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Lansinoh 2-in-1 breast pump review

Best Breast Pump for Working Mothers 2018

Returning to work and worrying about expressing for your baby? Look no further; Lansinoh has got you covered.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Mar 1, 2023

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Returning to work after having a baby is complicated enough without worrying about how to continue providing that precious milk. Pumping at work is usually the solution, but it comes with a distinct set of requirements: the pump needs to be discreet, quiet, easy to carry around, efficient enough to assemble and express in a short break, and should include a way of storing the milk safely until it can be transported home

Many women prefer a manual pump for flexibility, but these don’t tend to work as quickly as an electric model. If you’re able to find a private room with a power socket (and the European Commission Health and Safety Executive recommends that your employer provides one for you), then we think the Lansinoh 2-in-1 Electric breast pump is a good fit.

For our money, the Lansinoh sits near the top tier of hospital-grade electric pumps, including the Ardo and the Spectra S2, but is cheaper, smaller and easier to handle than both, making it well suited to the workplace. It’s a powerful closed-system design that comes with two sizes of breast cushion, reportedly excellent customer service and lots of helpful advice on Lansinoh’s website, so you can be confident about its performance and reliability.

Lansinoh 2in1 pump

The electric unit is compact and attractive, and the double pumps stand just 18cm tall when assembled (and they're easy to assemble). There are six pieces to put together, and instead of an additional silicone breast cushion, the plastic funnel is edged with soft rubber. This maintains a good, comfortable seal while saving time with assembly and cleaning.

I have a Lansinoh and I love it. It's the only reason I could eventually breastfeed my baby at four weeks.

The bottle attached is the Lansinoh mOmma, which won our Best Baby Feeding Bottle award: a high-quality, sturdy shape with clear markings that will stand up to any number of knocks under the desk. The Natural Wave teat included will screw directly onto the bottle if feeding immediately, or the sealing disc turns the mOmma into a leak-proof, durable storage container for your handbag or the office fridge. Included in the box is a travel bag for easy transportation to and from your desk.

In use, the Lansinoh is effective enough for the shortest lunch break: there’s a set let-down phase and three expression phases, as well as an option to alter the suction strength. The LCD screen is easy to read and includes a timer, so you can see at a glance how long you’ve been expressing. While it’s not as noiseless as some, our decibel test clocked it at around the same level as quiet conversation; so you won't disturb your colleagues.

The Specs

Type: closed system BPA-free materials

Included: electric unit, two pumps and two bottles, two standard and two large breast cushions, two sealing discs, one natural wave teat and cap, travel bag

Warranty: one year on the pump mechanism; 90 days on all other components

RRP: £165

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