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TensCare Digi Duckling Digital Water Thermometer review: the affordable and reliable bathtime aid

Bathtime with your child should be fun and safe. MNHQ editor and parent, Laura, gives her verdict on whether the affordable Digi Duckling is a bath thermometer you’ll want to have on-hand at bathtime.

By Laura Westerman | Last updated Jun 14, 2023

TensCare Digi Duckling bath thermometer

Overall star rating: 4.5/5

Price on writing: £6.99 | Buy now from Amazon

For generations, parents have been doing the famed elbow test to check water temperatures at bathtime. But the question is: just how accurate is this really?

You want bathtime to be both fun and safe for your child, whether it’s part of their bedtime routine or just a relaxing way for them to end the day. Investing in an accurate and reliable bath thermometer is an easy way to make sure that their bath is at a safe temperature before they take a dip.

With a one-year-old at home who loves (and I mean LOVES) bathtime, a reliable bath thermometer has been hugely reassuring for me as a parent. Priced at just £6.99, the Digi Duckling was one of the first pieces of baby kit I bought when my daughter was a newborn. And the good news is that it’s just as accurate and useful as its Amazon ‘bestseller’ label would suggest.

Our verdict on the TensCare Digi Duckling Digital Water Thermometer

  • Set up: 5/5

  • Ease of use: 4.5/5

  • Accuracy: 4.5/5

  • Design: 4.5/5

  • Ease of cleaning: 4.5/5

  • Value for money: 5/5

After 14 months of consistent use with a baby, I think the TensCare Digi Duckling Digital Water Thermometer is an excellent addition to bathtime with a baby or child. Accurate, easy to use and functioning as both a baby thermometer and fun bath toy, this is a digital bath thermometer worth buying. The super-low price tag only adds to its appeal.

What we like

  • Quick temperature readings

  • Doubles up as a bath toy

  • Red flashing light and ‘Hot’ warning tells you when the water is too hot

  • Automatically turns off after an hour

  • Small for travel

  • The price!

What we don’t like

  • Sometimes flips on its side when floating in water

  • Some reviewers have reported that the battery suddenly stopped working after only a few uses

TensCare Digi Duckling water thermometer in bath

How we tested the TensCare Digi Duckling Digital Water Thermometer

  • 14 months of using the TensCare Digi Duckling at bathtime

  • Tested with a baby

  • Used at least twice a week

My one-year-old tends to have a bath twice a week, so I’ve been able to test the TensCare Digi Duckling more than 120 times since first use.

I’ve also used it during overnight stays and holidays abroad, packing it in my suitcase alongside other baby essentials while away from home.

To check that the temperature displayed on this thermometer was accurate, I used a stick water thermometer to double check readings. I also swirled the bath water around the bath to make sure that the temperature was the same no matter where the thermometer was positioned.

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What is the TensCare Digi Duckling Digital Water Thermometer?

The TensCare Digi Duckling is a water-resistant digital bath thermometer that measures water temperature. It runs via battery, which the manufacturer says lasts up to a year. I’ve used this thermometer for 14 months and haven’t needed to change it yet, however some reviewers have reported that the battery on their unit suddenly stopped working.

There’s no power button for this thermometer. You simply turn it on by tapping the screen with your fingers or palm. After an hour, the thermometer will turn itself off so as to not drain the battery.

Temperature readings (from 0 to 50°C) are displayed clearly on the large LCD screen, with digits that are big and easy to read. One of the thermometer’s most useful features is its ability to tell you when the bath water is too hot - a red light will flash and you’ll see a ‘Hot’ warning on the screen. Very reassuring if you’re unsure of how warm your baby’s bath should be.

Small, portable and bright, this bath thermometer doubles up as a fun bath toy for children, floating on the water while your little one takes a bath.

Key specs

Type: Digital bath thermometer | Memory: N/A | Celsius and Fahrenheit: Celsius only | Batteries: One CR2 battery (included)

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TensCare Digi Duckling bath thermometer 40 degree reading

Does the TensCare Digi Duckling provide accurate and consistent temperature readings?

Yes! The TensCare Digi Duckling provided accurate and consistent temperature readings in testing, and I feel reassured that it’s a handy safety aid to use during bathtime.

It takes around 10 seconds for a correct temperature reading to appear, and it’s worth noting that readings will initially differ if there are two different water temperatures in the bath, i.e if you fill up one side of the bath with hot water, the other side will naturally be colder before you swirl the water around to get a consistent temperature throughout.

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Is the TensCare Digi Duckling easy to use?

Using the TensCare Digi Duckling couldn’t be easier. It can be used straight out of the box, with no set up required. Just tap the screen once with your fingers or palm to turn it on.

To take a reading, you simply position the thermometer on top of the bath water. I’ve found the flashing red light to be very useful for letting me know when the water has been too hot (40 degrees or over) and a ‘Hot’ warning sign as well as the actual temperature will be displayed interchangeably so that you know what the actual reading is as well. The screen is easy to read even when wet.

You don’t need to turn the thermometer off after use as it will do this automatically for you, but I tend to give it a wipe down to make sure the battery cover is completely dry as some reviewers have said that water has seeped through on their units.

I sometimes find the Digi Duckling tips onto its side when it floats towards the running faucet, so I tend to move it back to the middle when filling up the bath to make sure I get an accurate temperature reading.

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TensCare Digi Duckling bath thermometer with bath toys

What do babies think of the TensCare Digi Duckling?

I usually leave the Digi Duckling floating in the bath throughout bathtime so that my daughter can use it as a bath toy.

It looks just like a rubber duck, so she enjoys playing and interacting with it, extending its use beyond its original purpose. She likes the duck’s bright colour, and the design makes it easy for her to grip.

Is the TensCare Digi Duckling easy to store and clean?

Made of plastic, the TensCare Digi Duckling is very easy to clean. Simply wipe it down with a cloth or towel after each use to make sure that the battery cover is dry.

While I typically just leave it on the side of the bath ready for our next bathtime, it’s the ideal compact bath thermometer to store in a bathroom cabinet. It’s also great to travel with as it’s very small and easy to throw into an overnight bag. So far, I’ve taken it with me on overnight stays, weekend breaks and holidays abroad.

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Price and competition: is the TensCare Digi Duckling good value for money?

Absolutely! Retailing at just £6.99, the TensCare Digi Duckling is one of the most affordable bath thermometers I’ve seen. Rated highly for ease of use and accuracy, and offering reassurance and peace of mind to parents at bathtime, the Digi Duckling is, quite frankly, a steal.

About the author

Laura Westerman is an editor, writer and Deputy Head of Editorial Content at Mumsnet. Mum to a one-year-old, she’s always keen to make bathtime safe and fun for her daughter, so is fully invested in finding the best and most affordable bath thermometer on the market.

With over seven years' experience as a full-time editor, five of which have been spent writing, commissioning and editing product reviews and round-ups, Laura has a keen eye for the latest baby products and likes nothing more than putting together honest reviews to make parents' lives that little bit easier.

In addition to her work as a writer and editor, she has also appeared in a number of baby product review videos for Mumsnet's YouTube channel.

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