Sky Kids app wins Mumsnet Rated

Sky kids app mumsnet rated badge

We're delighted to announce that the Sky Kids app has become the first app to EVER win a Mumsnet Rated accreditation, which is no mean feat. Our reliable panel of testers are known to be a scrupulous lot, which makes their feedback all the more significant. Out of 103 testers, 94% said that they would definitely use the app again, whilst 97% would recommend the app to the others.

Here's what Mumsnetters had to say

  • “We were really satisfied. I had a play and then the children did and we all thought it was a really great addition to Sky. We have now downloaded it on all our devices. Loved how it could be personalised for each child and automatically suggested age appropriate programmes to watch. It was also really simple to use – my four-year-old got the hang of it straight away.”
  • “It was very easy to use and find exactly what you are looking for. My eight-year-old daughter could use with ease and even my 21-month-old daughter could navigate her way to her favourite shows.”
  • “I loved the Sky Kids app. When I downloaded it I was delighted to discover all of my two-year-old DS's favourites were right there to watch on demand. It's a bespoke app for youngsters, with the easiest navigation menus.”

Here's what our influencers had to say
sky kids app


“I am finding that I can avoid a toddler meltdown by strategic use of screen time. Having the tablet safely stored in the changing bag, ready to pull out when it’s needed, is a bit of a life saver. We have some of my son's favourite shows downloaded on to the Sky Kids app so he can sit in the pram while I try to whizz around the shops buying the seemingly never-ending list of Christmas gifts.”

Boo Roo and Tigger Too

“Parenting is a juggling act and sometimes we need a helping hand to get through the multitude of activities that must be completed that day. But I have an ace up my sleeve for these moments and it comes in the form of the Sky Kids app. With a profile set up for each of the children, they can easily access a world of entertainment and it gives me peace of mind knowing that they can just pop their headphones on and shut the world away for half an hour, without me having to worry about them watching inappropriate content.”

The Mummy Bubble

“What I love about this app is how very easy it is for kids to get to grips with. The parental controls mean you have final say on what they are watching and for how long. My three-year-old easily navigates her way around the app now, with its large icons displaying all her fave cartoon heroes!”

Country Heart and Home

“This app has given me a little more time to watch and catch up on my own programmes too. My kids aren't hogging the TV remote any longer and I am no longer subjected to Peppa Pig or Adventure Time over and over again!”

Global Mouse Travels

“Since we installed the app a few weeks ago it has become a favourite for my children. My eldest has discovered that there’s new content every few days so he loves watching all the new shows he hasn’t seen before.”