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Best floor mops to keep wood, laminate and tile floors spotlessly clean in 2023

Make light work of dull chores with our pick of the best floor mops. Whether you’ve got laminate, wood, tile or vinyl flooring, these recommendations from Mumsnetters are the top of the mops.

By Laura Cooke & Rachel Erdos | Last updated Dec 1, 2023

Three mops, two with buckets, lined up on a beige marbled background

It’s a job most of us dread doing, yet mopping the floor is a chore almost all of us have to/should do on a regular basis. Regardless of your floor type, you’ll want to get the job done as quickly as possible and blitz bacteria in the process. Traditional cotton mops and clunky steel buckets are a thing of the past - now there are all manner of mop heads to choose from including quick-drying microfibre options and easy-squeeze sponges, and even buckets with turbo wringers to make light work of floor scrubbing. Some even double as carpet cleaners. And a good going-over with a vacuum cleaner will help you keep your nice shiny floors free of crumbs, dust and debris.

If you want even more of an easy ride, there are some time-saving electric mops and hands-free robot mops on the market to ensure you’ll barely have to lift a finger at all.  To help you make your choice, we’ve extensively researched the trusted recommendations of our forum users, expert websites such as Which? and in-depth customer reviews to bring you our top mops.

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Best floor mops at a glance

Vileda turbo mop
Best overall

Vileda Easy Wring and Clean Turbo Mop and Bucket Set

Buy now from Amazon
E Cloth floor mop
Best budget

E-Cloth Deep Clean Mop

Buy now from John Lewis
Venga floor mop
Best robot mop

Venga! Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mop

Buy now from Amazon

Best overall floor mop

Vileda Easy Wring and Clean Turbo Mop and Bucket Set, £34

What we like
  • Easy to use

  • Generous bucket size

  • Machine-washable mop head

What we don't like
  • Bucket is a bit bulky, so something to consider if you don't have much storage space

Key specs

Floor head material: Mircofibre | Telescopic handle: Y | Bucket included: Y

What Mumsnet users say
ThePontiacBandit · Tried & Tested
"I have the vileda turbo spin’s really good. More expensive than most but you can spin/wring the mop so it uses less water and dries faster."
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DespairingHomeowner · Tried & Tested
"Another vote for the Vileda Turbo mop, the spin function leaves floors quite dry, and the mop head can go in the machine."
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Our verdict

Tested by Mumsnet: Read our full review of the Vileda Easy Wring Turbo Mop

This traditional mop and bucket set is a very popular mop and for good reason. The microfibre head on the Vileda Easy Wring and Clean Turbo Mop is really easy to wring out and the clever foot pedal design on the bucket means you can squeeze the mop head as dry as you like with hardly any effort.

The handle extends to a generous 130cm, and the bucket has a capacity of six litres so most people will be able to glide over all their hard floors quickly and easily without needing to refill. The microfibre mop head is perfectly shaped for getting into the tightest corners and grooves and it can be used on any hard floor so it’s a great choice if you have a variety of surfaces around your house. You can also use the cleaning product of your choice as you're not restricted to the brand's own solutions, which can be costly. Maintenance is also very easy, as the mop head can be popped into the washing machine after use. Overall, this is a very effective product that’s easy to use and has extremely good reviews across the board.


Best budget floor mop

What we like
  • No harsh chemicals required

  • Long telescopic handle

What we don't like
  • Some users say you may need something stronger for really stubborn stains

Key specs

Floor head material: Mircofibre | Telescopic handle: Y | Bucket included: N

What Mumsnet users say
Thecobwebsarewinning · Tried & Tested
"I have bought every mop and electric hard floor cleaner known to mankind. My many years of exhaustive research have lead to the conclusion that the best possible hard floor cleaning combo is one of these from Lakeland."
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Our verdict

Looking for a cleaner, greener mop? This clever product can make your floors sparkle with the use of just water. It’ll clean everything from solid wood, laminate, parquet, tiles, ceramic and vinyl without needing to use additional cleaning products.

The e-cloths are densely packed with thousands of fibres that are effective at breaking up dust and dirt, then collecting it within the strands. Research shows that it can outperform other more traditional mop heads. The e-cloths are easily cleaned in the washing machine too. This mop also has a long telescopic handle, stretching to a huge 156cm, so it’s perfect for tall people, or those with a bad back, enabling you to have it at any comfortable height you choose.


