Life as a parent

About to become a parent, or recently welcomed a newborn? Here's the place you can find tips on all that comes with parenthood – from feeding to first steps, and beyond – from those who have lived through the chaos of it all.



These tiny humans tend to be where the parenting journey begins. From the joys of getting your baby to sleep to learning how to wind them, here are some tried-and-tested tips on looking after your little one.


Share your experience and be guided through each stage of childhood with words of wisdom and support, plus expert advice.


Whether you're breastfeeding, bottle feeding or mixed feeding your baby, we've got advice and information for each method.


Introducing your baby to solid food is a messy but vital mission, so that they get the nutrition they need. From foods to avoid to spoon vs baby-led weaning, we've got you covered (but not your new dress, sorry).

Mumsnet Reviews

Mums gathered around pushchairs

From buggies to travel cots, we've spent hours researching and testing products so you don't have to.

Babies' health

Find out about some common health issues that affect babies, what symptoms to look out for and, most importantly, how to prevent and treat them.

Life with a newborn

Newborn baby

Preparing to embark on life with a new baby? Parents who've already been down the newborn road suggest dos and don'ts for the early days, plus advice on what kit you actually need.

Child development

Newborn baby

From their earliest moments, we parents obsess about what our children are thinking, seeing, hearing and feeling. To help you to understand what your child understands, here's what to expect.


Getting your baby (and thus yourself) to nod off is one of parenthood's biggest challenges – take some advice from Mumsnetters who've been there, done that and got the dark circles around their eyes to prove it.


From tears at the school gates to packing lunches and helping with homework – find all you need to know on getting your child from preschool through to higher education.