07V

If you have three minutes

Use Who can I Vote For to find candidates standing in your local constituency, and use social media or their email addresses to ask them to make the commitment.

Here’s a sample Tweet:
Dear [candidate tag] – I’m a voter in [constituency name] and if you’re elected, I’d like you to put pressure on the new government to #endtheHRTshortage once and for all. Are you in? tiny.mn/334H07V

If you have five minutes

Letters or emails to candidates are often given a bit more weight than social media posts. If you have personal experience of the HRT shortage, or know friends or family who are affected, you could email or write to candidates in your constituency asking them what their party plans to do about the shortage. Do let us know if you get any responses.