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Best champagne stoppers to keep prosecco, cava and sparkling wine fresh

Here are the best stoppers to keep your favourite sparkling wines at their best for days (if the bottle lasts that long). Cheers to keeping fizz fresh!

By Alice Cruickshank | Last updated Mar 2, 2022

Women drinking champagne

It’s the kitchen gadget you didn’t know you needed - a bottle stopper for champagne, prosecco, and cava. These ingenious devices are designed for those occasions when a glass of sparkling wine is essential, but a whole bottle is just too much.

So why should you invest in a champagne stopper? Well, after that initial ‘pop!’ (so satisfying), sparkling wines can lose their fizz fast as carbon dioxide escapes from the bottle. And while some people might swear by the spoon-in-the-bottle trick, these clever bottle stoppers guarantee to keep your fizz fresh and effervescent by locking in the pressure.

Even better, they’re extremely affordable, and easy to buy online. Whether your taste (or budget!) is more champagne or prosecco, here are the best sparkling wine bottle stoppers to keep your favourite wine fresh for days.

1. Best overall champagne stopper: Kloveo Champagne Stopper

Kloveo champagne stopper

Price: £15 | Buy now from Amazon

"Ladies, your full attention please - a champagne stopper that pops on and off... this is my favourite thing ever for leftover prosecco! My only want in life is that I don't have a pink feathered robe to wear on Prosecco nights!" - Daffodil And Violet

If you’re serious about sparkling wine, then the Kloveo Champagne Stopper is an absolute must. This stopper works to a professional standard, with its easy to use design and patented seal system that expands and tightens when on a bottle. Kloveo says this stopper will keep your favourite fizz, er, fizzy for up to five days.

2. Best budget champagne stopper: Cooking Marvellous Champagne Stopper

Cooking Marvellous champagne stopper

Price: £5 | Buy now from Amazon

"I use a champagne saver that I found on a rare trip to Waitrose like this" - ACurlyWurly

"I used to do the teaspoon trick which works ok, but being given a fizz stopper (like this one) has been life changing! It works so much better, I can open a bottle of cava on a Saturday night and drink half, leave it in the fridge till the following weekend and it’s good as new!" - bettybyebye

Just because your champagne cost a pretty penny doesn’t mean your stopper should as well. This budget sparkling wine bottle stopper from Cooking Marvellous is basic but does the trick, with its vacuum seal to keep the bubbles in. The classic ‘clamp on’ style isn’t as sophisticated as others in our list, but the seal is strong enough to keep your bubbles in for an extra day or two. Plus, at this price you’ll want to buy one for all your friends and family.

3. Best pressurised champagne stopper: Le Creuset Air-Tight Champagne And Sparkling Wine Stopper

Le Creuset champagne stopper

Price: £15 | Buy now from Amazon

This sparkling wine stopper is an excellent addition to your Le Creuset collection. With the  quality you’d expect from this Mumsnetter-favourite brand, this Le Creuset stopper will keep your champagne, prosecco, and cava fresh and effervescent for days after opening due to its valve system and airtight seal. The stylish, branded box makes this one an excellent gift, too.

4. Best luxury champagne stopper: Moet & Chandon Champagne Bottle Stopper

Moet Chandon champagne stopper

Price: £19 | Buy now from Amazon

This isn’t just any champagne stopper, it’s a gold-toned, luxury Moet & Chandon branded champagne stopper. While there’s no real evidence that this stopper is more effective at keeping your wine bubbly than a cheaper version, the design of this one is just laaavly. If you’re going to treat yourself to a quality bottle of champagne, why not top it off with a shiny gold stopper?

5. Best personalised champagne stopper: Aspreys and Clarke Personalised Champagne Prosecco Stopper

Aspreys and Clarke personalised champagne stopper

Price: From £22 | Buy now from Etsy

There’s no shortage of personalised sparkling wine stoppers available to buy online, but this version from Aspreys and Clarke gets bonus points for its wide variety of personalisation options. Keep it simple by having your prosecco-drinking pal’s initials added onto the stopper, or make it really special by having a handwritten message engraved on both the stopper and the box. It’s not a case of style over substance, however, as your sparkling wine will stay fresh for days using this stopper.

6. Best multi-pack champagne stopper: Ousuga 5-Pack Wine Stopper + Champagne Stopper Set

Ousugu multipack champagne stopper

Price: £11 | Buy now from Amazon

No home bar is complete without a sparkling wine stopper or a reusable wine cork, and this affordable set contains both. As well as two classic sparkling wine seals to keep your bubbles bubbling, the stylish wine stoppers will prevent red and white wine going off before you have a chance to finish it. This is the perfect buy if one of you is a sparkling wine drinker, and the other prefers still.

7. Best champagne stopper gift: Rabbit Velvet Champagne Gift Set with Bottle Opener and Wine Stopper

Rabbit champagne stopper set

Price: £40 | Buy now from Amazon 

As well as a champagne stopper, the other essential sparkling wine accessory is a set of cork pliers (seriously, you’ll thank us later). This stylish chrome gold set contains both, making it an excellent gift for a loved one. This is a particularly good present for an older relative as the bottle opener takes the difficulty out of dealing with tight corks, while the stopper keeps sparkling wine fresh and crisp for drinking over several days.

How do champagne stoppers work?

Champagne is fizzy due to its carbon dioxide content. Once the bottle is opened, this escapes from the bottle, and the wine will eventually go flat. While champagne stoppers sadly can’t add more CO2 to the bottle, they work to keep your wine fizzy by maintaining pressure in the bottle, just like the original cork. Just make sure to fit your stopper securely to avoid the risk of it popping off the bottle!

Another tip to keep your champagne, prosecco, or cava fresher for longer is to make sure the bottle is kept cold. Cold liquids are better at retaining dissolved gas.

How long does champagne last with a stopper?

Champagne stoppers aren’t designed to keep your wine fresh indefinitely. Instead, you’ll add around three to five days to the life of your bottle.

Are champagne and wine stoppers the same?

Champagne stoppers are different from conventional wine stoppers as the purpose is to keep the drink fizzy, rather than prevent oxidation. Sparkling wine is less affected by oxidation due to high levels of acidity and carbon dioxide that protect the wine’s flavour.

What is the best champagne stopper to buy?

We compared champagne stoppers in terms of quality, effectiveness, and cost. We decided that the best champagne stopper to buy for fresh, fizzy sparkling wine for days after opening is the Kloveo Champagne Stopper.

How we chose our recommendations

We spent several hours trawling the threads on Mumsnet for their favourite champagne stoppers.

For our initial longlist, we also consulted recommendations from experts and consumer websites. We then looked at reviews for each of our longlisted champagne stoppers to check that previous customers were satisfied with their purchases.

In doing this, we whittled our longlist down and chose a top list that we think offers a champagne stopper for every need and price point.

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