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100 Scottish baby names - unique and classic Scottish baby names for girls and boys

Looking for a name to ring with the fresh winds of the Scottish highlands, look no further than this list of classic Scottish names for your baby.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Sep 20, 2022

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From whiskey, to bagpipes and towering castles, Scottish baby names draw from a rich cultural history. Perhaps you are inspired by the wit of Robert Burns poems, or maybe you’re trying to please your Scottish relatives. Either way, here you will find the most popular Scottish names, along with some Mumsnet wisdom to help you choose the best name for your baby.

Should I choose a Scottish baby name?

That depends. Does it make you smile when you say it? You’re going to be saying it a lot!  You should give your child a Scottish name if you feel passionate about it, if you have a strong connection to the place, particularly if it’s the type of name that will stick out. Remember tradition is local  - what is common in Glasgow might be completely different in Inverness. Bottom line, follow your heart, but don’t make life difficult for your child. If it’s going to be a nightmare to explain how to spell, maybe think twice before naming your baby boy Ailean. 

What are some unusual Scottish baby names? 

For a girl, might we suggest Aidaira, a richly poetic name meaning ‘by the oak ford’, a place where you can cross a shallow body of water with the help of overhanging oak trees. It’s a rarely used name for baby girls, with only twelve recorded between 1922 and 2018. For a boy, perhaps you might like Lagan, meaning ‘little fire’ - a beautiful choice for a rare bright spark.