Best budget spray mop

Vileda 1-2 Spray Microfibre Flat Spray Mop, £38

What we like
  • Quick and easy to use

  • No bucket means it is easy to store

What we don't like
  • Mop head will need to be washed frequently to keep floor clean

Key specs

Floor head material: Mircofibre | Telescopic handle: N | Bucket included: N

What Mumsnet users say
ChittyChittyBoomBoom · Tried & Tested
"I have the Vileda 1-2-spray mop and it’s grand...does the job!"
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BillywigSting · Tried & Tested
“I love my little spray mop, they're so much less hassle than a bucket (and I use a dry head to dry the floor extra quick, can do whole of downstairs and have it dry in about 20 minutes).”
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Our verdict

Tested by Mumsnet: Read our full review of the Vileda 1-2 Spray Microfibre Flat Spray Mop

Spray mops are really convenient if you’re looking to eliminate the inconvenience of a mop bucket. And a lot more hygienic as you don’t need to keep dipping the mop head into a bath of water that gets dirtier with every dip. Simply press a button on the handle of this Vileda 1-2 mop to release a squirt of floor cleaner onto the floor surface in front of you, then glide the mop over the treated area, leaving floors squeaky clean. The microfibre mop head is really easy to clean, as it can be removed and popped into the washing machine.

Reviews are very positive, with many saying that they will never go back to a traditional mop and bucket set again. And if you’re pushed for storage space at home, this one’s a great option.


Best spray mop

What we like
  • Easy to assemble

  • Large manoeuvrable floor head

  • Large water capacity

  • Machine washable pad

  • No need for a bucket

What we don't like
  • Bottle is a bit stiff to remove

  • Liquid comes out as a splat rather than a spray

Key specs

Floor head material: Mircofibre | Telescopic handle: N | Bucket included: N

Our verdict

Tested by Mumsnet: Read our full review of the Henry Spray Mop

Easy to assemble, use and clean, the Henry Spray Mop is perfect for restoring grubby flooring to its shiny best. The spray bottle is operated by a foot pump and is easy to fix to the mop, although a little harder to remove, and produces just enough water per pump to make floors damp, rather than soaking wet underfoot. The giant floor head is manoeuvrable enough to allow for cleaning right up to the edges and into the dirtiest nooks and crannies.

And if that's not enough to tempt you into giving the bucket the boot, the microfibre floor pad can be shoved into the washing machine, pegged out on a rotary airer and slipped back on the floor head ready to go again before you can say hooray Henry. The pink Hetty Spray Mop is also available.


Best steam mop

Shark S6003UK Klik n’ Flip Automatic Steam Mop, £120

What we like
  • Can be used on carpet as well as hard floors

  • Various settings to tackle different levels of dirt

What we don't like
  • It's expensive - but many users say it's worth the investment

Key specs

Floor head material: Mircofibre | Telescopic handle: N | Bucket included: N

What Mumsnet users say
melissasummerfield · Tried & Tested
"I have the Shark steam mop and really rate it! The heads are a lot thicker than other steam mops and I found it easier to wield."
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Our verdict

Steam cleaners are expensive, but they're a pretty nifty piece of kit. They can be used on all types of hard floors - wood, laminate and tiled (as long as they've been sealed), and you can also use them on other surfaces like rugs and carpets, making the financial investment a bit easier to justify.

This particular model from Shark features a variety of steam settings to tackle different levels of dirt, including a handy steam blaster mode for a concentrated blast of steam to get rid of stubborn stains. It also “eliminates 99.9 percent of common household bacteria”, according to Shark.


Best mop, vacuum cleaner and steam cleaner hybrid

What we like
  • Very long runtime

  • Can mop AND vacuum - even at the same time

  • Charging base keeps wet floorhead away from newly cleaned floors

  • Precise battery power display

What we don't like
  • Heavy to manoeuvre

  • Expensive

  • No attachments

Key specs

Type: Cordless vacuum and steam mop | Weight: 5.7kg | Capacity: Clean water tank 820ml, Dirty water tank 720ml | Charge time: 4 hours | Runtime: Up to 82 mins in smart and suction mode, 15 mins in steam mode | Dimensions: (H)117.8 x (W)27.8 x (D)25.4cm | Warranty: One year

Our verdict

Is it a mop? Is it a vacuum cleaner? It’s both, actually! This clever product can shift dust and dirt from carpets and give hard floors a thorough clean too. It has an impressive run time (up to 82 minutes) compared to other cordless vacuum cleaners and a handy app lets you know when your vac/mop is in need of some maintenance.

It's suitable for daily mopping and hard floor washing; the steam mode is recommended for cleaning sealed hard floors, including sealed hardwood, marble, tile, and stone floors. For extra cleaning power when using the mop, just flick the switch and the Mach V1 Ultra will mix the cleaner and water using super fancy Tesla Valve Mixing.

It’s on the heavy side and certainly isn’t built for stairs, but if you're looking for a quality all-rounder for your carpets and hard floors, then the Mach V1 Ultra ticks a lot of boxes. Check out how it performs in a busy family home in our detailed review.


