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Amacool Neck Fan Review: our verdict on this budget wearable fan

If you don’t like feeling hot and sweaty, the Amacool Neck Fan has two powerful fans for keeping cool on the move. We tested it out to see how it coped with the heat and hot flushes.

By Gemma Wilcock | Last updated Mar 27, 2024

Our rating:

Price on writing: £15 | Buy now from Amazon

If hot and sweaty days aren’t your thing, a portable neck fan is the easiest way to stay cool no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Whether it’s hot flushes or the summer heat leaving you hot under the collar, it’s just not practical to be sat in front of a tower fan all day long so a neck fan allows you to carry on with your life while feeling cooler and refreshed. 

The device resembles a pair of headphones, sitting around your neck with fans that blow towards your face and neck to help you feel cooler in the heat. It’s a product that is suggested on our Mumsnet forums for helping users feel more refreshed while doing housework, exercise or tackling hot flushes - unlike handheld fans, a neck fan leaves your hands free to get on with your day. To help us work out which fans are the most effective, we put some of the most recommended products to the test, including the Amacool neck fan. Our tester Sam used it across the course of a week rating it on its effectiveness against hot flushes, how long the batteries lasted, ease of use, and overall value for money.

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What we like
  • Powerful bladed fans

  • Flexible arms that can be angled in any direction

  • Good value for money

  • Comes ready to use

What we don't like
  • Doesn’t sit very well on your neck 

  • Longer hair could get caught in the blades

  • No fan at the back of the neck

Key specs

Type: Blades | Speed settings: 3 | Battery life: Up to 6 hours | Battery type: 2600mAh | Dimensions: 3.2 x 20.19 x 12.98 cm | Weight: 100g

Our verdict

  • Effectiveness 9/10

  • Ease of use 6/10

  • Value for money 8/10

Powerful and versatile, the Amacool neck fan offers a good blast of air whether you’re sitting at your desk or walking the dog on a hot summer’s day. Unlike all of the other fans we tested, it has blades which, thanks to the flexible arms, can be angled towards your face to help you feel refreshed during sweaty moments. Although, as the two fans sit at the end of the arms, the air won’t hit the back of your neck.

The battery life isn’t the longest of the fans we tested but at 6 hours it’s enough to keep you covered throughout the hottest part of the day. The downside to a bladed fan is the risk of long hair getting caught so that’s definitely something to be aware of. It’s also not the most comfortable of the fans we tested, but it’s very effective at tackling hot, sweaty faces which you’ll definitely appreciate in the summer heat.

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What is the Amacool neck fan?

A bladed portable neck fan, the Amacool has flexible arms so the air can be angled in whatever direction you need. Lightweight, the fan is designed like a pair of headphones that sit around your neck when you’re on the go, although during testing, we found that the band wasn’t as comfortable to wear as other fans we tested. 

The three-blade fans have three different speeds to help you stay cooler whatever you’re doing, effectively blowing air on your face and neck. With an energy-efficient lower setting, the battery life should keep you going all day too. 

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How easy is the Amacool neck fan to use?

The Amacool neck fan can be used straight out of the box as it comes charged so there is no set up or charging required - a lovely bonus when the summer heat has kicked in and you want to feel refreshed as quickly as possible. 

Unlike the other fans we tested, it has fully flexible arms which can be bent in any direction so you can direct the air towards your face. It can also sit on a table in front of you, if you prefer. For this reason though, we found it doesn’t sit very well on your neck as it flops down, making it less comfortable to wear as other models. As the fans are bladed, people with longer hair are advised to tie their hair up when using it as it can get caught. 

How effective is the Amacool neck fan?

If you’re looking for a fan that will blow a good blast of air, then the Amacool could be the one for you. The bladed fans are powerful so they effectively tackle sweat and heat on your face, however, if you want air to blow on the back of your neck then this won’t be the one for you. The two fans sit at the front which, thanks to the flexible arms, can direct air onto your face and front of your neck, but not at the back.

There are three speeds to choose from and, during testing, we found the fan was great for using when driving and keeping your face cool, which helped prevent our tester’s glasses from slipping down on sweaty days.

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What’s the battery life like?

Lasting up to six hours depending on the speed you choose, the Amacool neck fan has one of the shortest battery lives of the products we tested. However, we feel this is enough to last for a day if you’re commuting to work or have a busy day out - and the effectiveness of the fans more than makes up for the lack of battery life.

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Price: is the Amacool neck fan worth it?

Yes, we think it is. At the time of testing it was the lowest priced fan and for that price you get two bladed fans that will effectively keep you cool whether you’re in the middle of a hot flush or a hot, sweaty summer day. We love that it has flexible arms for aiming the air directly at your face, not something any of the other fans we tested could do. The battery life could be better and it’s not the most comfortable to wear, but you may not care about that too much when you feel the air blowing on your face.

How we tested

Sam used the Amacool neck fan across the course of a week. During testing, she carefully rated the fan on its effectiveness against hot flushes, how long the batteries lasted, the ease of use, and overall value for money:

  • Tested across a week

  • Used to combat hot flushes and hot temperatures

  • Cross-compared with other neck fans 

All of the neck fans were tested under the same criteria and were compared together to help us determine which fans are the best products on the market right now.

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