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Gro Company Groegg2 Digital Room Thermometer review

The Groegg2 is a popular digital room thermometer and a favourite among parents. But does it provide the reassurance you need when it comes to safe infant sleep both day and night? Parent and MNHQ editor, Laura, reveals her verdict.

By Laura Westerman | Last updated Jun 14, 2023

Groegg2 thermometer on windowsill

Overall star rating: 4.5/5

Price on writing: £20 | Buy now from Amazon

Infant sleep is a minefield at the best of times, but one of the most important parts of a safe and comfortable night’s sleep for babies is their environment.

Babies can’t yet regulate their own body temperature, so you need to make sure that their room is neither too hot (to reduce the risk of SIDS) nor too cold for them to sleep safely and hopefully soundly.

It can be hard to get the right balance though, which is why parents are choosing to invest in a digital room thermometer to give them peace of mind while their baby is asleep.

But is the popular and affordable Groegg2 as accurate as it needs to be to help put parents’ minds at ease? I’ve spent the last 12 months testing it out.

Our verdict on the Groegg2

  • Set up: 5/5

  • Ease of use: 5/5

  • Accuracy: 4.5/5

  • Design: 5/5

  • Ease of cleaning: 5/5

  • Value for money: 4.5/5

After 12 months of consistent use with a baby, from the newborn stage all the way to toddlerhood, I think the Groegg2 is an accurate and well-designed baby thermometer that’s easy to use, simple to interpret and worth the spend, but only if you feel you need the extra reassurance.

What we like

  • Easy to read - changes colour depending on room temperature

  • Soft-touch silicone dome

  • Functions as a nightlight as well as a thermometer

  • Brightness can be adjusted (three levels)

  • USB-powered - no batteries needed

  • Minimalist design that would suit most nurseries

What we don’t like

  • Takes time for correct temperature reading to be displayed

  • USB cable could be longer

Groegg2 at night

The Groegg2 told me when my daughter's room was too hot at night

How we tested the Groegg2

  • 12 months of consistent use

  • Tested with a baby

  • Used in a heatwave as well as day to day

  • Accuracy measured against Hive thermostat readings

As mum to a now 14-month-old, I’ve been able to test the Groegg2 out in my own home, using it consistently for naps and during the night to monitor the temperature in my daughter’s room. I have also taken it with me for overnight stays at her grandparents’ house.

While I’ve used it all year round, this room thermometer was particularly helpful and reassuring during last year’s summer heatwave when I lived in a south-facing, one-bed flat with a then two-month-old baby who I needed to keep cool at all times.

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What is the Groegg2?

The Groegg2 is an egg-shaped ambient digital room thermometer from the Gro Company, which became part of parent-favourite brand Tommee Tippee back in 2017. Powered via USB, it changes colour depending on the temperature of your baby’s room, letting you know when it’s too hot so that you can remove clothing or bedding or simply cool the room down to ensure they don’t overheat.

Four different colours are shown depending on the room temperature, allowing you to quickly and easily identify if or when you need to take action: Blue means ‘Cold’ (16°C and below), yellow means ‘Recommended’ (16 to 20°C), orange means ‘Warm’ (20 to 24°C) and red means ‘Hot’ (24°C and above).

A temperature reading appears on the LED display at the same time, automatically changing whenever there is a temperature shift in the room.

If you own a Tommee Tippee baby sleeping bag like the Grobag, the tog rating colour system you see on your baby’s sleepwear will match the temperature colours on the Groegg2, which makes it easier for you to dress your baby in the appropriate sleeping bag thickness for the room temperature.

As well as the colour-changing feature, the Groegg2 also functions as a kids' nightlight. Its silicone dome emits a soft glow - although this might not be enough light to help you navigate midnight nappy changes - and there are three different light levels to choose from to provide a calming environment for your baby. You can also turn the light off completely if you want to.

