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10 of the best travel games for 2022

Whether you’re travelling by air, car or train (or just heading to the local pub for lunch), keep the troops entertained with a travel game. We round up the best options for on-the-go family fun.

By Claire Stapleton | Last updated Apr 7, 2022

Best travel games

You've got your holiday confirmation, you've packed your suitcase and the alarm is set. But even if you're organised, there are some things you can't control and it's pretty inevitable that there will be some gaps to fill. You may hit traffic on the way there, your holiday plans might be scuppered by the weather (which can be especially temperamental in the UK) or you could find yourself at a loose end in the evening. If you want to prepare for every eventuality and ensure that you always have some entertainment to hand, it makes sense to stock up on some travel games.

There are loads of games out there – all promising to offer something different, so we've scoured the market (and the Mumsnet forums), to find the best travel games to spend your money on. There's something to suit everybody, so you're bound to find a fun travel game for your trip in our round up below.

Here are the best travel games to buy for your family in 2022.

1. Best overall travel game: Uno Card Game 

Uno travel game

Price: £4 | Buy now from Amazon

"I have been a big fan of Uno for decades" - 30under

"Uno is great" - mklanch

We're not sure exactly when it happened, but Uno has become a classic game that most people have played at least once. Part of Uno's appeal is that it's suitable for the whole family. This game might technically be for over 7's, but there's nothing to stop younger family members from joining in. Uno also lends itself well for travel as it doesn't take up much space and it's easy to transport. 

This is a great game for bonding, as there's always lots of fun and laughter around the table when this set of cards appears. You aren't restricted to four players either, up to 10 can play at any one time, meaning that it's a great choice for group travel.

Key specs

  • Ages: 7+
  • Maximum players: 10

2. Best budget travel game: Monopoly Deal Card Game

Monopoly Deal card game

Price: £4 | Buy now from Amazon

"Easy to pick up and very addictive!" - newmumagainn

"Just as evil as Monopoly but only takes 15 minutes to play" - SquashedFlyBiscuits

"Quick and addictive" - endingintiers

We have a couple of gripes with the original Monopoly game: the pieces (counters, dice, cards, houses and hotels) are easy to lose and playing a game can take up a whole evening. Thankfully you don’t have to worry about either when playing the Monopoly Deal Card Game. It's a small pack of cards so you're not going to lose any fiddly parts and it only takes 15 minutes to play each game. 

If you're a fan of the classic Monopoly board game, then you should definitely buy this card version ahead of your next trip. You won't be paying Park Lane prices either; at under £5, it's a total steal. 

Key specs

  • Ages: 8+
  • Maximum players: 5

3. Best travel game to play on a plane: Rummikub Travel

Rummikub travel game

Price: £11 | Buy now from Amazon

"Addictive and fun" - sunnysidegold

We know that foreign travel has been tricky of late. But if you are flying off somewhere, then you'll need to prepare for the journey. Remember, there's only so much in-flight entertainment that one person can take, so make sure you pack a travel game. 

This Rummikub Travel set is a shrunk-down version of the original and the mini tiles will fit neatly onto your aeroplane tray. It's perfect for air travel.

Key specs

  • Ages: 7+
  • Maximum players:

4. Best travel game to play in the car: Sleeping Queens Card Game

Sleeping Queens card game

Price: £12 | Buy now from Amazon

“It's a much loved card game with my 7 year old" - ilovespinach

"Sleeping Queens seems to have good long play value" - Ormally

"Sleeping Queens is brilliant, DH and I enjoy it as much as the kids (5 and 8)" - NotThatSocial

When you're travelling by car, you should take Sleeping Queens along for the ride. Mumsnetters rate this card game highly; it doesn't take up much space and it's easy for car passengers to play in the back. 

As well as being fun, this game has educational benefits as it helps to develop memory, strategy and maths skills. So buy some Sleeping Queens for the car and thank us later. You'll be grateful when your kids wake up from their car nap.

Key specs

  • Ages: 8+
  • Maximum players: 5

5. Best travel game to play on a train: Bananagrams Word Game

Bananagrams travel game

Price: £12 | Buy now from Amazon

"Bananagrams is brilliant for older kids and adults" - massistar

"Bananagrams is a good one for different ages" - NannyR

Bananagrams seems to be popular across the Mumsnet forums and it's easy to see why. For starters, it's clear that this grab-and-go-game has been designed with travel in mind, as you don't need a pencil, paper or a board to play on. It's very easy to transport as well as the letters come in a banana-shaped case that you can throw in your backpack and pull out on the go. 

We like to play Bananagrams on the train, but only when we manage to get seats with a table, as you do need a flat surface to play on.

Key specs

  • Ages: 7+
  • Maximum players: 8

6. Best travel game for large families: 5 Second Rule Mini Travel Card Game

5 Second Rule travel game

Price: £8 | Buy now from Amazon

"Really good fun for all ages" - XiCi

With the 5 Second Rule game, you have to be quick and you must have your wits about you. Somebody's bound to say something funny, so it's a great travel game for those that fancy having a giggle. 

