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Best integrated washing machines 2024: stylish and discreet built-in models

Out of sight and out of mind, an integrated washing machine can give any kitchen a sleek finish and a clean look. Here's our pick of the best.

By Victoria David | Last updated Jan 25, 2024

The best integrated washing machine is quiet, compact, stylish and discreet. Once installed in your kitchen, you should be able to forget it is even there. If you're wanting a sleek, minimalist look in your kitchen, integrated appliances are ideal as they are hidden away in cupboards so unsightly white goods never have to be seen or heard.

Nowhere is this more convenient than in an open-plan home, where the whine of the motor and the noisy rocking of your washing machine or washer-dryer on a spin dry can rudely interrupt your favourite programme or disturb your children from completing their homework.

However, inexpensive and effective integrated washing machines are hard to find and there's often limited choice compared to their freestanding counterparts. You can’t just install any old washer too; you need to buy specialist built-in appliances, which is why we turned to our forums to consult Mumsnet users on the best integrated washing machines for any home.

Through reading Mumsnetters' feedback, we collated a criterion for the integrated washing machines on our shortlist: a comprehensive range of programmes, a decent drum capacity and a good energy efficiency rating (not much different from our best tumble dryer guide). There were some additional and more stringent requirements we also considered too, like compactness, noise level and a reversible door (for our left-handed parents).

Using this list of features, we scoured the Talk threads in search of tried-and-tested brands Mumsnet users recommended. This is the cornerstone of every Swears By article on Mumsnet, from the best steam iron to the top laundry detergent, as we know the parents on our forums have a wealth of life experience and authentic, unbiased views to share on a range of products.

We then cross-referenced these suggestions against expert opinions, consumer champion websites, and verified customer reviews to triple-check that these are truly the best you can buy.

Here are the best integrated washing machines in 2024.

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Best integrated washing machine overall
What we like
  • Trusted brand rated by Mumsnet users and reviewers

  • Quick, quiet and efficient

  • Has a range of convenient programmes and features

  • Built to last with the benefit of a five-year warranty

What we don't like
  • The initial cost is expensive

  • Less energy efficient than a freestanding model

Key specs

Price: £758 | Dimensions: H81.8 x W59.6 x D54.4cm | Energy rating: C | Max capacity: 8kg | Max spin speed: 1400RPM | Noise level: 66dB (spin) | Programmes: 14

What Mumsnet users say
Itsunlovelyinthegarden · Tried & Tested
We have a Bosch and I would recommend it. Shortish run times, decent-sized drum, copes with a sporty family of five and is five years old and still going strong.
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mommybear1 · Recommended
Personally, I'd recommend Bosch. Had mine over 12 years, and it's not let me down. I do a lot of washing, I'd say over ten loads a week, and it's never let me down.
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Our verdict

Bosch usually earn a place our top laundry appliance lists because both Mumsnetters and customer reviewers love the brand (they also take a top spot on our best washing machine guide too). They’re a company with an outstanding reputation for well-built, practical and plumber-approved machines, and the Bosch Series 8 WIW28502GB is no exception as our best integrated washing machine.

Previous customers across multiple retailers rated it highly as "first class" and "a beautiful washing machine" (high praise indeed!). It has excellent time-saving programmes and features any family will appreciate, like its SpeedPerfect sensor that will make a cycle up to 65% faster, and its SuperQuick 15-minute programme that’ll speed through any last-minute outfit panics. Aside from being extremely practical and family-friendly, it comes with Bosch’s Ecosilence Drive as standard, which means that you should be able to have your washing machine spinning and hold a movie night in your living room without any problems hearing the dialogue.

Other noteworthy features include its 8kg drum capacity, reload function for dropped socks, customisable fabric care settings and VarioDrum that’ll protect even your most delicate pieces of clothing. It's no wonder this machine is on the top of everyone’s wishlist, and maybe that’s why it can sometimes be tricky to get hold of - fortunately, it's currently in stock.