Key specs

Type: Digital room thermometer | Memory: N/A | Celsius and Fahrenheit: Celsius only | Batteries: N/A - USB-powered

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Groegg2 and original Groegg

Groegg2 versus original Groegg

What’s the difference between the Groegg and the Groegg2?

The Groegg2 is an update on the original and popular Groegg. It’s larger, brighter and much nicer to look at too.

Sleeker than its predecessor, with an LED display that’s easier to read and new adjustable brightness levels, the silicone design of the Groegg2 means it’s softer to the touch than the original Groegg and more able to withstand accidental drops.

How accurate and consistent is the Groegg2?

I’ve found the Groegg2 to be both accurate and consistent when measuring it against the readings of my home’s Hive thermostat system. While there’s usually a difference of 0.2 degrees between the two readings, the results are close enough for me to feel reassured of the Groegg2's accuracy.

What has struck me most is just how much hotter my daughter’s room is than I had expected. As such, this thermometer has been extremely helpful for me to have on hand, particularly during the warmer months.

I used it daily during a heatwave last year when my daughter was a newborn as I was worried about my flat being too warm and I found it easy to move around the house wherever she was napping.

One thing to note is that the Groegg2 responds to body heat when held, so it needs to be placed on a flat surface to display the correct temperature. The correct temperature also takes around one minute to be displayed if I hold the unit and then put it down.

While the Groegg2 may not be that useful to you if your baby monitor gives you accurate room temperature readings, you may still find it handy as a general room thermometer for other rooms in your house.

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Groegg2 underside

Just a single button makes the Groegg2 really easy to use

Is the Groegg2 easy to use?

Yes! One of the great things about this thermometer is its minimalism, which makes it super easy for parents to use. You press a button on the underside of the unit to alter the brightness levels and the padded feet mean you can place the Groegg2 anywhere without surfaces getting scratched.

While I think the LED display might actually be too bright considering it’s on show permanently when the device is plugged in, it’s clear that the brightness is more a safety measure than anything else.

I like that I’m not reliant on batteries to power this thermometer, so I know it will never stop working unexpectedly, and the colour guidelines on the back of the device allow for easy and quick interpretation in case of any doubt.

What do babies think of the Groegg2?

Hard to tell. While it certainly doesn’t disturb my daughter when she’s asleep, there’s no real way of me knowing whether the Groegg2 helps to calm her down.

Despite the brightness of the LED display, it’s still an inconspicuous addition to her nursery, so isn’t something she takes much notice which means that it doesn’t negatively affect her sleep.

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Groegg2 silicone dome

Silicone dome springs back into place when pressed

Is the Groegg2 easy to store and clean?

Yes! The Groegg2 is relatively small in size so can be stored away when not in use, although I tend to keep it on display all the time in my home. It also fits into my changing bag or overnight bag for trips away whenever I choose to take it with me.

The Silicone dome springs back into place when squeezed and I’ve found that it doesn’t collect dust so is easy to keep clean. If a mark appears, it can be wiped away easily with your finger or a cloth. I tested this using a pen.

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Price and competition: is the Groegg2 good value for money?

As room thermometers go, the Groegg2 is reasonably good value for money, with a price tag that’s similar to other Tommee Tippee room thermometers as well as thermometers from brands like Purflo and Philips.

While it might not be a product parents think to add to their newborn essentials list, most find a room thermometer to be an invaluable piece of kit to help take the guesswork out of keeping their baby’s nursery at the right temperature. With that in mind, I think the Groegg2 is a great buy.

About the author

Laura Westerman is an editor, writer and Deputy Head of Editorial Content at Mumsnet. Mum to a one-year-old, she is extremely passionate about safe infant sleep, so is fully invested in finding the best and most affordable baby room thermometers on the market.

With over seven years' experience as a full-time editor, five of which have been spent writing, commissioning and editing product reviews and round-ups, Laura has a keen eye for the latest baby products and likes nothing more than putting together honest reviews to make parents' lives that little bit easier.

In addition to her work as a writer and editor, she has also appeared in a number of baby product review videos for Mumsnet's YouTube channel.

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