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Mumsnetters are the best shoppers around, so we've tapped into their wisdom to source the stuff that really works: the comfiest winter boots, the skincare that delivers astounding bang for your buck, the cleaning product that actually does what it says on the tin.

From fashion to books to inflatable seagulls (don't ask), here's what everyone's buying this week and where to find it. It's updated every seven days, so come back often and sign up to our weekly Swears By email. You need never be the last to know again.

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2 December

Uniqlo Heattech Velvet Trousers, £24.90

Uniqlo Heattech Velvet Trousers, £24.90

Not quite trousers, not quite leggings, with added insulation – these are your perfect cold-weather bottoms.

“I’m totally evangelical about these. They’re like jeggings but a lovely soft velvet. They're warm and they don’t bag after a couple of hours (even after a full day of hiking). They also wash easily.” Potplant2

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Clarks Orinoco Club Chelsea Boots, £69

Clarks Orinoco Club Chelsea Boots, £69

These classic boots are available in five colours and are perfect for office and casual wear.

“I have the Orinoco Chelsea boots from Clarks and would highly recommend them. They wear very well, they're really comfortable, and they go with tights and a dress or skinny jeans.” Givemestrengthorgin

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Tu Women's Pyjama Bottoms, £12

 Tu Women's Pyjama Bottoms, £12

'Tis the season for cosy (and practical) nightwear.

“I got some amazingly comfortable pyjama bottoms for £12 from Sainsbury's. They are soft and have pockets too.” WeeSausage

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Lumie Bodyclock Light Alarm, £42.74 (was £59.95)

Lumie Bodyclock Light Alarm, £42.74 (was £59.95)

Make dark mornings more bearable with an alarm clock that mimics the sunrise.

“It's lovely – I wake up feeling refreshed and energetic.” MizzMimi

“Yep, another vote for the Lumie – I couldn't live without mine now.” socialistmamma

“I have the Lumie and it’s AMAZING. I used to be a grumpy confused mess when my alarm went off. Now, when the Lumie beeps, I'm OK as I’m almost awake anyway.” museumum

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My Child Won't Eat by Carlos González, from £3.99

My Child Won't Eat by Carlos González, from £3.99

Fussy eater? Don't despair. This book may just have the solution.

“There's a book called My Child Won’t Eat and it's the most useful book I have ever read. To sum it up: don't sweat it, as over-thinking is your enemy here. Offer healthy food and let him take it or leave it, because forcing it on him will be counterproductive. Honestly – give it a read.” Namechangemum100

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Seasalt Bamboo Ankle Socks, £6

Seasalt Bamboo Ankle Socks, £6

Keep your feet warm, cosy and colourful this winter.

“Seasalt Bamboo Sailor socks – practically indestructible and soooo comfy.” thenorthernluce

At the moment you can get three pairs for the price of two.

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9 December

The Swears By Hall of Fame 2018

The Swears By Hall of Fame 2018

2018: the year of the Argos raven, post-poo drops, and a jumpsuit which made Mumsnetters feel like flying squirrels. Now you can get the lowdown on the products they've been recommending over the last 12 months – so sit back, relax, and enjoy a trip through the products that set the boards alight in 2018.

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