Best robot floor mop

Venga! Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mop, £125

What we like
  • Can be left alone to do its thing

  • Good for mopping several floor types

  • Much cheaper than other robot mops on the market

What we don't like
  • Some may find it a bit of a faff to switch between modes

  • A pricey mop option

Key specs

Floor head material: Cloth | Telescopic handle: N/A | Bucket included: N/A

What Mumsnet users say
Mabelene · Tried & Tested
"I’ve got a Venga with remote control, mapping and mopping. I’m very pleased with it and use it roughly every other day."
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Our verdict

This is definitely a luxury buy but it’ll save you plenty of time and faff. With 11 anti-collision and cliff sensors, it can easily glide between furniture and won’t fall down the stairs or get trapped between two floors so you can leave it to do its thing while you go off and attend to more important things. You can use it on several floor types, from tiles to a range of wooden floors, and its water tank holds an impressive 300mls of water - combine that with a state-of-the-art lithium battery of 2600 mAh, and you can trust our pick of the best robot mops to tackle floor cleaning for up to two hours without having to recharge.

The main downside is that you can’t just hit the start button and expect the robot to do all sweeping, vacuuming and mopping tasks consecutively. You’ll need to swap the water/vacuum tanks over when choosing which task you’d like the robot to carry out. This could be considered a drawback to some people, as you can’t just walk out the front door and have all tasks completed when you return but it does mean that you save time and energy compared to manual mopping and vacuuming. It’s pricey but it’s significantly cheaper than many other robot mops on the market.


Best battery-powered floor mop

What we like
  • Easy to use

  • Good for several different floor types

What we don't like
  • Cleaning solution is on the pricey side

Key specs

Floor head material: Polypropylene, Polyester, Polyethylene Terephthalate (PP, PE and PET) and Nylon | Telescopic handle: N | Bucket included: N

Our verdict

This mop claims to be able to do the job in half the time of a traditional mop and bucket. This is thanks to its battery-powered button that releases cleaning solution from two ends of the mop head, while you simply glide the mop across your floors giving them a deep clean. The magic is apparently in the recipe of the cleaning solution which works to lift dirt and grease off your floors as soon as it comes into contact with them.

The Powermop pads (included in the starter pack) use “absorb and lock” technology which Flash claims will remove the dirty solution as well as grease and grime, leaving floors shiny, clean and dry. You can use this mop on almost all floor surfaces, including wood, but only on floors that have been sealed.


Best long-handled floor mop

CleanAid OneTouch Easy Floor Mop, £24

What we like
  • Handy telescopic handle

  • Great for pet hair

  • Easy to use and store

What we don't like
  • Some reviewers found it difficult to gauge the right amount of water to use

Key specs

Floor head material: Sponge | Telescopic handle: Y | Bucket included: N

Our verdict

The telescopic handle can be extended to up to 140cm and you can fix it at any height within that range. So if you’re the type of person that struggles with backache from hunching over a short mop handle, then this is a fantastic option.

The ‘sponge’ mop head is quite a clever design. It actually doubles up as a broom, because the smooth and firm sponge can glide quite easily over hard floors picking up all kinds of dirt, such as debris on a tiled terrace or balcony as well as kitchen crumbs. It’s also great for collecting pet hair, and whatever you find sticking to the sponge can be easily removed by a simple rinse under a tap or a wipe with a damp cloth. Sponges are natural water retainers so you'll find that this mop won’t release excess liquid onto the floor as you mop.


Best floor mop and bucket set

Leifheit Clean Twist Disc Mop Ergo Mobile Set, £54

What we like
  • Can be used with any cleaning solution

  • Wheeled bucket makes it easier to get around

What we don't like
  • It's a bulky set, so it may not be the best choice if you only have limited space

Key specs

Floor head material: Microfibre | Telescopic handle: Y | Bucket included: Y

Our verdict

If you’re looking for a modern rework of a traditional design, this Leifheit set is a good buy. The mop head is made from microfibres so it’s quick-drying, easy to wring out and hygienic.

The mopping process is as you’d expect - dip the mop into your bucket of solution, then wring out excess liquid by placing the mop head into the “spinner” attached to the bucket and, using a pumping action, allow the spinner element to squeeze out and release water back into the bucket. This way you can control how wet you’d like the mop to be at any time. You can use any cleaning solution with this set, so you’re not tied to buying branded accessories once you’ve invested in the product, and the bucket is on wheels, making it really easy to move around the room.


