The Mumsnet Campaign for Better Postnatal Care

Mumsnet is trying to improve postnatal care for new mothers and their babies across the UK.

Results of a Mumsnet survey have found major failings in the current postnatal care system – we want to change that. Find out how you can get involved and make better postnatal care a reality for all.


What is Wards Fit For Purpose?


Read an overview of the Mumsnet Wards Fit For Purpose Campaign, and find out how you can get involved.

What's the aim of the campaign?

young baby with mum

Find out what we're trying to achieve with the Mumsnet Campaign for Better Postnatal Care.

The results of our postnatal care survey

We spoke to mums about their experiences on the maternity ward – find out about the highs and lows, and what needs to change.

What Mumsnetters said about their postnatal experiences

Read quotes from Mumsnetters about their experiences of postnatal care, from being left hungry and thirsty to overcrowding on wards.

Mumsnet Campaigns

Campaigning is at the heart of Mumsnet's mission – find out more about the other causes we're involved with.

How can you help all mothers and babies get great postnatal care?

No matter how much (or little) time you have to spare, you can help us make a real difference to postnatal care in the UK

The results of our breastfeeding survey

As part of our campaign for better postnatal care, we asked mums about their experiences of infant feeding.

Better Postnatal Care media coverage

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From national broadsheets to moving personal blogs, see all the media coverage that our campaign for better postnatal care has received.