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Fancy a treat or looking for something a bit different? Mumsnet has the best personal shoppers around – you!

We've tapped the wisdom of the Mumsnet crowd to source the stuff that really works – the cigarette pants that are 'just right', the skincare that delivers astounding bang for buck, the cunning discoveries that the rest of the world hasn't yet cottoned on to. If you want even more recommendations, check out what Mumsnetters where swearing by in June.

From fashion to books to inflatable seagulls (don’t ask), here's where to find the things you've been 'swearing by' this week. It's updated every seven days, so come back often. Or sign up to our weekly Swearsby email – you need never be the last to know again!

Swears by 13 July 2017

M&S Secret Slimming costumes, £25

<h3><a href="">M&S Secret Slimming costumes, £25</a></h3>

A simple and flattering swimsuit

“They're quite tight around the middle but I have felt very body confident in them this year.” CocoLoco87

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Seasalt Palmairas, £47.50

<h3><a href="">Seasalt Palmairas, £47.50</a></h3>

Soft leather sandals in a timeless Moroccan design​.

“Mine are now the comfiest shoes I have ever had.” Mulberryholic

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Emma Hardie Moringa Balm, £39

<h3><a href="">Emma Hardie Moringa Balm, £39</a></h3>

A luxurious cleanser for squeaky clean skin.

“I was using the Emma Hardie Moringa balm and it's just finished. It Melted everything away and made my skin feel really clean.” achangeisgonnacome

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Matalan Capri Trousers, £16

<h3><a href="">Matalan Capri Trousers, £16</a></h3>

Bright and budget-friendly work trousers.

“Tried loads of expensive pairs on to no avail until I found Matalan capri trousers which are fantastic! They wash well, cheap and a great fit.” Itsnothingoriginal

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Aerobie Aeropress coffee maker, £26.17

<h3><a href="">Aerobie Aeropress coffee maker, £26.17</a></h3>

An unconventional coffee maker – one minute for the perfect brew.

“We've had quite a few machines over the years and the Aeropress makes the best coffee of all.” AlternativeTentacle

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Swears by 6 July 2017

Korean Italy exfoliating washcloth, £7.89

<h3><a href="">Korean Italy exfoliating washcloth, £7.89</a></h3>

A fuss-free skincare solution.

“I have used them for around a month and the difference they have made to my skin is astonishing.” KeiraKnightleyActsWithHerTeeth

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Boden jersey dress, was £50, now, £18 to £36

<h3><a href="">Boden jersey dress, was £50, now, £18 to £36</a></h3>

Perfect to pull on as soon as the sun comes out.

“I live in these dresses every summer. It's a nice length, good weight, small sleeve – so wearable and comfortable.” busyboysmum

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Next Twill cigarette trousers, £30

<h3><a href="">Next Twill cigarette trousers, £30</a></h3>

Go-to work trousers for everyday style.

“I've just bought some in black and navy. They're a really flattering fit.” ASauvingnonADay

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New look bell sleeve tunic dress, £17.99

<h3><a href="">New look bell sleeve tunic dress, £17.99</a></h3>

An on-trend LBD in breathable cotton.

“I'm slightly obsessed with this dress. I have the black one, and will probably order the green one too if the weather stays warm.” ProseccoandPizza

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Commonwealth by Ann Patchett, from £2.84

<h3><a href="">Commonwealth by Ann Patchett, from £2.84</a></h3>

A perceptive tale of two families.

“So much great stuff in this book – it's a super holiday read.” SnapCackleFlop

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