Best floor mop for spot cleaning

Vileda Looper Electrical Spray Mop, £160

What we like
  • Easy to assemble

  • Lightweight

  • It’s cordless, leaving you free to roam

What we don't like
  • It’s quite pricey

  • Not suitable for shifting ground-in stains

  • Can’t really tackle corners

Key specs

Floor head material: Microfibre | Telescopic handle: N | Bucket included: N

Our verdict

Tested by Mumsnet: Read our full review of the Vileda Looper Electrical Spray Mop

The Vileda Looper is a lightweight, cordless, electric spray mop that is perfect for daily mopping and spot-cleaning spillages as they happen. The flexible swivel joint allows the Looper to be moved underneath low-lying furniture, such as tables and chairs, meaning there is nowhere for dirt and grime to hide. Except for corners. Although the pads allow you to get right up to the edges, the shape of the floor head and the presence of the rotating discs means that grubby corners are a no-go for the Looper.

It’s true that it is not cheap, but it could be a great investment for someone who has limited mobility to help take some of the strain out of this particular household chore.

How to buy the best floor mop

There are a number of things that you should consider when buying a floor mop.

Floor type: Your main consideration when searching for the best floor mop will be the type of floor you’re looking to clean. You’ll want to keep wood floors fairly dry during the cleaning process so a mop head made from a material like microfibre is a safe choice. Laminate and vinyl flooring can withstand more water so you’ll have more options to choose from.

Mop type: Are you looking for a steam mop that can tackle dirty carpets as well as hard floors? A spray mop that can be used without having to lug a bucket around? You may also wish to consider a whizzy little robot mop that will not only save you time, but if you find mopping physically difficult to do, it can be a real game changer.

Handles: Look for a hard-wearing handle to make sure it’ll stand the test of time and think about adjustable handles if there will be several people of different sizes using it within your household.

Bucket or bucketless? If you’re short on space, consider a mop that can be used without a bucket.

Price: Floor mops vary in price. The mops on our list range from around £20 for a basic mop with no bucket all the way up to around £140 for a robot mop. Consider what you actually want from your mop before buying. And always stick to your budget.

Can mops be used on all floors?

No. It’s really important to research this before you buy. Particularly when it comes to the type of mop head you choose, as well as the cleaning solution. Using the wrong mop or solution can damage your floor, especially wood or floor tiles that haven’t been sealed. If you are looking for more advice, check out our handy article full of useful tips and tricks on how to clean a floor.

What’s the best product to use with a floor mop?

This varies enormously. Firstly, not all mops give you the option of choosing your own cleaning product. Many brands make their own solution and place it in a container that uniquely fits their own mop. You should check this before buying one if you are keen to have a bit of freedom with replacements.

A traditional mop and bucket will enable you to use any solution you like, but be careful to use a cleaning product that won’t damage your floors and that is suitable for your floor type - you may need to buy several different solutions if you have different surfaces in your home.

It may be a process of trial and error. Many brands offer trial-sized samples, so you could give a few options a go before making a commitment.

What’s the best floor mop to buy?

We chose the Vileda Easy Wring and Clean Turbo Mop and Bucket Set. It has a generous extendable handle and a versatile microfibre mop head designed to get into the tightest of nooks and crannies. This mop can be used on practically any hard floor and you’re not tied to using branded cleaning products.

How we chose our recommendations

Expert guidance

We spent extensive time researching the latest and best mops on the market, taking into account household expert opinions, particularly from the likes of Which? who have thoroughly tested almost all the newest models around. We also made notes of which brands had won trusted awards and accolades along the way.

Opinions from real Mumsnet users

Armed with that long list, we turned to the Mumsnet Talk boards and trawled the threads for comments, both positive and negative, from real Mumsnetters who had bought floor mops and put them through their paces over the years.

Honest consumer reviews

We also investigated various retailer sites, combing through authentic customer reviews to see what the people who tried and tested each product thought. From this analysis we were able to ensure the floor mops we picked were the best of the best, and weigh up the merits and disadvantages of each one.

We compiled all of our in-depth research into a shortlist and from there chose 10 that we thought would offer something for everyone, no matter what their needs or budget.

Why you should trust us

Mumsnet has been helping parents make their lives easier since 2000 and, in those years, we’ve seen, tried and reviewed thousands of products.

We work hard to provide honest and independent advice you can trust and we spend hours scouring the Mumsnet forums and online bestseller lists to find products that real parents rate.

Transparency is really important to us and that's why we're always upfront about where we find our recommendations. We write about products that we feel offer the best value to most parents – the ones that our users would recommend to their own friends and family.

If you decided to buy something that we recommended as a result of our research, we usually (not always) get paid affiliate commission from the retailer where you make a purchase. But, if you weren't impressed with the product and decided to return it, we wouldn't make a penny.

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