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The 10 best baby sleeping bags 2022

While not much can prevent those early nighttime wakings, a baby sleeping bag can help keep baby snug, safe and secure – and give new parents much-needed peace of mind. Here are the 10 best baby sleeping bags to buy in 2022.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Mar 4, 2022

baby in sleeping bag Mumsnet Best

Good, safe sleep for a new baby is the Holy Grail for any parent. Baby sleeping bags can take some of that worry away – removing the need for blankets that might be kicked off, tangled around little legs or pulled dangerously over the head.

But with a variety of styles, functions and price points now available, which sleeping bags fulfil their promise of a peaceful night's sleep? Keep reading to find out more about our favourites.

How we chose the products to test

Our researcher Hazel Bosworth, a mum of two, spent 10 hours taking an in-depth view of the current market.

She made a list of old favourites and new arrivals from small and large brands, looked for recommendations from the Mumsnet forums, made note of top sellers on Amazon and other retailers, and scoured real-world user reviews on sites such as Very and John Lewis for anecdotal evidence.

She ended up with a longlist of 22 candidates, which became a testing shortlist of 18, all with various functionalities and price tags.

Our writer, Rachel Jeffcoat, a parent to an eight-, six- and two-year-old, has had years of experience with all kinds of baby equipment, including sleeping bags. As a writer, she’s written extensively on parenthood, including our last round of highchair and baby bottle reviews.

During testing, we also sought expert advice from Kate Holmes, Support and Information Manager at safe sleep charity The Lullaby Trust. She was able to guide us when looking at why sleeping bags promote safe sleep in babies and what features to look out for when choosing a safe product.

How real-world comparative testing makes Mumsnet Reviews unique

All product reviews are subjective to some degree – especially when babies have such determined opinions – but we believe the best way to review products is to have a single tester use them all in their own home, over time, to judge one against another.

Our tester, Katja, is an experienced mum of three, with a six-year-old, a three-year-old and a six-month-old baby. Her baby and toddler both used the sleeping bags appropriate for their age group over a period of two months. Each bag was used for approximately three days at home each time her baby or toddler slept.

She analysed every aspect of the products, starting from purchase: could the packaging be recycled? How helpful were the instructions? What is the bag made from, and does it come with any extras?

We held up each product against recommendations from the NHS and The Lullaby Trust, and analysed the strength of the stitching, zips and chin guards to assess how safe it was. For sleeping bags with central zips, it’s better if the zip is covered with a piece of fabric at the top, to stop the baby irritating their chin as they wriggle.

We looked at how the sleep sack performed in day-to-day use over time – whether it was true to size, adjustable, easy to fold, or able to be used in a pushchair as well as in the cot.

We also judged the aesthetics of the design, and how easy it was to wash, tumble dry and iron, especially after food spillages from the likes of tomato pasta sauce, ketchup and jam.

Finally, we asked whether our tester would happily buy another at full price if this model broke – the question with the most revealing answers.

Each bag was scored out of five in the areas of purchase, safety, day-to-day use, cleanliness, design and value for money. We gave six sleeping bags a Mumsnet Best award for excelling in a particular area, and listed four more top performers to make up our top 10.

After collating the feedback and scores, the results are ready. Here are the best baby sleeping bags.

1. Best overall baby sleeping bag: Travel GroBag

“I'd recommend The Gro Company. I always feel safe in the knowledge that I'm putting my babies to bed in the correct layering and tog.” - Mumsnet user

Last year’s winner keeps its top spot. The GroBag is hardwearing, lightweight and wonderfully easy to use, especially in its travel-ready model.

Market pioneers GroBag remain the gold standard for baby sleeping bags, having worked with sleep safety charity The Lullaby Trust for almost 20 years. The Travel model is a typically high-quality GroBag designed with a two-direction central zip, which can be opened at the bottom to allow for a pushchair harness. It’s a useful feature that just pushes it ahead of the equally well-designed original GroBag, which we also tested and loved.

Coming in three sizes and two tog ratings, you’ll be able to find a Travel GroBag to suit any season and any baby from birth well into toddlerhood. We tested the 2.5 tog in the both the original GroBag and the travel version, both in the 0-6 month size.

There’s no plastic in the packaging and both sleeping bags are made of a very soft, luxurious cotton, with a cosy jersey on the inside. They're double-stitched to guard against loose threads and designed with a hard-wearing zip, chin guard and under-arm poppers for comfort.

Day-to-day, the Travel GroBag in particular is easy to use and generously sized, with plenty of room for a baby to kick around. The central zip isn’t quite as convenient for nappy changes as a side zip would be (the original GroBag does have a side zip though, which our tester found gave her easier access to her baby's legs), but, being double-ended, the Travel GroBag is still simple enough to unzip from the bottom.

Both GroBags are thin and flat enough to fold and store, and the components stood up well to heavy-handed yanking and pulling.

