Support for our Miscarriage Care campaign

Miscarriage Care logoWe've had lots of messages of support for our campaign to improve miscarriage care. A big thank you to everyone who is helping us to spread the word.

You can add your message of support to our Talk thread and tweet about the campaign using the hashtag #MiscarriageCare.


Messages of support

Cathy Warwick, Chief Executive of the Royal College of Midwives, said:

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“The Royal College of Midwives welcomes and supports the Mumsnet code of care which aims to improve care for women at a very difficult time. Midwives and other health professionals have an important role to play in supporting women and families through the physical and psychological impact of miscarriage. Kind, compassionate and empathetic communication around care and treatment is an essential step to support families. It is particularly important that there is effective communication between the hospital, GP and midwife to provide ongoing support or advice, as needed.”


Ruth Bender Atik, National Director of the Miscarriage Association, said:

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“Miscarriage can be a very distressing and frightening experience for women and their partners. Good care, sensitive communication and clear information from the staff they encounter can make a positive difference at a difficult time. Similarly, healthcare and allied professionals need the resources, training and support to enable them to provide this. The Miscarriage Association works with patients, health professionals and a range of other organisations to achieve this and we are pleased to support Mumsnet’s Code of Care as the bedrock of their campaign to improve miscarriage care.” 


Jane Brewin, Chief Executive of Tommy’s, said:

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“Losing a baby is a devastating experience and our helpline hears from people every day who are struggling to make sense of what has happened to them and why. More research is needed to help us understand the causes of miscarriage so we can develop treatments that help save babies’ lives. We want families to know that they are not alone and that Tommy’s helpline is here to support anyone who has been through this heartbreak.”


Susan Seenan, Chief Executive of the national charity Infertility Network UK, said:

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"Miscarriage is an extremely distressing, and often frightening experience and sadly even health professionals can underestimate the impact which a miscarriage can have. Good support and access to counselling from sensitive trained staff who understand the emotional as well as the physical effect of miscarriage on both women and their partners can make an enormous difference to those dealing with the grief of losing a baby. We hope that this campaign will lead to better care and support for everyone affected by what can be a hugely traumatic experience.”

Katherine O'Brien, Press and Policy Advisor of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), said:

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“We fully support this important campaign and are saddened that so many women are not receiving the care and support they need. One in five pregnancies end in miscarriage, and women need services which are responsive to their individual needs. Delays accessing scanning, inadequate pain relief and a lack of follow-on care can only add to women’s distress at what is already an extremely difficult time. The offer of counselling for those women who want it must always be there. We urge politicians to back Mumsnet’s call for effective, compassionate care and to ensure all women in this position have access to the services they need, when they need them.”

Ectopic Pregnancy Trust logoAlex Peace-Gadsby, Chairman of The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust, said: 

"Experiencing a miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy is a very frightening and distressing experience for women and their families and the loss of a baby in this way has been proven to create the same level of grief as losing a close family member. The provision of clear and detailed information, supportive staff and access to appropriate diagnostic tools and treatment are all essential in helping women and their partners through this difficult time. The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust supports the Mumsnet campaign and its Code of Care and applauds its drawing attention to the current inconsistency of national care. It provides an excellent foundation upon which to build a broader code that supports all early pregnancy losses."

Birthrights logoRebecca Schiller, Co-Chair of Birthrights, said:

"Women deserve to be treated with dignity and compassion whenever they access healthcare services but particularly when they vulnerable, frightened and in pain. Miscarriage care in the UK needs to to be sensitively delivered by well-trained and well-supported staff. Birthrights stands alongside Mumsnet to call for better care for women who have suffered a miscarriage now."

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Emma Pinker of Wellbeing of Women said:

"Wellbeing of Women are fighting to reduce the number of miscarriages through top quality research. Our researchers have already made a huge difference in ensuring fewer women suffer from recurrent miscarriage. We are very supportive of Mumsnet Code of Care and recognise the great need to provide adequate care and support for women through this very difficult time."


Abigail Wood, Public Affairs Manager of NCT, said: 

“Miscarriage can be a traumatic experience for women and their partners andNCT it’s unacceptable that so many still don’t receive sensitive, joined up care in an appropriate treatment space. NCT supports Mumsnet’s Code of Care and hope that this leads to all women who experience a miscarriage receiving the care and support they need during this difficult time.”



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