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Best budget integrated washing machine
What we like
  • Affordable price

  • Eco-friendly design

  • Quiet and easy to use

  • A good amount of programmes and features

  • Excellent spin speed

What we don't like
  • Those who bought this new model of their old machine found that the hinge position was different, so they had to change their fittings

  • The door latch needs a good slam to close

Key specs

Price: £399 | Dimensions: H82 x W60 x D56cm | Energy rating: C | Max capacity: 7kg | Max spin speed: 1600RPM | Noise level: 47dB wash, 71dB spin | Programmes: 15

What Mumsnet users say
napoleonsnose · Tried & Tested
I've got a Beko which I've had for about six years. Never gone wrong and it is still working fine.
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CharleyFarnsbarns · Recommended
My mum loves her Beko. The washing machine repair man recommended it to her as cheap but good.
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Our verdict

Beko’s reputation for designing affordably priced washing machines that are quick, effective and efficient is unmatched by other brands - Mumsnetters love them too. Another range that pops up on a few of our laundry appliance guides, the Beko RecycledTub WTIK76151F is our best budget-friendly integrated washing machine by a country mile.

In a world where climate change is an ever-looming problem, we particularly love Beko’s dedication to clean clothes and a clean planet as they’ve converted recycled plastic bottles into high-quality materials to create their drums. Speaking of which, you won’t have to worry about weekly washing machine cleaning sessions either with its DrumClean setting that’ll wash away dirt and germs, especially when paired with our best washing machine cleaner, to keep your laundry fresh and your machine unclogged.

Endorsed by Allergy UK, Beko’s anti-allergy programme is certified for families with sensitive skin and conditions. It uses a higher temperature and an extra rinse cycle to wash away pet hair, pollen, bacteria, and allergens that cause reactions (ideal for the hayfever season!). Families will also appreciate its Fast+ function and its Easy Iron programme that’ll have you putting your clothes steamer back in the cupboard.

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Best energy-efficient integrated washing machine
What we like
  • Good energy efficiency rating

  • Great value for money

  • Smart connectivity

  • Large capacity drum

  • Convenient and practical range of features and programmes

What we don't like
  • Spin cycle is quite noisy

Key specs

Price: £485 | Dimensions: H82 x W60 x D53cm | Energy rating: A | Max capacity: 9kg | Max spin speed: 1600RPM | Noise level: 76dB | Programmes: 15(+1)

What Mumsnet users say
NeverDropYourMooncup · Tried & Tested
I've got very little complaint about the Hoover my partner bought. It has short washes, large loads, and you can select extra rinsing.
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Our verdict

Tested by MNHQ: Read our in-depth Hoover H-Wash 300 Pro HBWOS69TAMCET review

With the average cost of utility bills rising, now more than ever, buying energy-efficient appliances is a smart, money-savvy choice. That’s why the Hoover H-Wash 300 Pro HBWOS69TAMCET has made our list. Boasting an 'A' energy rating, it is the most efficient on our list.

Aside from being kind to your wallet, there's plenty to love about Hoover’s integrated washing machine, such as its large capacity drum, easy-to-read LED display, and long list of practical features and programmes.

From its Quick 15 wash cycle to its pause button, this washing machine will make speeding through your family’s laundry pile quick and easy. You can even control it via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth via their app, although not all previous customers found it helpful.

That said, we think this machine is excellent value for money, offering many additional features other brands would charge a lot more for.

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Best smart integrated washing machine

AEG 8000 L8FC8432BI Integrated Washing Machine

What we like
  • A range of handy tech features and programmes

  • The spin cycle is very quiet

  • Green Woolmark Certified, safe for woollies

What we don't like
  • Hinge fitting is poorly designed, according to some previous customers

  • Pricey

Key specs

Price: £969 | Dimensions: H81.9 x W59.6 x D54cm | Energy rating: C | Max capacity: 8kg | Max spin speed: 1400RPM | Noise level: 50dB wash, 68dB spin | Programmes: 14

What Mumsnet users say
Drogonssmile · Tried & Tested
We got an amazing AEG recently with a steam function. Clothes are almost dry when they come out. We hang them on hangers for a couple of hours and they're ready to put away with no ironing! ... We're v impressed with ours.
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Our verdict

Regardless of whether you think technology is taking over or is an essential tool, there’s no doubt that when it works, it can make life so much easier. And with many families strapped for time, an integrated washing machine packed with smart technology like the AEG 8000 L8FC8432BI can be a lifesaver. Boasting clever, intuitive sensors and OkoMix technology, this machine optimises your wash programmes, completely dissolving laundry detergent and fabric softener to protect your clothes and leave them spotlessly clean (even after the muddiest walks!). Its ProSteam programme is also convenient for quick refreshes of creased clothing like your teenagers’ well-worn jeans that have been living on their bedroom floor.