Crucially for babies with reflux, or those at weaning age, the Travel GroBag cleans up very well. After 10 to 20 washes the fabric hadn’t faded or bobbled, and in fact felt softer still after a few goes in the washing machine. Pasta sauce came out on the first try, and it could also be tumble dried and ironed. The original GroBag performed equally well throughout.

Design-wise, the Travel GroBag comes in 10 prints, both muted and colourful. We tested the Jungle Boogie version, an attractive unisex design that our tester felt would suit most baby nurseries. The original GroBag comes in at least 17 prints, from cartoon animal designs to abstract modern prints. We tested the Wild Garden print, which was beautifully striking.

It’s GroBag’s safety record that really shines, though. Almost single-handedly responsible for popularising the baby sleeping bag in the UK, they’ve worked with – and in some cases, shaped – baby sleep guidelines through their involvement with The Lullaby Trust.

Instructions for each GroBag are detailed and include photos, and there’s also information on the bag label itself. The original and travel GroBag adhere to British Safety Standard BS 8510:2009. They come with a free room thermometer and there are clear guidelines on the website about which togs are suitable for which temperatures, so you won’t need to worry about your baby overheating.

At £24 to £40, depending on your print choice, the Travel GroBag sits around the mid-point mark when compared to other baby sleep sacks. With its excellent safety record, quality materials and thoughtful design, we think it’s a worthy winner of our Best Baby Sleeping Bag award.

Good for parents who

  • Want to use a sleeping bag in a pushchair as well as a newborn bed, and want to transfer baby easily between the two
  • Want a product that goes above and beyond the sleep safety guidelines
  • Want a bright, cheerful pattern


  • Free room thermometer, and clear temperature and safety guidelines
  • Under-arm poppers keep baby secure and comfortable
  • Central two-way zip can be opened at the bottom to accommodate a pushchair harness


  • No sleeve options or swaddle function
  • Not the cheapest sleeping bag on the market
  • Prints are more bright and cheery than uber-stylish, which might not be to everyone’s taste

Product information

  • Materials: Cotton outer and jersey lining
  • Age range: 0-6 months, 6-18 months and 18-36 months
  • Tog thicknesses: 1 and 2.5
  • Colours: 10 prints
  • Retailers: Directly from GroBag, or via a wide range of retailers (Amazon, Mothercare, John Lewis, etc)
  • RRP: From £14 – price depends on print and size

2. Best baby sleeping bag for newborns: ErgoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Bag

ergopouch cocoon swaddle

“I used the ErgoPouch and it worked a treat. My little one won't sleep in anything else. 100% worth the money.” - Mumsnet user

Stretchy, comfortable and surprisingly affordable, this beautiful swaddle converts to an arms-out sleeping bag once a child becomes more mobile, which is perfect for brand-new babies.

Australian baby brand ErgoPouch have come up trumps with their Cocoon Swaddle Bag. Light and stretchy, the organic cotton or bamboo viscose provides a secure swaddle for a newborn without having to fiddle with blankets, and the elastane in the material makes it stretchy enough for a baby to breathe comfortably.

Both organic cotton and bamboo viscose are eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. Best of all, poppers on each side can be opened to convert the Cocoon Swaddle Bag to a sleeping bag. ErgoPouch recommend doing this as soon as your baby can roll, but this is a great bit of flexibility that may come in handy if your baby suddenly decides they prefer their arms unencumbered, and it’s not one we saw in any other product.

Instructions are clear and helpful (with photographs) and there’s additional information about togs and room temperatures available on ErgoPouch’s website – including a very helpful chart about what a baby should be wearing underneath the swaddle in each season.

The Cocoon Swaddle Bag also comes with a free room thermometer to set anxious parents’ minds at ease. It’s double-stitched, conforms to the relevant British safety standards and its central zip and poppers stood up well to an adult pulling and tugging them.

ErgoPouch have designed the Cocoon Swaddle Bag in a bell shape, which they say aids healthy hip development by not cramming the legs together. At any rate, there’s plenty of room to kick around at the bottom, and our tester’s baby seemed very comfortable. The central zip makes it easier to change a small baby’s nappy than a large wriggly one’s, but the zip runs smoothly in both directions and is easy to work even in the small hours.

The swaddle is available in four sizes and three tog ratings. We tested both the 0.2 and 1.0 versions, both in the 3-12 month size, and both performed excellently – though Katja preferred the flexibility of the thinner 0.2 fabric. It was just a little easier to fold, store and use – in fact, it was the most compact of all the sleeping bags we tested. It comes in nine prints, all stylishly modern in appearance, so shouldn’t look out of place in even the most fashionable of nurseries.

The Swaddle Bag also performed well over time, though be sure to read the washing instructions carefully. Some of the bags are organic cotton and some are bamboo viscose, and the washing and drying instructions are different for each material.

We tested the bamboo viscose model, which washed multiple times without shrinking or bobbling, but can’t be tumble dried (being so lightweight, however, the fabric did dry quickly). The organic cotton models can be tumble dried, though the bamboo viscose is made from a more sustainable material – either of which may have a bearing on which fabric you prefer.

