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10 best muslin cloths for babies

Ah, the humble muslin. So simple, yet so indispensable. Here’s our pick of the best.

By Laura Martin | Last updated Jul 15, 2021

smiling baby

Usually made from cotton and bamboo, muslin cloths are primarily used when you feed a baby. What’s more, they become softer each time you wash them so there’s no need to worry about overuse. Just pop one over your shoulder during winding to keep your clothes protected from that delightful regurgitation of milky sick that emerges from your child after each feed.

You can also use a muslin to clean up just about anything else, including wee, poo or drool, and to swaddle or cover your baby. The delicate but durable weave gives it a stretchiness with a natural give, allowing the swaddle to be tucked snugly around your baby without being overly restrictive.

In the overwhelming world of newborn essentials, these multi-use lifesavers will soon become so integral to your life that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. Here are the best muslin cloths for babies.

1. Bright Bots Unisex Muslin Squares

Bright Bots

A bright and beautiful bundle of joy, this cheery six pack of rainbow-coloured muslins will look fresh even after multiple washes.

They’re a generous 70cm square putting them at the larger end of the scale sizewise, so great for swaddling as well as feeding. Mums and dads can’t get enough of them!

  • Size: 70cm x 70cm
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Pack size: 6

2. aden + anais Musy Squares

Aden and Anais

A firm favourite with Mumsnetters, these quality muslins from top brand aden + anais may seem pricey, but if your budget will stretch then you’ll soon appreciate their worth.

As soft as soft can be, and with the all-important silky label for little fingers to play with, these large printed muslins make a wonderful gift for new parents.

  • Size: 70cm x 70cm
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Pack size: 3

3. Little English Quality Muslin Squares

Made with 70% bamboo for softness and 30% cotton for durability, these super skin-friendly muslin squares from Little English offer excellent breathability and absorbency. We love the cute woodland animal designs and we’re sure your baby will too.

  • Size: 60cm x 60cm
  • Material: 70% Bamboo, 30% Cotton
  • Pack size: 4

4. Tu Baby Muslin Squares

Of all the supermarket offerings, parents reckon it’s good old Sainsbury’s that comes out on top for muslins.

At the lower end of the price scale, this pack of muslins is great value without compromising on quality and softness. Available in blue dinosaur, white safari or pink floral for the discerning miss or mister.

  • Size: 70cm x 70cm
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Pack size: 5

Price: From 50p

5. Comfy Cubs Muslin Burp Cloths

Unlike most muslins, Comfy Cubs cloths come in a rectangular shape, making them extra versatile and great for use as a makeshift bib or for lining a crib.

Parents rate them for their thickness and their absorbency too, which we can put down to the six layers of fine material which make up each muslin.

  • Size: 50cm x 25cm
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Pack size: 6

6. Tiny Alpaca Organic Muslin Squares

These colourful printed muslins come in five gorgeous animal prints and make a lovely gift for new parents.

A little more special than the average muslin square, they’re made from premium organic cotton to ensure ultra softness and breathability.

  • Size: 60cm x 60cm
  • Material: 100% Organic Cotton
  • Pack size: 5

7. John Lewis & Partners Baby Muslin Squares

For parenting staples, it’s hard to look past John Lewis & Partners’ range, particularly if you’ve been gifted with vouchers to help you kit yourself out.

This multipack is great value but also a sound investment, with parents reporting them to be nice and thick as well as supersoft for a baby’s delicate skin.

  • Size: 70cm x 70cm
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Pack size: 6

8. M&S Organic Pure Cotton Muslin Squares

Another recommendation from our loyal Mumsnetters, these basic white muslin squares are made from the purest organic cotton and will wash beautifully time and time again.

They’re so durable we reckon you’ll still be putting them to use long after your little ones have grown up and flown the nest.

  • Size: 58cm x 58cm
  • Material: 100% Organic Cotton
  • Pack size: 5

9. Aldi Dinosaur Muslin Cloths

Quite simply the best budget option out there, Mumsnetters tell us that these muslin squares from Aldi have never let them down.

With their cute dinosaur design and their phenomenal value, these large muslin cloths will be a hit with kids and parents alike.

  • Size: 68cm x 68cm
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Pack size: 3

Price: £2.99

10. Cuski Super Soft Bamboo Muslins

It’s hard to look past these super cool muslin cloths once you’ve seen them. With an eye-catching stars and stripes design, there’s no chance of you misplacing these muslins in a hurry.

Fashioned from 100% bamboo, which eco-conscious parents will appreciate, these silky soft muslin squares may above-budget for some families, but you can’t put a price on sustainable style.

  • Size: 60cm x 60cm
  • Material: 100% Bamboo
  • Pack size: 4

What can I do with muslin squares?

A muslin square is a small piece of fabric, often a cotton or bamboo mix, which is used when you breast or bottle feed a baby to wipe their mouths and clean up any sick.

Muslin is a loose plain weave material, which is both lightweight and breathable and one of the purest and most gentle fabrics that you can use on your baby’s skin. You can use muslin squares to:

  • Clean up sick and wipe your baby’s mouth
  • Protect your shoulders as you wind your baby
  • Swaddle or lightly cover your baby (if the muslin is large enough)
  • Line your cot or cot mattress to protect the sheets
  • Create a loose baby bib
  • Catch spills and messes

How many muslin cloths do you need?

The simple answer is: the more the better. Time is precious when you have a small child and you don’t want to be washing muslins every single day (although you inevitably will).

10 muslins is a good amount to have if you don’t want your washing machine to be on permanently. You’ll likely get through a couple of muslins per day and it’s useful to have one in each of the main rooms where you spend time with your baby plus an extra one to go in your changing bag.

How often should you wash muslin cloths?

How often you should wash your muslin cloths depends on how much your baby sicks up, and this varies from child to child. Some will hardly ever vomit whereas those with bad reflux might throw up what seems like their entire feed.

It’s usually best to wash a muslin after a day’s use, but you’ll know when it’s time for a fresh one when you can smell that sour milk stench.

What is the best muslin cloth for babies?

The best muslin cloth for babies is the silky soft muslin square from baby brand aden + anais, which come pre-washed and ready to be put straight into action. As soft as soft can be, and with the all-important silky label for little fingers to play with, these large muslins are rated highly by Mumsnetters and make an ideal gift for new parents or parents-to-be.

How we chose our recommendations

Because we know that there’s nothing like a real recommendation from a real parent, we first headed to the Mumsnet forums to find out which muslin cloths Mumsnet users had bought for their children. We compiled a list of the muslins they recommended for being soft and long-lasting, noting materials as well design.

We then did some research across the wider web, looking at which muslins had won accolades or been featured in ‘best buy’ lists across websites and print media, and what customers reviews said about them. Having collated all that information, we then picked the best muslin cloths for most families.

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