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Hoover Telios Extra TX50PET review

Best Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner 2020

Quiet, powerful and excellent value, the Hoover Telios Extra TX50PET cleans carpets and hard floors really well. The best cylinder vacuum cleaner we tested on stairs, it also scored 10/10 for cleaning up pet hair.

By Laura Westerman | Last updated Jun 1, 2021

Hoover telios extra Mumsnet Best


  • Excellent on stairs
  • Ideal for homes with pets
  • Easy to attach and remove tools
  • Tools stored in the machine – really useful!
  • Very quiet
  • Light and easy to manoeuvre


  • Drags a little on carpets
  • Doesn’t get right up to edges
  • Tricky to switch between floor types
  • Telescopic tube a bit stiff to adjust at first

Key features

  • Ultra-quiet cleaning
  • Tools stored on board
  • Large dust bag capacity
  • Extra-long 10-metre working radius – reduces the need to frequently switch between plug sockets
  • Carry handle
  • Telescopic cleaning – telescopic tube lets you clean harder-to-reach places


  • Type: Corded cylinder
  • Weight: 5.03kg
  • Capacity: 3.5l (bagged)
  • Cleaning reach: 10m
  • Power: 550 watts
  • Dimensions: 30 × 23.7 × 44.3cm
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • RRP: £149.99

What’s in the box?

  • Telios Extra Pets bagged vacuum cleaner
  • All-floors nozzle
  • Carpet nozzle
  • Crevice tool
  • Dusting brush
  • Furniture nozzle
  • Parquet nozzle for wooden, parquet or laminate floors to prevent scratching
  • Pet turbo tool
Hoover telios extra upright

How easy is the Hoover Telios Extra to assemble?

The Hoover Telios Extra TX50PET is easy to unpack and to assemble, but be aware that it does come with a huge amount of packaging, including plastic bags, which may be off-putting to more environmentally-friendly buyers.

Initial assembly is generally intuitive though and it took our tester, Alison, approximately five minutes to get everything set up and ready to go.

To assemble, you simply attach the hose to the main vacuum body and then to the handle. The handle attaches to the telescopic wand onto which you finally attach the floor head.

While the instruction manual may seem a bit overwhelming at first sight, instructions for assembling the Hoover Telios Extra are, in fact, very clear.

The vacuum comes with a 12-month warranty and, if you need any extra help and support, there’s plenty of information on the Hoover website, including contact details and FAQs.

What's the Telios Extra like to use day-to-day?

One of the really good things about the Telios is that the five tools you need for cleaning are stored within the main vacuum cleaner body, which means that they are easily accessible whenever you need them.

This made life so much easier for Alison, especially when she was doing a really thorough vacuum of her entire house – made up of no less than 10 separate rooms, including a bathroom and utility room.

The tools and different heads clip on and off the main body easily, which makes switching between them a breeze. This was essential for Alison who has a variety of floor types in her home, including tiles, carpet, wooden and lino.

When moving between floor types and you’re using the all-floors nozzle, you'll need to push a lever with your foot to select either hard floors or carpets. This can be a bit stiff to use, so you may find you need to apply some extra pressure, and the picture that distinguishes which side of the floor head is for hard floors and which is for carpets is a bit too faint for our liking.

Despite this, the Telios is really easy to manoeuvre thanks to its two large wheels and lightweight cylinder, a welcomed change to the heavy cylinder vacuum cleaners that often grace the market.

The cord is also a good length. At seven metres long, it spools out as you move around, reaching all the way up the stairs even without the main wand attached. Considering Alison's house has a large staircase and a very wide corner turn, this was a real bonus. To rewind the cord after vacuuming, simply press a button on the main cylinder.

For day-to-day vacuuming downstairs, Alison used a plug socket at the centre of the house in her dining room. This allowed the whole of the ground floor to be vacuumed in one go. As it’s a large three-bedroom house, she found this very impressive and it meant that vacuuming was less of a back-breaking job overall.

Upstairs, the plug socket on the landing meant the vacuum could reach even the furthest corner of each of Alison's double bedrooms.

As with most cylinder vacuum cleaners, you won’t need a huge amount of space to store the Telios when not in use – it should easily fit into an under-stairs cupboard or utility room.

The Telios utilises the Performance System 4 TOP Eco+. This ensures powerful performance on every surface meaning an energy saving of up to 60% according to Hoover (energy consumption is 21 kWh per year). It also has an efficient filtering system that releases purified air, which is great for allergy sufferers.

Hoover telois extra blinds

Does the Hoover Telios Extra come with any extras?

The Telios Extra comes with a parquet nozzle, designed to care for parquet, wooden or laminate floors. It has soft natural bristles and felt wheels, which means you don’t have to worry about scratching delicate surfaces.