All that and the ErgoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Bag starts at an impressive £23.99, making it the most budget-friendly sleeping bag we tested. With the long list of things an exhausted new parent has to buy, we reckon this one’s a no-brainer.

Good for parents who

  • Are on a tighter budget
  • Want the option to swaddle from birth then use an arms-out design later


  • Thin, stretchy fabric is flexible and secure – great for a newborn startle reflex
  • Bell shape encourages good hip development from birth
  • Adaptable arm poppers mean the swaddle can continue to be used with arms in or out as baby gets older
  • Bamboo viscose models are made with a more environmentally-friendly fabric
  • Comes with a free room thermometer


  • Central zip makes changing a larger baby’s nappy a little less convenient
  • No travel system adaptability

Product information

  • Materials: Organic cotton or bamboo viscose, and elastane.
  • Age range: Sizes newborn, 0-3 months, 2-6 months and 3-12 months
  • Tog thicknesses: 0.2, 1.0 and 2.5
  • Colours: Nine printed colours
  • Retailers: Directly from ErgoPouch, or via a range of retailers including Amazon and some smaller sellers
  • RRP: £23.99 to £39.99, depending on tog rating and size

3. Best value baby sleeping bag: The Little Green Sheep Wild Cotton Organic

the little green sheep sleeping bag

In line with The Little Green Sheep’s all-natural ethos, the Wild Cotton Organic is beautifully made and feels much more expensive than it is.

As more families look to the environmental impact of the products they buy, smaller retailers have a chance to shine. The Little Green Sheep uses only organic materials for their mattresses and bedding, including their range of sleeping bags, which are made from organic brushed cotton. The result is a cosy, attractive bag that feels super soft, washes brilliantly and still manages to come in at the inexpensive end of the market.

It shouldn’t be difficult to get started with the Wild Cotton Organic. The packaging is minimal and there’s a detailed label inside the bag giving clear instructions about use and safety. There’s further information about safety, sizing, tog ratings and washing instructions on The Little Green Sheep’s website too.

Katja found the product to be solidly made and well finished, with strong seams, plenty of legroom at the bottom and a hardy side zip – which makes night-time nappy changes a breeze. There are under-arm poppers to adjust the fit, and the soft, lightweight fabric is easy to store and fold. There are no travel features for pushchairs, but it does come with its own storage bag, which might be useful for transport when staying with grandparents.

Design-wise, the Wild Cotton Organic lives up to its name with five wildlife-themed prints in two muted colours. It’s a simple, attractive design that should please parents and baby alike. The sleeping bag comes in two sizes and two tog ratings – a more limited range than some of its competitors from larger brands (GroBag, for example). We tested the 2.5 tog version in the 0-6 month size.

Our tester found it easy to keep clean. The cotton material means that it can be washed at 40 degrees, then tumble dried and ironed without damage. Food stains came out with added stain remover and it didn’t shrink or fade with multiple washes.

All-in-all, the Wild Cotton Organic feels like a premium product – especially as it holds up so well over time and with repeated washes. And as the price tag is less than half of some of its high-end competitors, it’s a great choice either for yourself or as a gift to an exhausted new parent.

Good for parents who

  • Prefer organic, chemical-free materials for their baby products
  • Prefer to shop from smaller retailers


  • Side zip is ideal for night-time nappy changes, for any size baby
  • Organic cotton washes and tumble dries well over time
  • Feels very soft, resilient and high-quality – without the accompanying price tag
  • 25p of every item sold from the Wild Cotton range goes to support The Woodland Trust in the UK


  • More limited sizes, colours and tog ratings than larger brands
  • No travel features for pushchairs

Product information

  • Materials: Organic cotton outer and polyester filling
  • Age range: 0-6 months and 6-18 months
  • Tog thicknesses: 1.0 and 2.5
  • Colours: Five prints in two colours (grey and mint green)
  • Retailers: Directly from The Little Green Sheep, or via Amazon, John Lewis or some smaller retailers
  • RRP: £29.95 to £34.95, depending on tog rating and size

4. Best sleeping bag for toddlers: ErgoPouch Sleep Suit Bag

ergopouch sleep suit bag

“The ErgoPouch sleep suit in the 3.5 tog is amazing. All three of our kids wear these at the moment as the age range goes from newborn to six years!” - Mumsnet user

The ErgoPouch Sleep Suit is a toddler sleeping bag that converts to a footed sleep suit with just one zip – if your little terror gets cold at night, this clever product might just do the trick.

Let’s say at the outset that toddlers have more opinions about what they wear than babies and that, if yours doesn’t like sleep suits, you’re unlikely to change their mind. If your toddler tends to wake up with temperature changes, however, or likes to strip off their pyjamas at night, the ErgoPouch Sleep Suit Bag is a thoughtfully designed, innovative solution.

