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The 10 best tower fans to cool your home

As temperatures creep up, it’s worth investing in a tower fan to help keep your home cool so that you and your family can get a restful night’s sleep. We’ve rounded up the best tower fans on the market, including quiet, compact and budget buys.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Jul 8, 2021

Tower fan in room

Helping your baby to sleep through the night is the holy grail of parenthood. But it’s never that simple. There are always interruptions to your baby’s sleeping pattern, whether as a result of teething, illness or reaching developmental milestones.

Hot summer nights can also play havoc with your child’s sleep, but this is something that you can control. To create a cool and comfortable sleeping space for the whole family, it’s well worth investing in a cooling tower fan for your home.

Tower fans are tall, slim and compact so won’t take up too much space. They are powerful too, giving instant relief during humid days and nights. We suggest snapping up a tower fan before temperatures soar in July and August. Check out our roundup of the best tower fans to buy now, before everyone else has the same idea.

We’ve researched the best brands and styles on offer in the UK by comparing online reviews and recommendations and by trawling the Mumsnet forums for suggestions and advice.

Whether you’re led by size, safety features, power, air quality or price, we've scoured the best tower fans for your needs and budget. We’ve also looked at oscillating tower fans that are easy to use and tower fans with remote controls. Anything to make your life easier.

Here are the 10 best tower fans to buy now.

1. Best overall tower fan: Dyson AM07 White/Silver Cool Tower Fan

“I like the remote control and being able to turn it up and down from my bed. The timer function is quite good too. It’s really quiet even on the higher levels.”

dyson tower fan

The Dyson Cool Tower fan stands stylishly tall at just over a metre high. With its unique design, it’s not one you’ll want to squeeze into a corner. It has style cred and deserves to stand alongside your room furniture.

But it doesn’t just look good, it’s a brilliant fan too, especially for families. It has bladeless technology meaning it’s safe if you have curious toddlers crawling around the house. There are no moving blades for fingers to get caught in.

You’ll barely know it’s on as the fan operates at decibels just above a whisper. So it’s no surprise that this fan comes with the Quiet Mark accreditation, meaning the UK Noise Abatement Society charitable foundation has given it its seal of approval. As you’d expect for the price, it comes with a remote control and a timer too.

2. Best budget tower fan: Bionaire BT19

bionaire tower fan

If you haven’t got a huge budget but you still want a decent level of power and a quiet tower fan, then this is definitely a good option. It’s a mid-range height at 71cm, and features a variety of airflow modes like Natural and Sleep, as well as three different speeds.

Add in the eight-hour timer and you’re all set for a good night’s sleep. Customers who bought this were impressed with the fan’s power for the price.

Price: £50

3. Best tower fan with HEPA filter: Dyson Pure Cool Tower Advanced Technology Air Purifier Fan

“We bought a Dyson Pure Cool fan because DH was suffering from hayfever working at home. It’s marvellous. Highly recommended.”

dyson purifier tower fan

This will probably be at the top end of your budget, but testers say it’s worth every penny. Not only are you getting a tower fan that cools your room consistently and evenly, you’re also getting an air purifier too.

It claims to ‘wash’ 99.95% of allergens and pollutants away via a glass HEPA filter before projecting 290 litres of clean, fresh air per second back into your room. This is a must-buy for city dwellers who feel concerned they’re blowing traffic pollutants or pollen around their room. There are a number of oscillating settings to choose from and a focused position for a direct breeze.

This tower fan is a hit with tech-fans as it comes with a remote control and a timer, and can be controlled by the Dyson Link app from your phone.

Price: £499.99

4. Best quiet tower fan: Honeywell HY254E QuietSet Tower Fan

This one does what it says on the tin. It’s one of the best silent fans on the market. On its lowest setting, it gives off just 42 decibels, which is the same noise level you’d find in a quiet library.

A good option for those who want to sleep with the fan running all night, it’s unlikely to disrupt your child’s sleep while keeping them comfortably cool.

Price: £81.33

5. Best tower fan with a remote control: ANSIO Tower Fan 30-inch with Remote For Home and Office

ansio tower fan

There’s a reason this tower fan is an Amazon Best Seller. It offers a range of handy features for a bargain price. This oscillating tower fan has a timer with pre-set durations from 30 minutes to 7.5 hours, three speed settings and three wind modes.

It’s slim, durable and comes with a carry handle and a mains operated plug with a lengthy 1.75m cable, making it easy to move around the room or house. And it’s just a click away via Amazon Prime delivery. A no-brainer buy that won’t break the bank.

