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Best rollerblades and rollerskates for kids 2022

Always a popular activity with little ’uns, rollerskating is a fantastic way for kids to get some exercise and generally great fun all round. Here’s our pick of the best quad and inline rollerblades to buy right now.

By Laura Martin | Last updated Jul 28, 2021

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Who wants to spend life on boring old feet when you can be whizzing about on wheels? Even in 2021, rollerskating is as popular as ever, and a much-loved activity among children and adults alike.

From retro quad skates to stylish inline rollerblades, there’s a world of wheels out there to help you get your children off the sofa and out and about enjoying themselves.

So we’ve enlisted the help of parents on the Mumsnet forums to help you find the right rollerblades for your little daredevil.

Here are the best rollerblades and rollerskates to buy in 2021.

1. Best overall inline rollerblades: Meteor Children’s Inline Skates

Meteor Children’s Inline Skates

Price: From £39.99 | Buy now from Amazon

These inline rollerblades from Meteor are a brilliant option if you’re looking for skates that are sturdy, comfortable and come in lots of different colours.

They’re available in sizes covering EUR 30 to 41 (UK 11 to 7) and have three closure mechanisms – straps, laces and an adjustable buckle – to ensure a stable and secure fit which will keep little ankles safe and supported.

2. Best overall quad rollerskates: Osprey Roller Disco Quad Skates

Osprey Roller Disco Quad Skates

Price: From £34.53 | Buy now from Amazon

“We got the Osprey quad skates, which are really good and sturdy.” 

Kids love the retro charm of disco-style quad skates, and these rollerskates from Osprey have that in abundance.

Available in four funky colours (we love the white option with pink and blue detailing), they have a soft, comfortable upper, and simple lace-up fastenings as well as a Velcro strap to keep them secure.

A great place to start for beginners or old-school skaters looking to get back on four wheels.

3. Best budget rollerblades: Xootz Kids’ Inline Skates

Xootz Kids’ Inline Skates

Price: From £19.22 | Buy now from Amazon

These plastic skates are designed especially for little riders who are putting their first foot forward on wheels.

They feature easy-to-fasten straps, which are much easier for kids who haven’t quite mastered tricky laces yet, plus the sturdy design offers plenty of ankle support for wobbly beginners who are still getting used to the sport.

They start at size 9 (child) and are available in adjustable sizes covering everything up to a size 3.

4. Best light-up rollerblades: Crazy Skates Alpha Adjustable Inline Skates with Light Up Wheels

Crazy Skates Alpha Adjustable Inline Skates with Light Up Wheels

Price: From £52.81 | Buy now from Amazon

If it’s more of a ‘wow’ factor you’re after, then these fabulous inline skates from Crazy Skates are sure to float your boat.

They’re aimed more at experienced skaters, so look elsewhere if your child is a beginner, but if they’ve already earned their skating wings then we think they’ll love them.

We’re especially taken by the light-up LED wheels which glow as you roll. What’s more, they’re powered by the energy generated from movement, so you don’t need to think about changing batteries. These adjustable rollerblades cover size 11 (child) to 8 (adult).

5. Best rollerblades for street skating: Gonex Inline Skates

Gonex Inline Skates

Price: From £44.99 | Buy now from Amazon

If you or your child are planning on using rollerskates in an urban environment then it’s probably best to find some that have wheels on the softer side, as these handle rough surfaces better.

These cool inline rollerblades from Gonex have softer wheels and are a great choice for beginners and intermediates alike. They’re available in two stylish colours and feature adjustable sizing to cover a size 10 (child) to a size 3.

6. Best inline rollerblades for young children: Oxelo Play 3 Skates

Oxelo Play 3 Skates

Price: £19.99 | Buy now from Decathlon

“I can recommend Decathlon skates. We got them after a long and hard search a good couple of years ago and they are great. Expandable, so can adapt to growing feet without constantly changing size.”

If you have a little one at home itching to keep up with their older sibling who’s merrily gliding all over the house, then you’ll know how hard it is to find age-appropriate roller skates for smaller kids.

We think these sturdy rollerblades from Decathlon are an excellent option for younger children who want to learn to skate.

Available from a child’s size 8, which typically fits ages three and up, they’re adjustable up to three sizes and feature bearings that ensure a slower glide, helping your little one to master the art of skating without losing control.

7. Best quad skates for young children: SFR Stomper Adjustable Skates

SFR Stomper Adjustable Skates

Price: From £44.28 | Buy now from Amazon

“I used to work at a store that sold skate gear. There’s a brand called SFR who have a 'stomper' range which are adjustable so will 'grow' with your child.” 

Some find it easier to learn to skate on quad wheels, and these clever skates from top brand SFR feature a unique design to help even the smallest of kids master the art of safely skating in style.