The only snag is that some previous customers felt that the hinge was poorly designed and that it could be difficult not to accidentally drop its parts into the drum. All in all though, it's a pretty impressive machine - it's fast, quiet and efficient, plus we love that it's Green Woolmark Certified so it's safe for use on your softest, most expensive woolly jumpers.

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Best integrated washing machine for families

CANDY CBW 49D2E Integrated 9 kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine

What we like
  • A large capacity drum that is ideal for families

  • Good value

  • A range of quick and convenient programmes

  • Easy to use

What we don't like
  • Complicated to fit

  • Less energy efficient than other models

  • Spin noise level is louder than its competitors

Key specs

Price: £449 | Dimensions: H82 x W60 x D53cm | Energy rating: D | Max capacity: 9kg | Max spin speed: 1400RPM | Noise level: 77dB | Programmes: 16

What Mumsnet users say
lickenchugget · Tried & Tested
I got a cheap integrated Candy as our house is about to be sold... huge loads and DOESN'T BEEP!!
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Our verdict

It is a fact of life that children generate an awful lot of laundry, from grass stains on their jeans to food spilt down their school uniform. An overflowing laundry basket and an overloaded heated clothes airer are common problems for large households and one that Candy’s CBW49D1E integrated washing machine can solve.

With a large capacity drum and affordable price point, it is easy to see how it earned the award title of best for families and why Mumsnet users like it - it offers a range of quick wash cycles that’ll tackle every fabric type, including a Daily Hygiene programme that’ll eliminate germs and bugs. Families short on time and looking to avoid the seasonal round robin of colds will enjoy this simple, easy-to-use and practical integrated washing machine. However, you do need to consider that it is less energy efficient than other models, and it is quite a bit noisier, so it may be better suited to homes with a separate utility room.

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Best reliable integrated washing machine

Hotpoint BIWMHG81485UK Integrated 8kg Washing Machine

What we like
  • Affordably priced

  • Easy to use, quiet and effective

  • A sturdy, durable design

What we don't like
  • Cycles are longer than advertised

  • It has a short power cord

Key specs

Price: £399 | Dimensions: H81.5 x 59.5 x D54.5cm | Energy rating: B | Max capacity: 8kg | Max spin speed: 1400RPM | Noise level: 70dB | Programmes: 14

What Mumsnet users say
Aworryingtrend · Tried & Tested
We've just got an integrated Hotpoint one, and it is fine. Our last (non-integrated one) was Hotpoint, too, and this is so much quieter (a combination of being newer and having the extra door to mask the sound. The only downside is that I forget that the washing is in there, as you can't see it behind the cupboard!
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Our verdict

Sturdy, quiet and reasonably priced, this model is an ‘old reliable’ washing machine that will earn any family's trust with its good capacity drum, quiet brushless Pro-Invertor motor and impressive range of programmes. Parents will particularly love its anti-stain setting that’ll lift even the most smeared-in ketchup stains and its Woolcare programme that’ll be a saviour in the winter months. However, they may take longer to finish than advertised, so just bear that in mind if you’re a family that is go, go, go.

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Why are integrated washing machines so expensive?

Compared to the average cost of a freestanding washing machine, integrated models are considerably more expensive, even when they’re the exact same model. So, why is this? The answer is two-fold. Firstly, it comes down to the design and manufacturing costs; creating a washing machine that integrates seamlessly into a kitchen without sacrificing its effectiveness or efficiency is tricky.

Secondly, there are the installation costs to consider on top of the initial outlay unless you are good friends with a plumber. Plus, repairs and maintenance work is more difficult when kitchen cabinets surround the machine, so this could be more costly in the future.

Can you put a freestanding washing machine in an integrated space?

Yes, you can, but you would need bespoke cabinets, as they must be deeper and wider than standard. In the long run, this can be even more expensive than simply buying an integrated washing machine, and if you aren’t planning on replacing your whole kitchen or utility room, it just won’t work.

Are all integrated washing machines the same size?

Yes, all integrated washing machines are roughly the same size to fit a standard-size kitchen. Typically their measurements are around 82cm (height) x 60cm (width) x 54-56cm (depth) - give or take a few centimetres.

How do I know if an integrated washing machine will fit in my kitchen?

