The best online learning resources for children of all ages

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There's a whole heap of websites out there to help children revise and learn more creatively. Everybody learns differently so, to help you find the best options for your child, here's a list of the most innovative, well-designed and widely-used sites, according to Mumsnetters

Best online learning resources at a glance

Read on for more information on these websites – and a whole host of others – plus feedback from Mumsnetters who've been there, done that, and got the exam results.

All core subjects

Tutorful - Mumsnet Rated winner

Age range: any age
Price: free to sign up, rates are set by tutors

No matter what subject your kids need a bit of help with, Tutorful match children (or adults) with the right tutor to boost their confidence and maximise their potential. You can browse thousands of tutors and filter by location, level of expertise, and more. If you can't find what you're looking for locally, you can opt for online tuition with your tutor of choice in Tutorful's virtual classroom – ideal if you live rurally and don't fancy an hour long round trip on a weeknight.

“The tutor we tested out was very warm and friendly and good at talking to my daughter (who was a bit shy) she had a bag of tricks that aided her in making learning fun and was great at holding her attention.”

“The tutor was fantastic. I’m sure my son learnt more in that 30 min guitar session than he has in the last three years!”

You can read an in-depth Mumsnetter review of Tutorful's service here.

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Age range: suitable for children aged 5 – 16
Price: £99 per year or £15 per month for all three subjects, family discount packages available

An EdPlace subscription gives your child access to thousands of interactive tutorial worksheets covering the core national curriculum subjects: English, Maths and Science up to GCSE level. In other words, you're getting a lot of bang for your buck – though single subject subscriptions are also available.

Worksheets created by teachers with at least five years of experience are assigned to your child and adaptive technology tailors assignments to match your child's progress. There is also a parent dashboard which allows you to track your child's results and sends a progress report each week. Most importantly, you can expect to see a 10% increase in scores when EdPlace is used more than once a week.

“I tried EdPlace on a 14 day trial for £1 and was so impressed I am saving up to purchase in full. I like how it's set out – it's my favourite find to date.”

EdPlace are offering Mumsnetters an exclusive 15% off all subscriptions with code MUMSNET20

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BBC Bitesize

Age range: suitable for children aged 5 – 16
Price: free

BBC Bitesize offers resources for a broad range of subjects from KS1 through to GCSE. “Lessons” are delivered to younger children through engaging videos and games and older children can access concise notes followed by tasks to test their knowledge. Bitesize has resources specifically tailored to the curriculum for Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, too. Best of all, because Bitesize is created by the Beeb , it's completely free.

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Age range: children aged 4 – 16
Price: £59 per year for one learner

A Mathletics subscription enables your child to access hundreds of hours of maths activities per year level, as well as the Mathletics printable workbook library for extra offline activities. Primary school-aged learners can also access Live Mathletics: an online maths game which allows them to compete against other children across the world. As a parent, you will be emailed a weekly report and can also use the Mathletics Family Console to track your child’s process, print their certificates and assign them activities to complete.

“My son had real difficulty with maths and Mathletics has helped – first in his confidence and now in his ability.”

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Age range: children aged 4 – 14
Price: quarterly subscription £108 (other options available)

Smartick consists of daily 15-minute sessions in which children can master the maths foundations, develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Its curriculum includes arithmetic, word problems, logic and coding, and is suitable for children who are either behind, have learning gaps to fill or simply want to excel beyond the classroom.

It also uses artificial intelligence to identify the skills and learning pace of each student, meaning it can adapt to their needs in real-time. Smartick's personalised method proved popular when Mumsnet users tested it, especially the daily progress emails.

“This has helped my son improve on his maths and even his teacher has seen a difference. I love the enthusiasm he shows each day wanting to do his session.”

Smartick is offering Mumsnetters an exclusive 25% off all subscriptions. You can also test it out yourself with their 15-day free trial.

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Reading Eggs

Age range: children aged 2 – 13
Price: £39.95 per year

Reading Eggs offers online reading games and activities that are engaging for young children and easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Your child will complete a placement quiz to gauge their reading level but afterwards the activities are self-paced, allowing your child to learn in a way that suits them. This program is ideal for children who are preparing for school or struggling with reading.

“Reading Eggs has been brilliant for my five year old who was being seriously let down by the offerings at his school. In the space of a few weeks he is now able to properly decode words and has grown in confidence so much. Can't recommend it enough.”