For younger toddlers used to sleeping bags, the ErgoPouch is a good way to go. The Sleep Suit Bag comes in four tog ratings intended for different seasons – the winter version with full sleeves and fold-over hand mitts, the spring version with short sleeves, and the thinner summer model with no sleeves. It also comes in four sizes and 12 stylish prints, so you’re bound to find one that suits your taste and circumstances. We tested the summer and winter versions for comparison.

Once your toddler is walking, or prefers their legs to be unencumbered at night, a lower zip converts the sleeping bag to a sleep suit with feet. Grippy pads under the feet ensure they won’t slip when walking around in the mornings and both zips are protected with fabric guards to prevent little fingers from getting pinched. Using the bag in sleep suit mode also means it can be used to keep warm in the pushchair.

First impressions of the Sleep Suit Bag are good. The packaging is minimal with no plastic, instructions are detailed and easy to follow and it comes with a helpful free room thermometer.

The Sleep Suit Bag is made from organic cotton, with jersey cotton for the sleeves. It’s been designed to stand up to any amount of toddler heavy-handedness, with double-stitched seams and resilient zips and poppers. Our tester found the feet zips especially convenient for changing nighttime nappies and potty training as the fabric is lightweight enough to bunch up easily when going to the toilet.

No worries about those two-year-old table manners, either. The Sleep Suit Bag didn’t shrink, fade or bobble when washed, and tomato sauce came out after a couple of washes. It can be tumble dried and ironed, too, though Katja noted that the summer version especially dries very quickly on its own.

The Sleep Suit Bag starts at £42.99 for the thinnest tog and goes up to £54.99 for the thickest – not the most expensive on the market, but we recommend it with the acknowledgement that this is still several times more than you’d pay for a pair of pyjamas (the size range, of course, means it will last much longer than a pair of pyjamas too).

If your toddler is in need of a warm, secure sleeping environment that won’t have you fiddling with blankets and that you can also use on the go, the ErgoPouch Sleep Suit Bag might be something to consider.

Good for parents who

  • Need nightwear for a wakeful or fidgety toddler – or one used to wearing a sleeping bag as a baby
  • Want sleeping bag and sleep suit functions in one product


  • Toddler-friendly features like fabric guards on the zips and grippy patches under the feet
  • A good range of tog ratings, sizes and designs to choose from
  • Washes and tumble dries well over time
  • Can be used in a pushchair or car in sleep suit mode
  • Free room thermometer included


  • As toddlers can safely use blankets and pyjamas, this isn’t an essential product – and the price isn’t suitable for all families

Product information

  • Materials: Organic cotton
  • Age range: 2-12 months, 18-24 months, 2-4 years and 4-6 years
  • Tog thicknesses: 0.3, 1.0, 2.5 and 3.5
  • Colours: 12 prints split between different tog ratings
  • Retailers: Directly from ErgoPouch or some smaller retailers
  • RRP: from £42.99 to £54.99, depending on tog rating and size

5. Best sleeping bag for summer and winter: JoJo Maman Bebe 3-in-1 Multi-Season

jojo maman bebe sleeping bag

“We used JoJo Maman Bebe sleeping bags until our twins turned three.” - Mumsnet user

JoJo Maman Bebe have simplified the question of which tog rating to buy by designing a sleeping bag that includes two. Genius.

It’s great that baby bedding designers make sleeping bags in several tog ratings for different seasons. But assuming you live somewhere with changeable weather and can’t afford to buy more than one (true of most families), what to do? JoJo Maman Bebe have come up with a clever solution – their 3-in-1 product includes two bags designed with a zip at the bottom edge so they can also be worn together.

Between them, you should have all weather conditions covered. It comes in three sizes and there’s a very helpful table on JoJo Maman Bebe’s website about which bags are suitable for which temperatures and what should be worn underneath.

It’s not as stylish and doesn’t feel as high-end as other competitors on the market – the MORI Clever, for instance, or the SnüzPouch – and comes in only two traditional designs: pink flowers or blue dinosaurs. That feels a little dated, and might not be to every parent’s taste, but our tester found the 3-in-1 to be solidly made. It's comprised of soft lightweight cotton material and is double-stitched, with zips and adjustable arm poppers that stood up well to yanking and pulling.

The two bags combined feel a little bulkier than one, but it’s still easy to store and fold, and it wouldn’t be a problem to fold up and take away to a grandparent's house or on holiday. There’s lots of room to kick around at the bottom of the bag and it felt comfortable to the touch. Katja noted that when both bags are used together, opening two middle zips to change the baby’s nappy is a very fiddly process, so that’s something to bear in mind on winter nights.

The 3-in-1 didn’t shrink when washed and tomato sauce stains came out first time (the busy pattern would help to hide them in any case). After multiple washes, the fabric had started to bobble a little, but not too noticeably. Unfortunately it can’t be tumble dried or ironed.

The 3-in-1 is £45, which our tester felt was good value for money considering the adaptability and longevity of the product. She did note that the 0-6 month size doesn’t really allow for a drastic change in season – a bigger size range would allow parents to get the maximum use out of the different temperature options. The larger sizes do cover a wider age range, so should be more useful.