This is a compact, mini version of the original 5 Second Rule game, so you can play it virtually anywhere. We'd recommend this for larger families, as there's no upper player limit, so the whole gang can get involved. 

Key specs

Ages: 8+

Maximum players: as many as you want

7. Best travel game for young kids: Orchard Toys Little Bug Bingo Mini Game

Orchard Toys bingo

Price: £5 | Buy now from Amazon

"The Orchard Toys games are really well made and quite enjoyable" - DearlyDepartedMrsFinch

Small children get bored quickly, so before you head off on your travels, you need to get plenty packed to occupy inquisitive minds. This Little Bug Bingo Mini Game by Orchard Toys is a great option. Yes, it's well made and beautifully designed, but it's practical too as it's small, compact and portable. 

This travel game will help your child to develop their observation, matching and counting skills. It's aimed at children aged 3-6, but there's nothing to stop older family members from joining in. 

Key specs

  • Ages: 3-6
  • Maximum players: 4

8. Best travel game for adults: Cards Against Humanity UK Edition 

Cards Against Humanity

Price: £25 | Buy now from Amazon

"I love it. You have to play it with the right people though" - Trills

"It’s fucking hilarious" - Wehttam

Not all travel games are suitable for little minds (or ears). If you're looking for a game to play after the kids have gone to bed, then Cards Against Humanity is a great shout. Described by the makers as "a party game for horrible people", it comes with an advisory warning. It isn't for the easily offended and you should think long and hard before challenging your gran to a game. But if you play it amongst the right crowd, it can be hilarious. 

If you're travelling with friends, you should definitely consider buying it. Up to 10 people can play, but the game is quite small, so it won't take up much space in your travel bag. 

Although Cards Against Humanity is an American game, this particular set has been adapted to suit British culture and humour.

Key specs

  • Ages: 17+
  • Maximum players: 10

9. Best travel games for the beach: Spike Game Set

Spike Game Set

Price: £50 | Buy now from Amazon

 "Spikeball looks interesting, a good game for the beach" - Pickledonionsfortea

If you're planning a trip to the beach, then it’s worth considering this Spike Game Set. It comes in a drawstring bag so it’s easy to carry and it's quick and simple to install once you get there.  

Groups of friends will enjoy this game, as it encourages friendly competition and you can break off into teams. But it's also a great option for families. If you want to play by the official rules, then it's recommended for children over the age of six, but kids as young as two can get involved. 

This game isn't cheap, but it's fun, portable and it will certainly encourage everybody to get moving.

Key specs

  • Ages: 6+
  • Maximum players: 4 (typically) 

10. Best educational travel game: Pass The Pigs Dice Game

Pass the Pigs travel game

Price: £7 | Buy now from Amazon

"Pass the pigs is a good game for practicing adding up, my 6 year old loves it" - Di11y 

"Very portable and playable" - ReviewingTheSituation

Pass The Pigs is packaged in a silver travel case which contains everything you need to play; the rulebook, scorecards, two pencils and two pigs. It's easy to carry and ready to be played on the go. But as well as being fun to play, this game helps to develop maths skills. Educational, fun and portable. What more could you want in a travel game? 

Key specs

  • Ages: 8-15
  • Maximum players: 4

How to buy the best travel game

Before you purchase a travel game, you need to determine why you're buying it. Perhaps you're travelling with kids and you're looking for something to occupy them. You could be stocking up on games to play during a rainy caravan holiday. Or maybe you’ve checked the official UK Government travel advice, you're going abroad and you want a game you can play on the plane. Figuring out how you’ll be travelling, who you’ll be travelling with and how much you want to spend on a game or two should help narrow down the search.

Can travel games be played in a car? 

If you're driving, then obviously you need to keep both eyes on the road at all times. But if you're a passenger, then there's nothing to stop you from engaging in a travel game. Cards and things that don’t require a flat surface tend to work best, but generally speaking, most travel games can be adapted for car journeys.  

What's the best travel game to buy?  

Overall, we think that Uno is the best travel game on the market. Uno is suitable for all ages and up to 10 players can play at any one time. It's affordable, it can be played on the move and you can get it out when you reach your travel destination. This travel game ticks every box.  

How we chose our recommendations 

We spent several hours sifting through Mumsnet's forums for recommendations from our users on which travel games they rated most highly. We were also on the lookout for poor reviews of products to avoid.

We also consulted recommendations from experts, consumer websites and print media and made sure we included brands that regularly appeared in top 10 lists.

We then looked at reviews for each of our longlisted travel games to check that previous customers were satisfied with their purchases.

By doing this, we whittled our longlist down and chose a top list that we think offers something for everybody.

Why you should trust us

We work hard to provide unbiased, independent advice you can trust. We do sometimes earn revenue through affiliate (click-to-buy) links in our articles. This helps us fund more helpful articles like this one.