Reading Eggs offers Mumsnetters a four-week free trial.

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Age range: children aged 7 – 16
Price: varies depending on the course but, for example, an AQA Biology GCSE course is £10 per month

Tassomai works by breaking a syllabus down into micro-facts and repeatedly testing pupils. Their unique algorithm adapts itself to the user, targets their weaknesses and adapts quizzes accordingly. Weekly progress reports keep parents in the loop, but Tassomai's results guarantee is where they really stands out: they guarantee a 7-9 grade in GCSE Science if the course is completed – or your money back.

“My daughter used Tassomai very intensively, starting part way through her actual GCSE exams and got full UMS points for most of her modules.”

Tassomai don't offer a free trial but their monthly pay-as-you-go subscription can be cancelled at any time – more info here

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Save My Exams

Age range: children aged 15 – 18
Price: free

Ideal for GCSE and A-level students, Save My Exams offer past papers and mark schemes for all major UK science and maths exams – for free. Your child can access relevant papers from their exam board as well as free sample worksheets. For £6.99 a month, or £24.99 a year, your child can access all of the available worksheets with questions grouped by difficulty or topic.

Browse past papers here



Age range: suitable for children (or adults) of any age
Price: free

Ever wanted to learn how to read a menu in Mandarin? Memrise promises to teach you just that, among more conventional subjects such as learning basic French and Italian. Based on the latest science behind how our brains work, it uses 'mems', essentially pictures, memorable situations, symbols and any other mnemonic devices to help you remember and revise. Your child can access over 200 language courses for free but there are lots of extra features available from about £4 a month.

“We started using Memrise for our daughter's French and it has expanded her vocabulary in leaps and bounds. It also often includes phrases (and it's free).”

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Exam-specific revision

A Testing Time

Age range: this course is aimed specifically at children preparing for the 11+ exams
Price: £18 per month, £119 per year

Online verbal and non-verbal reasoning tests for 11+ exam practice. Children are guided through a course of unlimited questions which adapts to their level, helping them to progress towards a target within a set time. Immediate and detailed feedback and encouragement helps to prepare them for exams.

Try a free 30 question sample test here

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Age: GCSE to A-Level
Price: free

If your child is studying for GCSEs or A-levels, look no further than S-Cool, the largest revision site on the web for these crucial exams. Pretty much all the most popular subjects are covered in depth, broken down into topics with detailed overviews followed by multiple choice and exam-style questions. Best of all, it's completely free – you just have to register on the site.

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More free resources


Quizlet is a website that provides learning tools and games to help revise anything from poetry terminology to musical notes. Think flashcards but much more interactive and fun. You can use cards other users have already made, or make your own set specific to what your child needs to learn. Its nifty world map also shows you who else is studying on Quizlet. Try it here

“My daughter has been using Quizlet to make vocab revision flashcards and quizzes for herself – it seems like a very useful site.”


Wonderopolis sends subscribers a new 'wonder' to discover each day, posing questions as weird and wonderful as “Why don't spiders get caught in their webs?” and “Who invented time?” Then there are quizzes to test your knowledge and vocabulary on the wonder, and links to resources if you want to find out even more. Try it here

Khan Academy

Challenge your teenagers with Khan Academy, a not-for-profit website that promises “a free world-class education for anyone anywhere.” Offering video tutorials on everything from maths to cosmology, your child will be able to get help on a subject they can't quite grasp, or just learn about something that piques their interest. Try it here

“Khan Academy is fantastic. I even get my Master's students to watch the advanced calculus and stats ones. Both my boys (seven and five) have learnt loads.”

Tavistock Tutors blog

Find advice on applying to Oxbridge, writing personal statements, revision tips and more. The blog's continuously being updated and articles are written by students and graduates of the college or subject that they're writing about. Try it here

Inspiring Futures and Futurewise

There are a number of good websites offering careers help, and among these are Inspiring Futures and Futurewise, which offer bags of information, guidance and planning, tailored to the needs of the individual student. Futurewise also hosts regular 'insight event' days where your child can meet people in a particular profession and take part in career-focused activities. Try them here Inspiring Futures and Futurewise.

“We tried the Futurewise interview. It gave some great advice to my daughter.”

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