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Laura Westerman

Laura Westerman

Deputy Head of Editorial Content

Laura is an editor, writer and Deputy Head of Editorial Content at Mumsnet, overseeing the website's baby and pregnancy content and specialising in product reviews and round-ups.

With over seven years' experience as a full-time editor and a passion for SEO, Laura has written extensively on everything from parenting to travel, but likes nothing more than scouting out the latest baby products to make parents' lives that little bit easier.

She has been a presenter in a number of baby product videos for Mumsnet's YouTube channel - her top 10 pushchairs video currently has over 230K views - and her articles have also appeared on Mumsnet's sister site, Gransnet, where she worked as a Junior Editor until 2018.

Originally from the Midlands, Laura studied literature at the University of East Anglia and began her career by writing for its student newspaper. She later lived in Philadelphia, where she did internships and worked as a writing tutor while studying and travelling around the US.

Now mum to a one-year-old, Laura has read more infant sleep articles than she cares to admit and can usually be found at a local playgroup or swimming class. In her spare time, she loves travelling with her family at every opportunity and regularly likes to challenge herself, having taken to the skies to complete her first ever tandem skydive!