Good for parents who

  • Would like a variety of tog options in one product
  • Are more concerned with practicality than aesthetics


  • Number of tog combinations cover almost all UK weather conditions
  • Cheaper than some single sleeping bags and definitely cheaper than two or three


  • Zips and fabric feel less high-end than other products on the market
  • Only two very traditional designs, and nothing gender-neutral

Product information

  • Materials: Cotton outer and lining, and polyester wadding
  • Age range: 0-6 months, 6-18 months and 18 months–3 years
  • Tog thicknesses: Product includes two bags of 1.0 and 2.5; combined they make 3.5
  • Colours: Pink woodland print and blue/green dinosaur print
  • Retailers: Directly from JoJo Maman Bebe only
  • RRP: £45

6. Best sleeping bag for nappy changes: SnüzPouch

snuzpouch sleeping bag

“SnüzPouch is my favourite because it feels like a little duvet but is still lightweight enough to avoid overheating.” - Mumsnet user

Snüz have really thought about features that make life easier for new parents, and it shows – the nappy change zipper is a particular stand-out.

Snüz is a rapidly growing, five-year-old nursery brand managed by the same company behind The Little Green Sheep and is known primarily for its modern designs and sell-out flagship product, the SnüzPod bedside crib. The SnüzPouch is their branded baby sleeping bag, and we’re pleased to say it’s as thoughtful and high quality as we’d expect.

The SnüzPouch’s distinctive feature is its semi-circular front zip, which exposes a baby’s legs for nighttime nappy changes. It’s a useful addition that makes it more likely you can change nappies without waking your baby up.

There’s a side zip too, which is easy to open and close, and shoulder poppers to help ease a wriggly baby into the sleeping bag without fuss. If your little one’s a light or fussy sleeper, the SnüzPouch is made for them. Our tester found it much easier to change her baby’s nappy and appreciated the convenience.

It feels like a high quality product all round, with minimalist packaging and extremely soft cotton material available in six monochrome colours. The zips are hardwearing and every component held together well when our tester yanked and pulled them.

The soft, lightweight material folds and washes well, keeping its shape without shrinking and becoming softer with time – and it can also be tumble dried and ironed. Food spillages came out on the first wash. With the clear photograph instructions, fabric zip guards and high quality finish, our tester felt that it would be a reliable, reassuring purchase for first-time parents in particular.

The range isn’t quite as extensive as some other brands – ErgoPouch, for instance – as each design is available in two sizes and two tog ratings. We tested the 2.5 tog in the 0-6 month size. Prices start at £29.95 for the 1.0 tog and go up to £34.95 for the 2.5 – really impressive value for money considering the SnüzPouch’s luxe-feeling fabric and thoughtful design touches.

Good for parents who

  • Have a light or fussy sleeper who doesn’t enjoy bedtimes or nappy changes
  • Want a quality product for a mid-range price


  • Extra front zip allows for nappy changes without removing or unzipping the whole sleeping bag
  • Shoulder poppers make it easier to get on and off
  • Good quality hardwearing components


  • No travel features
  • A more limited range of sizes and tog ratings than other brands such as ErgoPouch and GroBag.

Product information

  • Materials: Cotton outer and polyester filling
  • Age range: sizes 0-6 months and 6-18 months
  • Tog thicknesses: 1.0 and 2.5
  • Colours: Four prints and two colours (white and grey)
  • Retailers: Directly from Snüz and a wide range of other retailers including Amazon and John Lewis
  • RRP: £29.95 for the thinner tog and £34.95 for the thicker

7. MORI Clever

mori clever

“I really love MORI. They're in the higher price bracket, but the quality shines through.” - Mumsnet user

MORI’s well-crafted, beautifully designed bag (also Mumsnet's Best Baby Sleeping Bag for Style 2018) performed brilliantly in our tests – though the price may be off-putting to some.

MORI’s ethos, according to their website, is to provide baby clothing and bedding that’s sustainable, useful and also special enough to give as a gift. The MORI Clever fits that bill, arriving in a beautiful box wrapped in paper and including a personal note, looking almost too lovely to open. The sleeping bag itself is made from organic cotton and bamboo, and felt exceptionally soft to the touch – ready for even the newest baby skin.

MORI have done their due diligence with safety. The bag conforms to the relevant British Safety Standards, has clear and visible warning labels, is double-stitched to prevent loose ends, and includes under-arm poppers for a secure fit. Our tester pulled on every seam, zip and popper with no ill effects.

Unusually, the MORI Clever is only available in one size, from newborn (4kg upwards) to two years. In practice, this meant our tester’s baby had lots of space to kick around in and also that the bag felt a little bulkier than others with smaller age ranges. We’re not sure how a newborn would look or feel in a sleeping bag suitable for a two-year-old – MORI also make a newborn swaddle that might feel more secure.

