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Dreamland heated throw review: is the Deluxe Velvet Herringbone Blanket worth it?

With a cold snap and even snow expected this week, we've tried and tested one of the most popular heated throws on the market to see if it can keep you warm and if it really lives up to the hype...

By Natasha Gregson | Last updated Mar 6, 2023

Dreamland blanket

With the ongoing cost of living crisis and energy bills remaining high, finding ways to stay warm and comfortable at home without breaking the bank has become a priority for many. This is where the best electric blanket and heated throw can help, offering an affordable and energy-efficient solution for keeping warm and cosy in colder temperatures.

Heated throws are essentially blankets with a built-in heating element that allows them to warm up quickly. They come in a variety of materials and sizes, from plush and fluffy to lightweight and compact, making them suitable for all kinds of uses, whether you're snuggling up on the sofa, working from home, or tucked up in bed. Teamed with a warm pair of the best women's slippers, they're ideal for keeping snug on winter nights, or even on chilly spring days.

Aside from their cosiness, one of the main benefits of heated throws is their energy efficiency. Unlike central heating, which can be expensive and wasteful, heated throws only heat up the area they cover, so you can save money on your energy bills while you still feel warm and comfortable. There are other budget-friendly solutions to consider too, like a hot water bottle, but the advantage of an electric blanket is that you can heat up a larger area and control how long it stays hot for.

The downside, however, is that they can be pretty pricey initially depending on which one you go for. So, are they worth it? Dreamland is one of the most popular heated throw brands out there at the moment (demand for them was so high during winter, it was often hard to track them down!), so we got a MNHQ tester to put their Deluxe Velvet Herringbone Blanket to the test. Here's what they thought...

Our verdict at a glance

Price on writing: £103 | Buy now from Amazon

What we love

  • Easy to set up and use, even for first-time heated blanket users

  • Large size and soft material make it super cosy

  • Heat is distributed well across the blanket

  • Stylish, luxurious design

  • Different heat settings and timer options provide flexibility

  • Good value for money, especially for those who work from home

  • Detachable controls and machine-washable material make it easy to clean

What to know

  • Pricey

  • User needs to remember to choose the heat setting before the blanket starts warming up

  • Higher heat settings may be too much for some

Dreamland Deluxe Velvet Herringbone Throw: what is it?

Dreamland throw

If you find yourself wanting a bit of extra warmth at home and your best women's dressing gown isn't quite giving you the warmth you need, a heated throw like the Dreamland could be the ideal solution. It works a little bit like a heated gilet, with electrical elements that warm the blanket up.

Ultra soft and cosy, it's made from polyester, but has a texture that feels more plush and velvet-like. With six heat settings, there's plenty of flexibility too so you can find the right temperature for maximum cosiness.

It's powered by the mains, so you will need access to a plug point which may limit movement (for more freedom to move around the house while staying warm we'd recommend the best blanket hoodie) and you will need to factor in electricity costs, but it's fairly cheap to run overall (more on that below).

First impressions

On unboxing the blanket, our tester was impressed, particularly with the size and the softness of the material. She found it was straightforward to get started too: "This was my first heated blanket, so I wasn’t 100% sure how to set it up. However, it was really easy and intuitive." 

She also loved how stylish the blanket looked initially too, noting how easily it fitted in with her other decor.

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Warmth factor

If you're splashing out on an electric blanket or heated throw, you want to know it's going to do the job well, keeping you warm and cosy when you'd rather not crank up the thermostat. Luckily, the Dreamland is worth its salt according to our tester: "I’m very pleased with its warmth. The heat feels like it’s distributed well across the blanket so anything under the blanket is heated well."

With six heat settings, you can switch between modes and find the one that suits you. We're impressed it had this many settings - some cheaper blankets only offer around three, so it's a good choice if temperature control is high on your list of priorities when shopping for a blanket.

Our tester found the settings easy and intuitive to use too, but noted that you need to remember to choose your setting before the blanket heats up, something that's quite easy to forget. "I’ve found that heat level four is perfect for me. I’ve tried the higher settings, but they’re too much for me," our tester reported. She also commented that it worked well at warming her hands up so her typing ability wasn't affected by the cold - for more on keeping your mitts warm, we also have a guide to the best hand warmers to pair with your blanket on extra chilly days.

"I work from home and use it all day so I don’t need to heat the whole house."

There's also a handy timer setting for the heat too - you can choose between one, three or nine hours, and it will automatically shut off after this time. We think the one hour setting is ideal if you want to pop it on when you're sleepy, but are worried about it being left on if you do nod off.


With a plush, soft-to-the-touch texture, and its availability in a range of rich colours, the Dreamland is a winner when it comes to style. Our tester found that the herringbone design felt modern too and that the emerald green colour looked expensive: "I think it looks very stylish and it doesn’t look out of place in my rented flat."

What's more, when you don't fancy being swaddled in warmth, it looks great on the sofa or bed too as a decorative throw so you can use it all year round.

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Does it wash well?

Sometimes we can be hesitant to wash something with an oh-so-cosy texture for fear of losing some of that softness. However, our tester had no issues at all when washing the blanket.

It can be washed and tumble dried once the controls are detached, but make sure you read the care instructions before your first wash.


Admittedly, Dreamland blankets don't come cheap. They usually retail between £80 - £130, and there are certainly cheaper options available. However, our tester found that it offered great value for money overall: "I think it’s good for the price. Both myself and my partner can fit under it on the sofa, and when it’s on a higher heat, it feels like it warms the whole room (windows and doors closed!)."

"It feels like a large cost upfront, but I like that I can use it all day, every day, and it’s certainly cheaper than using my central heating."

Dreamland suggests that it can cost from as little as 1p to run, but this will vary depending on factors such as setting used, time used for, and energy rates. The blanket is 150 watts, which should be fairly cheap to run, especially when compared to popping the radiators on throughout the house. A way to get a good estimate is the Sust-It Energy calculator; just pop in the wattage, how long you'll use it for and it'll give you an estimate of the running cost - just note this can vary.

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Final verdict: Dreamland heated throw review

Overall rating: 5/5

Our tester gave the Dreamland Deluxe Throw an impressive five-star rating. After five months of use, they're still using the blanket and love its softness, energy efficiency, and ease of use.

It may be an investment, but it's one that pays in the long run: "I’ve recommended it to many of my friends who work from home already as a replacement for having their heating on during the day. I think it’s definitely worth it if you’re struggling to stay a comfortable temperature at home."

There are other cost-effective, long-term solutions you can try, such as insulating your home with thermal curtains or the best draught excluder, but for a near-instant dose of heat, you can't beat a heated throw or blanket. Plus, it doesn't hurt that it looks good too. Win-win, we say.