The Stomper Adjustable Skates have two much larger rear wheels, which are further apart than the front, giving a totally stable base from which to push off.

Hundreds of happy parents swear by this design when it comes to limiting tumbles and tears, which makes them a great bet for smaller kids in our opinion.

8. Best rollerskates for toddlers: Xootz Beginner Trainer Skates

Xootz Beginner Trainer Skates

Price: £15.99 | Buy now from Amazon

These basic skates are an excellent way to help your toddler learn the balance and coordination necessary for movement on four wheels without making a large investment.

They simply fit over your child’s shoes, so there’s no need to worry about the skates being uncomfortable or unsupportive, and there’s a stopper at the front to help children learn some stopping control.

Available in one size, these skates are adjustable so they can fit shoes from a size 5 (child) to 11 (child).

9. Best 3-in-1 rollerskates: Sk8 Zone 3-in-1 Roller Skates

Sk8 Zone 3-in-1 Roller Skates

Price: £29.99 | Buy now from Amazon

If you don’t know whether to go for quad or inline skates then this brilliant product has you covered.

The unique interchangeable design allows for one of three different bases to be attached to the shoe, allowing the skates to be used for not just rollerblading and rollerskating, but also ice-skating too.

They’re best suited to beginners and reviews suggest it might be best to buy a size up as they run small, but for versatility and value for money we think they’re an excellent choice.

10. Best rollerskate bundle: Sk8 Zone Skate Set

Sk8 Zone Skate Set

Price: From £27.99 | Buy now from Amazon

Safety, as always, has to be a priority when your child is learning to skate. This 4-in-1 set is amazing value for money, as it doesn’t just include roller skates but also a helmet and pads to protect little heads and vulnerable knees and elbows.

The skates are adjustable, so you’ll get plenty of wear out of them, and the strong plastic frame provides plenty of support for ankles.

What age is good for rollerblades?

Whether your child wants to try inline rollerblades or quad skates, you should wait until they’re stable on their feet before you consider teaching them to skate. There is no definite answer to this, as it depends entirely on your child’s physical ability, motor skills and balance which children master at different ages.

Toddler skates which fit over shoes, such as the Xootz Beginner Trainer Skates, are suitable for age 3 up which is probably the earliest age a child should start to learn.

Most rollerblades and quad skates start from around a size 11 (child), which is roughly the size worn by a five-year-old.

Are skates or blades easier for kids?

While quad skates offer more balance when your child initially starts to learn to rollerskate, it’s generally agreed that it’s easier to learn to skate well on inline blades.

Inline rollerblades offer more support around the ankle area and are usually better for speed, whereas quad rollerskates have a short, wide wheelbase which makes them more stable when standing and better for roller disco and dancing.

However, when learning to adapt to life on four wheels, either type of skates will be a challenge and a determined child will soon learn the necessary skills, so it’s largely a question of personal choice.

How do you choose rollerblades for kids?

Once you’ve decided whether to buy inline rollerblades or quad skates, the main thing to ensure when choosing rollerskates for kids is that the size is adjustable.

Skates are not the cheapest of toys and it’s expensive to have to replace them every time your child goes up a shoe size. Most skates feature adjustable bases which allow them to be altered by up to three sizes.

It’s also worth considering how easy it is to put the skates on and take them off. There are various fastenings to be found on skates: Velcro, buckles and laces. Take into account whether your child can fasten laces by themself or if Velcro might be the easier option.

You should read up on how soft the wheels are before you purchase. Softer wheels are more appropriate for rougher terrain found outdoors like footpaths, whereas harder wheels are better for indoor skating at rinks, or for hockey or roller derby.

Finally, make sure you are comfortable with the braking mechanisms on your chosen skates and how safely your child can stop if they begin to feel out of control. You should also make sure to buy a helmet, and wrist, knee and elbow pads to protect your kid from the inevitable tumbles that happen along the way.

What is the best brand of rollerblades?

There are many excellent brands of rollerblades, including Impala, SFR, Osprey, RollerBlade, Moxi, Rio, Rookie, Roces and Roller Derby. However, in our opinion, the best rollerblades to buy are the Children’s Inline Skates by Meteor which offer a great balance between quality and value for money when buying inline skates for children.

What are the best skates for beginners?

We think these fantastic Stomper Adjustable Skates from SFR are a brilliant and safe way to teach your child to skate thanks to their unique design which helps with balance and coordination in the early days.

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We then did some research across the wider web, looking at which skates had won accolades or been featured in ‘best buy’ lists across websites and print media, and what customers' reviews said about them. Having collated all that information, we picked the rollerskates we thought would make the best buys in several interest categories.

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