The Clever comes in two tog ratings, and in six modern, pastel designs. We tested the 2.5 tog in the grey stripe design. It has a good quality side zip, so is good for late-night nappy changes, and a covered slit for a five-point harness. This means that the bag can be used with a pushchair, though MORI advise against using padded fabrics in baby car seats.

All-in-all, the MORI Clever feels like a premium product and it comes with a matching price tag – £59.50 for the thinner tog rating, and £69.50 for the thicker version. Spread over the two years you’d use the sleeping bag, that’s fairly cost-effective, though still quite a lot to pay in one go – so perhaps it’s one for the grandparents or as a special gift for an expecting friend.

Good for parents who

  • Want to shop with small sustainable brands
  • Want to buy one sleeping bag that will last over time


  • High quality, resilient and super-soft fabrics
  • One size fits all, so no need to buy more sleeping bags as your baby grows
  • Beautiful, thoughtful packaging makes it ideal for gifting


  • It’s more expensive than many of its competitors
  • May feel too big for a newborn (though it is rated as safe for one)

Product information

  • Materials: Organic cotton and bamboo
  • Age range: One size – newborn (4kg) to two years
  • Tog thicknesses: 0.5 and 2.5
  • Colours: Six different prints
  • Retailers: Directly from MORI, Amazon and some smaller retailers
  • RRP: £59.50 for the thinner tog and £69.50 for thicker

8. Kit and Kin World Sleeping Bag

kit and kin sleeping bag

As one of a cohort of smaller, ethical baby brands, Kit and Kin make sleeping bags that look good and do good too.

Their baby bedding is made from organic materials adhering to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), and each item from their World range helps to fund sustainable community projects with the World Land Trust. So the World comes bearing these impeccable credentials and a lot more besides.

The sleeping bag arrives in an attractive matching storage bag, which is handy for travel – or, as our tester noted, for giving as a gift. Unusually, there isn’t a care and warning label attached, though the tog rating, age rating and washing instructions are printed inside the bag. There’s more information about sizing and materials on the website, where most people will think to look, but it might have been helpful to have a note to that effect on the bag itself.

Safety-wise, the World is high-quality product made from super-soft organic cotton, with double stitching, fabric zip guards and hardwearing zips and poppers. There are adjustable underarm poppers to make your baby secure and comfortable, and shoulder poppers to get them in and out easily.

As you might expect with a smaller brand, the range is limited – the World comes in two sizes, one tog rating and one print (we tested the 0-6 month size), though there is a plain grey option from a different range available too. There are matching onesies and muslins in the same print.

The sleeping bag feels soft and lightweight, so folds and stores easily, and the side zip makes nighttime nappy changes simple to manage. There’s also a pushchair slit for a five-point harness, so the bag can be worn on the go, although our tester wasn’t able to try this.

The print is simple, pretty and gender-neutral, and the organic cotton washed well, becoming softer over time. Food stains came out with some added stain remover and the bag can be tumble dried and ironed.

At £39.99, it’s not quite at the cheapest end of the market, but it’s not far off, and the quality and presentation make it feel much more expensive than it is. And if provenance of materials and giving back to the environment matter to you, the Kit and Kin World is a lovely way to go.

Good for parents who

  • Want reassurance about materials and environmental impact
  • Prefer shopping from smaller ethical brands


  • High quality materials that are resilient and wash well
  • Purchase gives back to a good cause
  • Comes in a handy storage bag


  • Only comes in two sizes, one tog rating and one print
  • A little more expensive than GroBag or SnüzPouch competitors

Product information

  • Materials: Organic cotton outer and polyester filling
  • Age range: 0-6 months and 6-18 months
  • Tog thicknesses: 2.5
  • Colours: White with a print design
  • Retailers: Directly from MORI and also Amazon
  • RRP: £39.99

9. JoJo Maman Bebe Baby Cosy Sleeping Bag

jojo maman bebe sleeping bag

“We've always used JoJo Maman Bebe ones and they're brilliant, wash well, are comfortable and they last.” - Mumsnet user

Detachable sleeves and an extra-thick tog rating make the JoJo Maman Bebe Baby Cosy a great choice for cold winters.

Not every house retains heat well in winter and bringing a baby home in the cold can be fraught with worry for a new parent. If you’re eyeing January nights with apprehension, you might appreciate something like JoJo Maman Bebe’s Baby Cosy – the only sleeping bag we tested with warm, detachable sleeves. It’s also got a tog rating of 3.5, so should keep your little one sleeping peacefully no matter what the weather does.

The Baby Cosy comes with very detailed instructions, with a tog label inside the bag itself. It conforms to the relevant British Safety Standards, and stood up well to our tester’s pulling and yanking at the seams and poppers. The cotton outer is soft on the skin and there’s lots of room to kick at the bottom.

As it’s intended for very cold weather, it’s obviously bulkier than bags with a smaller tog rating and the middle zipper is only one-directional, which makes it a little fiddly to close. It’s easy to change baby’s nappy, however, as the zip runs all the way to the bottom of the bag – a useful feature that our tester appreciated.

