Baby learning to walkSome aspects of parenting toddlers, such as sleep, development and feeding, you've been through with your baby, but others, such as behaviour, potty training and pre-school education, are new and can pose a bit of a challenge.

We've collected some of the excellent advice shared on the Mumsnet Talk boards to help you through any tricky patches of toddlerdom.

Life with a toddler

Toddlers at water fountain

Everything parenting through the terrible twos and fearsome threes throws at you.

Child safety

Child at edge of swimming pool

Avoid accidents and injuries to inquisitive toddlers with our need-to-know safety advice.

Toddler tantrums

Cross toddler

Tactics for tackling tantrums and rewarding good behaviour, including star charts and the pasta jar method.

Sleep problems

Child looking at clock in bed

The dual challenge facing parents: how to get toddlers to go to sleep and then to stay asleep. Read our tips and tactics.

Separation anxiety

Toddler hiding behind mother's legs

How to help your child adjust to childcare when they start with a nanny, childminder or at preschool.

Fussy eaters

Boiled egg and fingers

Strategies for coaxing your mini-muncher to enjoy a wider range of food, plus info about toddlers' nutritional needs.

Child development calendar

toy brick

Toddler milestones (aka why they won't share or go to bed).


Parents discussing pushchairs

We're on a mission to find the best parenting products to help you through the toddler years.

Toddler health

Advice on different health complaints and their treatments.

Potty training

Toddler on potty

Advice on helping your toddler make the transition from nappies to pants, without too many accidents.

Teach your child to read

This Moose Belongs To Me

Introduce your toddler to the wonderful world of reading: we've got learning to read tips, children's book reviews and fab freebies.