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TP Challenger Trampoline review: putting the Mumsnetter-approved trampoline through its paces

Mumsnetters love TP Challenger trampolines, so we decided to put one to the test. Our tester Carla and her two children put the trampoline through its paces. Here's our verdict.

By Poppy O'Neill | Last updated Jul 26, 2023

TP Challenger 14ft Trampoline Review

Price on writing: £324.99 (RRP: £649.99) | Buy now from TP Toys

What we like

  • Huge

  • Ladder, cover and stakes available here

  • Safe springs

  • Weatherproof

  • Sturdy and secure

What we don't like

  • Took 5 hours to build

  • Slightly complex set-up involving sewing with a giant needle

Key specs

Height: 260cm | Diameter: 425cm | Mat height: 80cm | Max user weight: 130kg | Guarantee: Frame - 2 years, all other parts - 1 year | Age: 6 years+

Our verdict

If your kids are full of energy - and let’s face it, who’s aren’t? - a trampoline is one investment that starts paying off immediately. There’s nothing quite like bouncing about to help kids let off steam, have fun and tire themselves out, without having to leave the comfort of your own back garden. Many Mumsnetters find the trampoline also gets used as a chill-out zone, and they can even double as a den with the addition of a few bedsheets.

Understandably, parents have safety concerns when it comes to trampolines, so choosing the best trampoline for your family takes time and research. The TP Challenger is a mid-priced trampoline with great safety features, and the 14ft model we tested offers a huge amount of space for play.

Once you’re over the initial slog of building it, our younger testers wasted no time in jumping and learning tricks on the springy, roomy trampoline. With 8, 10 and 12-foot models available, we think TP Challengers are fantastic trampolines to buy for your garden, allowing you to invest in quality design and materials without breaking the bank.

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TP Challenger 14ft Trampoline

How we tested

Mum-of-two Carla was our tester for this trampoline. She enlisted the help of her friend and neighbour Jenna to build the trampoline, taking note of how much time it took and how easy it was to follow the instructions.

Once erected, the trampoline was thoroughly tested by 10 kids, aged between 6½ and 14. I grilled Carla, Jenna and two of the child-testers on the trampoline’s quality, safety features, noisiness and how much fun it is, as well as inspecting the trampoline and having a good bounce myself.

What is the TP Challenger 14ft Trampoline like to build?

All told, the TP Challenger took 5 hours to build, mostly by just one strong woman, Jenna, with the help of a gaggle of kids and Carla (who built the ladder).

“The build was not too difficult but the instructions weren’t overly clear... straightforward but time-consuming.”

Jenna said the instructions could have been clearer, and some time was wasted putting right back-to-front poles and an inside-out net. Otherwise, the build was straightforward, but the sheer size of the trampoline meant it took a long time, involving sewing some of the fabric elements together with a giant needle (which is included). If you go for one of the smaller models (Challengers are available in 8, 10 and 12’ too) expect it to take a bit less time.

What’s the TP Challenger 14ft Trampoline like to use?

The trampoline is huge, with plenty of room for multiple kids (although safety instructions say only one bouncer at a time). Carla opted to put the trampoline in her front garden as it has more space, and has subsequently become the most popular resident of her quiet cul-de-sac.

I was treated to a display of the tricks local kids had learned since the trampoline was assembled, including an impressive no-bounce backflip from an 11-year-old tester and a six-and-a-half-year-old trampoliner's expert seat drop.

“It’s fun - I learned to do a back flip”

The trampoline does make a noise when bounced on, but it’s not excessive - just the sound of springs moving. Using stakes (which are sold separately) will make it move around less and secure it in case of high winds.

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TP Challenger 14ft Trampoline

How safe is the TP Challenger Trampoline?

Thanks to its unique SafeSurround design, all the Challenger’s springs are concealed and insulated from the bounce mat, leaving very little chance of limbs getting caught. It’s padded in all the right places, and heavy and sturdy enough not to rock or move at all while in use.

Carla feels very confident letting her children play on the trampoline, however the sheer size of it makes it tempting for lots of kids to play at once, which brings its own risks in the form of collisions.

How does the TP Challenger Trampoline compare to other trampolines?

Compared to a premium trampoline like a Springfree, the TP Challenger stands up pretty well. You’d pay £1,695 for a similarly-sized model from Springfree - more than 5x the price on writing of the Challenger - and the extra cost gets you super-high safety standards, no springs whatsoever and an almost silent bounce. However, while the TP Challenger does have springs, its SurroundSafe design means the springs are completely separate from the bouncing mat, as long as the padding stays in good condition.

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TP Challenger 14ft Trampoline

Will the TP Challenger Trampoline last?

Size-wise it’ll keep kids bouncing and back-flipping until they’re adults, so there are no worries about needing to buy a bigger trampoline in a few years. The design means minimal rain and fallen leaves can get stuck in the springs so as long as it’s taken good care of, the trampoline has good resale value.

Does the TP Challenger 14ft Trampoline represent good value for money?

Carla says the trampoline gets used every day, and that she can see it lasting a good few years before her children outgrow it. It’s currently on offer with a whopping 50% off, making it outstanding value for money. At full price, it’s still a brilliant trampoline with safety features to put parents’ minds to rest, as well as a huge bouncing area for kids to let off steam.

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