The removable sleeves are a great addition. Popped on, they add peace of mind in very cold weather. If baby gets a little warm overnight, they can be removed without waking them or left off completely if the weather changes.

Designs are limited and quite traditional – one set of pink flowers, and one set of green dinosaurs – which won’t be to every parent’s liking. But the busy prints mean that the bag stands up to mess quite well (although stains did also wash out first time). After a few washes, the fabric doesn’t fade but does bobble a little, and it can’t be tumble dried or ironed. It doesn’t look damaged or tired, though, even after repeated use.

The Baby Cosy is available in two sizes (0-6 months, which we tried, and 6-18 months) and just the one tog rating of 3.5. It’s a product on a mission and fulfils its brief well.

At £35, it sits at the less expensive end of the market and, at least with the 6-18 month size, should be able to be worn long enough to remain good value for money.

Good for parents who

  • Frequently experience cold weather or have a cold house
  • Want to be able to add or remove sleeves depending on the circumstance


  • Thick tog rating and removable are sleeves great for colder weather
  • Fairly inexpensive
  • Middle zip runs all the way to the bottom of the bag, making nappy changes easier


  • Limited, rather dated print designs
  • Fabric bobbles with repeated washes
  • Zip is a little stiff and fiddly

Product information

  • Materials: Cotton outer and polyester filling
  • Age range: 0-6 months and 6-18 months
  • Tog thicknesses: 3.5
  • Colours: Pink flowers, and red and green dinosaurs
  • Retailers: Directly from JoJo Maman Bebe only
  • RRP: £35

10. Superlove Merino All-Season

superlove merino sleeping bag

“We have the Superlove Merino sleeping bag and it was one of our best purchases.” - Mumsnet user

According to ethical wool brand Superlove, lining a baby sleeping bag with merino wool comes with distinct advantages – it makes the inside of the bag warm, yet breathable, so it can be used in a range of temperatures; it draws moisture away from the skin to keep the baby comfortable; and it's naturally antibacterial and suitable for skin conditions such as eczema. Our tester’s baby doesn’t suffer from eczema, but got on well nevertheless with this cosy sleeping bag during the test.

Let’s establish, first of all, that at £82 this is one of the most expensive sleeping bags we tested, which will rule it out as an option for many families. If you’ve got a bit spare, though, or a generous grandparent, the Superlove Merino All-Season is as luxurious and effective as you’d hope for the price tag.

It comes in a lovely box, including a personal note and detailed description of the product, and the bag itself is in an individual storage bag for safekeeping.

There are nine prints available, including modern and classic styles. The cotton outer and merino lining are beautifully soft, with an eye-catching floral design. Seams are double-stitched, the side zip is resilient and runs easily, and there are adjustable arm poppers for comfort and security. There’s a travel slit, too, for using with a pushchair – and our tester found it easy to transfer her baby between pushchair and cot.

Reassuringly, the Superlove Merino is machine washable and can be tumble dried at low heat. Stains came out first time and repeated washes made the bag feel softer without bobbling the fabric.

That’s a good thing as the Superlove Merino only comes in one size – newborn to two years. Our tester thought this longevity of use made the higher price tag easier to justify. The tog is labelled as 0.7 to 2.4 because the merino lining regulates the temperature. There are size limitations for safety and Superlove include detailed notes about this in the instructions, giving advice about how big the baby’s head needs to be before the bag can be used.

It’s a product that feels designed to last the full two years, with high-end materials and lovely presentation. It isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel with innovation, but every detail feels well made and luxurious. So if you’re willing and able to invest the cash, the Superlove Merino All-Season should make it worth the while.

Good for parents who

  • Want to buy one sleeping bag over the duration of use
  • Have a baby with eczema, or prefer wool lining for other reasons
  • Have a larger budget


  • Merino lining better at regulating temperature in various seasons
  • Attractively designed
  • Only need to buy one size from birth to toddlerhood


  • One of the more expensive products we tested
  • Newborns need to be at a minimum size for safety, so might not be able to be used immediately

Product information

  • Materials: Organic cotton outer and superfine merino lining
  • Age range: Newborn to two years
  • Tog thicknesses: Adaptable tog rating, approximately 0.7- 2.4
  • Colours: Nine varied prints and two block colours (grey and navy)
  • Retailers: Directly from Superlove Merino and Not On The High Street
  • RRP: £82
baby in sleeping bag

What is a baby sleeping bag?

Designed to be halfway between a traditional sleeping bag and ordinary nightwear, a baby sleeping bag is, essentially, a fabric vest (with or without sleeves, depending on the brand) that ends in a wide, cosy bag for the legs.

The bag can be opened with a zip and poppers to get a baby in and out easily.

Each sleeping bag is given a tog rating, like a duvet, which designates how thick the wadding is, so which season it’s appropriate for – very important as babies can’t self-regulate their temperature very well and are prone to overheating.

Do I need a baby sleeping bag?

According to GroBag, the company credited with popularising the bag in the UK, around 95% of parents now use one.

