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Nuna Leaf review

Best Baby Bouncer 2017

The Nuna Leaf is the most impressive rocker on the market. It looks great and is incredibly simple to use, clean, and put together

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Jul 15, 2021

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Inspired by the ‘carefree float of a leaf on a breeze’, the Nuna Leaf has a design like no other on the market and provides a gentle and incredibly smooth side-to-side action for babies and small children to enjoy. We loved the contemporary design and clever engineering, which make it a gentle, calming rocker for even the crankiest of babies.

Nuna leaf

Importantly, it also looks fantastic. Elegant and contemporary, we believe the Nuna Leaf will look at home in most living rooms. It’s nice and sturdy, too, with a very secure base and even a motion lock, which stops the gentle movement in its tracks for those times when your little one needs to be still. It was these features that meant it scored highly in all of our tests for safety and durability.

The Nuna Leaf holds your baby in place with a simple Velcro harness that looks great and is easy to use. However, the noise of the Velcro when you go to undo the harness is incredibly loud, which isn't great if you’re trying not to disturb a sleeping baby. Saying that, this is the only issue we could find with its construction, which is otherwise flawless.

Assembly-wise, the Nuna Leaf was simple and quick to put together, scoring full marks in this category. We also love the fact that the base can be easily removed, making it much easier to put into storage if needs be.

Nuna leaf product

Overall though, it's the Leaf's movement that really sets it apart and impressed the Mumsnet team. The gentle side-to-side action is incredibly smooth and activated by a simple touch of the fingers. You just touch the rocker to activate the movement, which then continues for around two minutes, unaided. It makes no noise, needs no batteries and features no wires.

All babies are different, but of all the bouncers and rockers we tested in this category, this was the one our tester’s baby preferred. Not only did the baby look incredibly comfortable in the Nuna Leaf, but the gentle, smooth action helped to keep him incredibly calm, even at his crankiest.

We bought this brilliant chair when my son was four months. Although expensive, it's well worth the investment. Second baby due very shortly and not sure LO's going to be keen about sharing it!

The Nuna Leaf is really easy to clean. You simply remove the ‘leaf’ section and pop it in the washing machine should any accidents occur.

However, if you want a toy bar you will have to pay extra for it (£20), which is annoying given the already pretty hefty price tag. Also, the motion, while wonderful, does stop after around two minutes, so you either need to be in close proximity to the chair to keep it moving – or purchase the Nuna Leaf Wind machine, which will set you back another £75.

Nuna leaf family

All in all though, the Nuna Leaf performed brilliantly in all of our tests, outshining its competitors and scoring very highly in all areas. At £170 it is an expensive rocker, however, it is important to note that the Nuna Leaf is also a seat which can be used from birth to big-kid size. Because of this it should be regarded as an investment that will last you and your child for years rather than just a few short months.

The Specs:

Age: Birth to 60 kg

Dimensions: H45 x W71 x L72 cm

Weight: 5.21 kg

RRP: £170

Resale value: £65

Available in two neutral colours: Bisque (light taupe) and Cinder (dark grey).