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Mumsnet poll shows 70% of parents want to ditch the twice-yearly clock change

A poll by Mumsnet released ahead of the shortest day of the year shows that parents are overwhelmingly in favour of ditching the twice yearly clock change - and that half would prefer to stick to British Summer Time all year round.  

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Dec 20, 2022

In a poll of nearly 1500 Mumsnet users, just 29% said they would like to retain the current system.  71% said they would prefer to ditch the change, with 50% in favour of sticking to BST all year round.

Justine Roberts, Mumsnet Founder and CEO, said:

“Every autumn when the clocks go back, we see our users take to Mumsnet to express their frustration at how it affects their lives.  Fewer hours of light in the evenings restricts women who may not feel safe in certain areas after dark, whether that's to exercise, socialise or travel.   Our users are also concerned about children travelling home from school and the financial and environmental implications of increased energy use, as well as the effect the change has on children’s sleep patterns.  

“We think that retaining BST all year round is a relatively simple and popular change that  would make women safer - and parents’ lives a little easier.  Sadly, the fact that there hasn't been any serious discussion of this for more than a decade - despite polling frequently reflecting a desire for change -  is a reflection of how often simple beneficial changes are ignored in favour of an approach that favours the status quo.”