It’s easy to see why – using a baby sleeping bag means you don’t have to worry about how much bedding to use, it keeps the baby contained and warm all night (no matter how much they wriggle), and is much easier to carry around out of the house than a pile of blankets.

They’re also safer. Kate Holmes, from safe sleep charity The Lullaby Trust, says “A baby sleep sack is a good option as it reduces the risk of blankets and sheets being kicked off, or covering the baby’s head. It’s a safer option than using loose bedding.”

What makes a baby sleeping bag safe?

A baby sleeping bag is much less of a suffocation risk than a blanket, but still needs to be used carefully to promote a safe environment for sleeping.

First, make sure that the product you’re considering complies with the relevant British Safety Standard, BS 8510:2009 – it’s actually voluntary safety standard that ensures the neck opening is sized correctly to prevent slipping down inside the bag, that zips and poppers are all robust, that there are no loose threads to create tourniquets, and that the materials are correctly fire-retardant.

Almost all brands will state whether they comply with the safety standard in the accompanying instructions. If it’s not mentioned, you can follow up with their Customer Service department.

Before you leave your baby to sleep, check yourself that there are no loose threads, that your baby’s head can’t slip through the shoulder straps and inside the bag, and that your baby has plenty of room to kick around in the bottom.

It’s very important that your baby does not overheat at night, so read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully about the tog rating.

Kate Holmes says, “Use the correct tog rating for the time of year. It isn’t necessary to use additional bedding when using a sleeping bag.”

Some brands, like ErgoPouch, include charts on their website to advise what to wear underneath the sleeping bag in each season. The Lullaby Trust also has a great deal of helpful information about baby sleeping product and safer sleep for babies.

Are baby sleeping bags suitable for newborns?

There are plenty of baby sleeping bags specifically designed for newborns – the ErgoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Bag, for example, which won our Best for Newborns award.

Read the instructions or check the brand’s website for the minimum weight a baby should be before using the product safely – it’s usually about 4kg (8lb 13oz), but varies between brands and designs.

If you buy a sleeping bag suitable for newborns, do still check that it fits them well around the shoulders so they can’t wriggle down inside.

What features should I look for in a sleeping bag?

1. Tog ratings

Bigger tog ratings (2.5 and up) mean thicker sleeping bags designed for colder temperatures. Smaller tog ratings (0.5 and 1) are given to lighter materials intended for summer months.

It’s entirely possible, therefore, that you might buy more than one bag for different weather conditions – or you might decide to buy a lightweight model and put your baby in warmer nightwear underneath during the winter or choose a multi-season sleeping bag, such as the JoJo Maman Bebe 3-in-1 or the Superlove Merino All-Season.

Every brand should give guidance on their website about suitable room temperatures for each of their tog-rated products. Many of them include a free room thermometer for clarity.

2. Age range

Sleeping bags come in sizes with recommended age ranges. If the range is only a few months (a 0-6 month size, for example), think about what season it will be in a few months’ time – will your tog rating match that season and will you get enough wear out of it in that time?

Some sleeping bags, like the MORI Clever or the Superlove Merino All-Season, are intended for use all the way from birth to two years, with the size being adjusted with under-arm poppers. Products like this will have a minimum suitable weight given on the label and the manufacturer’s website, so ensure your baby is big enough to use it safely before buying one.

3. Zips and poppers

Remember how frustrated babies don’t like being dressed and undressed? That goes for their sleeping bag too. On the whole, side zips are easier than central zips for getting the bag on and off a wriggly baby.

Shoulder poppers are another helpful feature for dressing and undressing. Almost all sleeping bags should have under-arm poppers to ensure a good, secure fit for a smaller baby. Some, such as the SnüzPouch, might have an extra zip at the front for changing a nappy without having to remove the bag.

4. Washing instructions

Babies being babies, their sleeping bag will probably need washing regularly. A product that is machine washable is a must, and it’s also helpful if it can be tumble dried and ironed.

5. Travel features

Many sleeping bags include a vent in the front and back to allow for a five-point harness. This means the bag can be used in a pushchair or a car seat.

Bear in mind that current car seat safety advice is to avoid strapping babies and children into their car seats while wearing padded coats or suits, which might apply to the bulkier sleeping bags too.

How do I keep a sleeping bag clean?

Little spillages can be sponged off, but it’s likely that your baby sleeping bag will need machine washing regularly. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions about washing temperatures and tumble drying.

Of course, it goes without saying that the washed sleeping bag should be completely dry and cool before it’s used again for bedtime – damp fabrics can make a baby cold, and metal poppers and zips can burn straight from the tumble dryer.

How much do baby sleeping bags cost?

The very cheapest start between £10 and £15. A sleeping bag from a well-known brand will set you back between £20 and £30. Premium brand products can be anywhere from £50 to £90.

Usually the thicker the tog rating, the more expensive the sleeping bag – and unusually luxe materials, like the merino lining of the Superlove Merino, will increase the price further still.

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