The best way to find out if an integrated washing machine will fit is to measure the height, width and depth of the space, bearing in mind you will need to leave a minimum of 3cm at the back of your appliance for pipes and fittings to connect. To ensure this is correct, measure the depth from the front of the plugs or pipes. If you measure from the wall, your integrated washing machine will not fit.

How to choose the best integrated washing machine

To find the best integrated washing machine for your home, you’ll want to consider the following:

  • Dimensions: Carefully measure your space and ensure that you have the measurements written down when browsing to avoid any issues with installation.

  • Budget: You’ll need a clear idea of what you can afford, including additional installation costs, its effect on your utility bills and any future maintenance or repair payments.

  • Energy efficiency rating: The better its rating, the less you’ll spend on utility bills and the lower your carbon footprint. Choosing a machine that is C or above can save you hundreds of pounds in the long run.

  • Programmes: Ask yourself what programmes and settings are essential to you and your family. For example, an anti-allergen wash cycle will be necessary if you have allergies. Conversely, if you’re a sporty family who is always on the go, a quick 15-minute cycle will be helpful.

  • Drum capacity: Typically, integrated washing machines have a smaller capacity drum than freestanding models. However, this rule has some exceptions, like the Candy CBW49D1E or Hoover H-Wash 300 Pro, which both have a 9kg wash capacity.

  • Noise level: Particularly if you’re installing your integrated washing machine in an open-plan living space, you will want and need a quiet model like the Bosch Series 8 WIW28502GB with its EcoSilence Drive.

  • Installation: Ask yourself these questions before making any final decisions: Who will install it? Does the integrated washing machine include an installation kit? How much am I willing to pay for installation?

What features should an integrated washing machine have?

It is less about what they should have and more about what you specifically need your machine to be able to do and how much you are willing to spend. Much like a freestanding washing machine, an integrated model has many standard features, so your decision ultimately comes down to personal preference. Features you might like your integrated washing machine to have include:

  • Specific, specialised wash programmes: You’ll know your family’s laundry requirements better than anyone, and as such, you should pick your washing machine to meet them. For example, families with newborn babies may like a washing machine with an anti-bacterial, hot wash cycle to tackle stains from any poonamis! Speaking of which, our guide to the best laundry detergent for babies has plenty of options, ideal for sensitive skin.

  • Smart connectivity: If you’re tech-savvy and like the idea of controlling your machine whilst you are out and about or having advanced sensors that optimise your cycles, then choosing a smart integrated washing machine is a must-have.

  • Eco-friendly design and settings: From eco-efficient wash cycles to drums made from recycled bottles, pick a brand that has the same goals in mind if you're all about saving the planet.

  • Reversible machine door: For left-handed people, consider purchasing an integrated washing machine with a reversible door that you can adjust to open from the right, not the left.

  • Certifications: More and more washing machines are becoming Woolmark certified, meaning if you happen to be a fan of an expensive, soft woolly jumper with a hand-wash only label, we’d recommend factoring this into your decision.

  • Self-cleaning function: All parents are busy, busy, busy, so a washing machine that cleans itself or has its own specific self-cleaning programme is a godsend.

How long should an integrated washing machine last?

According to official figures, an integrated washing machine should last five to ten years. Although many Mumsnet users report, theirs lasting up to 15 to 20 years.

What’s the best integrated washing machine?

Following our investigation, we’ve found that the best integrated washing machine is the Bosch Series 8 WIW28502GB. Manufactured by the well-regarded Bosch brand, it is quick, quiet and efficient according to previous customers and, as a bonus, is covered by a five-year manufacturer warranty.

How we choose our recommendations

At Mumsnet, we pride ourselves on the use of our triple-check verification process that allows us to offer our readers recommendations that are authentic, unbiased and informative.

Starting with a thorough search of our forum threads, we gathered Mumsnet users' opinions on which brands offered the best washing machines (and which missed the mark). After all, if a model can survive the brutal everyday use of the average family, then it’ll withstand anything you throw at it. Through our research, we discovered that Mumsnet users particularly rated washing machines with a large capacity drum and a good energy efficiency rating, plus ones that were ultra-quiet and had a convenient range of features and programmes.

From this initial list of brands, we then explored experts' opinions, looking at the particular models that were frequently recommended or had received consumer awards. Following this, we analysed each individual integrated washing machine's previous customer ratings and read their reviews to help us narrow our list down to our finalists.

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