6. Best basic tower fan: Challenge Grey Tower Fan

challenge tower fan

This fan ticks most boxes as well as offering a cheap price tag. It’s a favourite of Argos customers who want a space-saving oscillating fan to send a cool breeze around the room in the hot summer months.

It’s taller than some of the others listed at 80cm, and has three speeds and three modes to choose from (although admittedly there isn’t a huge variation in the speeds). Like others on the market, this tower fan also has a timer and is remote control-operated.

7. Best tower fan for small spaces: Challenge White Mini Tower Fan

challenge mini tower fan

If you’re short on floor space and storage, this is the tower fan for you. It’s the smallest tower fan on the market. That said, it still offers three speed settings and oscillation.

It’s compact size also means it’s easy to store away in the cooler months. A good option for renters who want an affordable temporary solution.

8. Best slim tower fan: Dimplex Mont Blanc Cooling Fan

dimplex tower fan

When temperatures get too hot to handle, this tall, slim tower fan provides a much needed helping hand. The cylindrical shape gives you a vertical blast of air which you don’t get from a floor fan or desk fan and, with its oscillating setting, you’ll get a good horizontal breeze too.

Although it’s tall, it’s unlikely to fall over as littles ones toddle past. It passed the Which? Safety test in all areas, ensuring that small fingers are safe from danger. Some reviews are not so impressed by the speed of the air flow, but then it is a quiet fan. It might not be your first option, but it’s definitely worth considering.

Price: £56.45

9. Best energy-saving tower fan: NSA Rechargeable Eco Column Fan

nsa tower fan

If a cable cord snaking around your living room feels like an accident waiting to happen, then this cordless design is your go-to tower fan with its inbuilt rechargeable battery that runs for eight hours.

Handily, the fan can still be used while it’s recharging, although it’s worth noting that if you’ll only get two hours of cooling when on its highest setting compared to a full eight hours on its lowest setting.

It’s energy efficient thanks to a DC motor that uses 70% less energy than a standard AC motor fan and it features an aroma box that you can add essentials to in order to waft your favourite scent around the room. A downside might be that it stands at a sturdy 1.1 metres tall with a fair size base (32cm) and weighs a hefty 6kg. However it does have a handle to make lifting easier.

10. Best compact tower fan: Igenix DF0030 Oscillating Tower Fan

igenix tower fan

At less than £40, this compact tower fan may not offer Dyson-esque technology, but it does work brilliantly in smaller spaces, albeit noisily.

At 76cm tall, it’s compact and light (you can carry it around by its integrated handle), but it’s still capable of cooling down a room using one of its three speed settings. It’s no poor relation to other options – it can oscillate to provide a decent airflow around the room and also has a two-hour timer (with a slightly loud clicking tick!).

If you haven’t already guessed by now, this isn’t the fan for you if you’re wanting it on throughout the night. But if you’re just wanting to blitz a hot room before bedtime, then this is a solid choice. And it comes with a generous two-year guarantee.

How do I choose a tower fan?

If you’re worried about the quality of sleep your baby is getting during the hot and humid summer months, then a tower fan is worth investing in as it can create a cool breeze around a whole room. When choosing which model to buy, it’s worth considering the following:

  1. Safety features if you’re worried about small children getting hurt
  2. The speed of the fan – how quickly can it cool your room?
  3. The noise level of the fan while in operation
  4. Does the fan feature a timer so you can fall asleep without worrying about turning it off?
  5. Will it fit your space at home and work with your decor?
  6. Does the fan oscillate? This can help cool down a wider space
  7. Does it come with a remote control for ease of use?

Do tower fans cool better than regular fans?

Tower fans cool small to medium sized rooms best. They are much quieter than your average pedestal fan. Tower fans often have better features than regular fans so you can control speeds, oscillation and timer settings, and many come with remote controls. As an added bonus, some tower fans can purify air and can feature a night light, which can be useful in children’s bedrooms.

Do tower fans use a lot of electricity?

You’d expect a tower fan to use between 48 to 100 watts of power to run, depending on its power setting. Most tower fans have at least three speed settings. You’re likely to spend around £1 per week based on running a tower fan for 12 hours per night.

Where should a tower fan be placed in a room?

Ideally you should place a tower fan by a window so you can blow the hot air out of the room and cold air in. Placing it near a doorway with a draft is also effective. As much ventilation as possible is beneficial to the cooling process.

What’s the best tower fan to buy?

Overall, our favourite model is the Dyson AM07 White/Silver Cool Tower Fan. It ticks most of the boxes and, although it’s one of the pricier models, it’s well worth investing in.

How we chose our recommendations

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