This vacuum cleaner also comes with integrated accessories, including a crevice tool, dusting brush and furniture nozzle to tackle hard-to-reach places and upholstery.

How well does the Hoover Telios Extra vacuum carpets?

The Telios' special carpet nozzle is nothing short of hard work, but it's very (and we mean very) effective, which more than outweighs the effort needed to vacuum carpets.

It’s actually quite tricky to vacuum carpets using the Telios' general-use head carpet setting. You can easily push the head forwards, but Alison experienced some drag on her carpets when she pulled it back again, which is where the special carpet nozzle came in very handy.

That said, it wasn’t as difficult for her to vacuum carpets with the Telios as it was with either the Miele Complete C3 PowerLine or the AEG VX8 (both cylinder vacuums), which dragged even more during testing.

The Telios’ general-use head did, however, successfully pick up both large and small debris and left carpets looking clean and fresh. Alison also tested its effectiveness using spilled cereal, dried leaves, rice, tea leaves and washing powder.

While it was also great on rugs, it wasn’t so good on mats – high suction pulled the mats up, while low suction wasn’t effective enough. There’s a slider to adjust the power but Alison found it difficult to select the right amount.

When it came to edges, again the Telio's large all-floors nozzle wasn’t so useful, but additional tools, like the crevice tool, were easily on hand for Alison to tackle hard-to-reach places and skirting boards.

In comparison, the similarly-designed AEG VX8 pushed debris into corners, which was hard to remove even with its accompanying crevice tool.

How well does the Hoover Telios Extra vacuum hard floors?

The Telios Extra works very well on hard floors. You’ll need to use the crevice tool or dusting brush for edges and skirting boards, but the all-floors head makes short work of both large and small debris, such as spilled cereal, tea leaves, washing powder and toast crumbs.

Much more effective than the Miele Complete C3 PowerLine, which blew larger debris around, and more efficient than the AEG VX8 (our tester had to actually lift the head of the VX8 up and place it directly over larger debris), the Telios' head for parquet floors also worked a treat – handy if you have particularly delicate flooring.

How does the Hoover Telios Extra cope with pet hair?

The crevice tool and furniture nozzle are excellent at removing pet hair from upholstery. Alison's sofas looked refreshed after vacuuming, and sand, dirt and general grime were also successfully sucked away.

You can use the special pet turbo tool specifically for pet bedding, which picks up hair really well to leave them looking soft and clean.

The range of tools stored on board means it’s easy to get at clumps of pet hair that accumulate in corners and deep in carpet fibres, which makes the Telios Extra a really good choice for pet owners.

Telios hoover and cat

How does the Hoover Telios Extra manage on stairs?

As with all cylinder vacuum cleaners, you have to take the Telios Extra with you in its entirety in order to vacuum the stairs.

That said, it’s relatively lightweight (weighing in at just over 5kg), easy to carry behind you using the integrated carry handle, and the cylinder fits on a stair when stood upright – much better on stairs than the popular Numatic Henry which is too wide to fit and weighs in at a whopping 7.5kg.

As the tools are in the body of the Telios machine, you can take them with you as you go – and they work on stairs very well indeed, getting right into both edges and corners with no trouble at all.

Reaching the top of the stairs from a central plug socket in Alison's house was also simple work – no mean feat in a house that has 16 stairs and a deep quarter turn.

As such, this was the best cylinder vacuum cleaner we tested on stairs.

How loud is the Hoover Telios Extra?

Hoover's Telios Extra boasts innovative insulation materials, an optimised air flow and special silent nozzle.

If noise levels are an issue for you, then the Telios is definitely one to consider. At just 64 decibels, it's really quiet and one of the more discreet vacuum cleaners we tested.

How easy is the Hoover Telios Extra to keep clean?

Despite being a bagged vacuum cleaner, the Telios Extra's large dust bag is easy to remove for cleaning. There’s a handy ‘pull’ to seal off the bag before emptying, which means that there’s no mess left at all – great for those with allergies and generally very pleasant for all involved.

Alison used the Telios consistently over a period of three weeks. At the end of those three weeks, the bag was only two thirds full – a boon in a house with three dogs and a cat.

This was the case for the Miele and the AEG too – and the Henry had even greater capacity – so bagged cylinders are an ideal option if you don’t want to have to empty your vacuum cleaner often.

The Telios' filter does need cleaning when you’ve changed the dust bag five times, and needs to be left to air dry after washing (leaving you with a vacuum cleaner for a day or so), but it is generally easy to get to and to remove.

Is the Hoover Telios Extra good value for money?

With an RRP of £149.99, the Telios Extra is excellent value for money and can even be bought for less if you shop around.

Affordable for most families, this powerful little vacuum is easy to use, extremely effective and, in our view, a real steal.

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