50 Scottish baby boy names

  1. Callan - an unusual one, meaning ‘battle mighty’ or ‘rock’. Cal for short is pretty cute too. 
  2. Callum - a more traditional answer to ‘Callan’. This Scottish Gaelic one means ‘dove’. A little more peaceful than ‘battle mighty’, we think.  
  3. Donal - sounds like ‘Connell’ from Normal People, but cooler. An unusual choice for a ‘world-mighty’ one. 
  4. Douglas - from Gaelic, meaning, ‘dweller by the dark stream’, ‘from the dark river’. Doug for short? 
  5. Brody - meaning ‘ditch’ or ‘muddy-place’, this one certainly has a feel for the landscape. 
  6. Athol - from the Old Scots, meaning ‘new Ireland’
  7. Ewan - An Anglicised form of Scottish Gaelic Eòghan, meaning "born of yew", God's gift. 
  8. Drostan - meaning, ‘Born of Drest', it is a Scottish or Pictish cognate with Tristan. 
  9. Floyd - ice-cool this one, of Scottish origin, meaning ‘grey-haired’ or ‘flood’, of course people will ask your son if he’s going to become a boxer. 
  10. Hamish - this classic is the Scottish version of James, meaning, ‘supplanter’. 
  11. Innes - from the Gaelic, ‘Aonghas', meaning, ‘of the island’
  12. Lachlan - a lovely one, meaning ‘from the land of the lochs’. Lachie for short - a little adventurer!
  13. Lyall - a name from early Scotland, derived from the Old Norse ‘Liulfr’ meaning ‘wolf’.
  14. Jackson - looking for a slight twist on one of the most popular names? This one means ‘son of Jack’ or ‘God has been gracious’.
  15. Gregor - meaning ‘alert’, ‘watchful’. An interesting shortening of ‘Gregory’. 
  16. Arran - a lovely choice, meaning ‘island dweller’. There was some debate between users about how this one was pronounced, so go carefully!
  17. Ian - meaning ‘gracious gift from God’.
  18. Murray - a quintessential Scottish name, meaning ‘Lord’. Murray is a choice for a baby who is wise beyond his years. 
  19. Sholto - we love this unusual one. A name of beginnings, meaning ‘seedsower’, Sholto is nurturing and different - good qualities to encourage, we think. 
  20. Uist - another island in Scotland. This takes its name from the second largest island in the outer hebrides. A bold choice.
  21. Zachary - a mix of classic and interesting, meaning, God has remembered. ‘Zach’ or ‘Zachy’ for short, we love this one!
  22. Archie - who can resist an Archie? This one means ‘bold’ and ‘brave’, and is super cute. 
  23. Clyde - If you’re on the hunt for a cool, one-syllable name, this might be for you. This one is taken from the river in Scotland. 
  24. Magnus - much like Murray, this one has a traditional feel to it. Magnus means ‘greatest’.
  25. Mac - in Ireland and Scotland, Mac and Mc mean ‘son of’ here, Mac can be a unique take on either Matt or Max.
  26. Bryden - meaning, ‘from the broad valley.’
  27. Caden - an unusual one, meaning ‘spirit of battle’ or ‘fighter’.
  28. Cai - meaning ‘rejoice’. Cute and cool! 
  29. Drew -  meaning ‘wise’ or ‘warrior’. This one is a nice shortening of Andrew. 
  30. Duncan - also a classic steeped in Scottish heritage. This one means ‘dark-skinned warrior’ 
  31. Euan - meaning ‘warrior’.
  32. Graham - hard to imagine a baby called Graham but it is a strong choice, meaning ‘gravelly homestead’.
  33. Huey - meaning ‘soul’, ‘mind’ or ‘intellect’, this one is sweet and an uncommon Scottish choice.
  34. Kairn - from the Scottish, Cairn, meaning a man-made pile of stones used as landmarks.
  35. Laurie - who can resist this lovely one, meaning, ‘crown of Laurels’. 
  36. Leith - after the port in Scotland, also meaning ‘Lion cub’ and of course, calling to mind the Proclaimers’ classic, ‘Sunshine on Leith’.
  37. Malcolm - from Scottish Gaelic meaning ‘Columba's servant’ or ‘a follower of St. Columba’.
  38. Lennox - meaning, ‘with many elm trees’. Len or Lenny for short.
  39. Oran - an unusual baby name with lots of meanings, ranging from ‘dark-haired’, ‘song’, ‘bright light’, ‘green’. We think this has the potential for lots of originality. Though one user did unfortunately think it was “awful”
  40. Ross - meaning ‘red’ or ‘rose-colored’, or ‘wooded headland’. If you’re going to pick this one, prepare for Ross from ‘Friends’ jokes.
  41. Ruaraidh - meaning ‘Red King’.
  42. Sandy - derived from Alexander, meaning: ‘protector of mankind’. We think this one is lovely!
  43. Stuart - meaning ‘steward’, this one is a stone cold classic.
  44. Torin - an unusual choice meaning ‘little chief’, ‘little hills’ or ‘thunder’
  45. Torran - related, but if you’re looking for a different spelling. This one also means ‘chief’ or ‘craggy hill top’. 
  46. Cormac - oozes cool, meaning, ‘charioteer’. Slightly unusual but still a popular Scottish name. 
  47. Christie - meaning ‘bearer of Christ’. Kit for short?
  48. Angus - another traditional Scottish name, meaning 'unique choice'. It has been seen in Scotland since as early as the 6th century. 
  49. Mungo - of celtic origin. An ancient name meaning 'dear one' or 'beloved'.
  50. Owen - meaning ‘noble’ or ‘youthful’. This one is a very sweet choice.

50 Scottish names for girls

  1. Morag - From the Scots 'Mor', meaning great. Morag is a cool customer, a highly unique name, we love it! 
  2. Adair - meaning ‘oak’.
  3. Aileen - meaning ‘of the moon’.
  4. Cara - is a beloved friend, ‘dearest’. We need more Cara’s in our lives! 
  5. Fiona - A popular Scottish name, meaning ‘fair’ or ‘white’. Fifi or Fi for short isn’t bad either. 
  6. Ines - An alternative spelling of ‘Agnes’, meaning 'chaste'.
  7. Iona - a hugely popular Scottish name for baby girls. This one refers to the island off the coast of Scotland, and is a gorgeous choice if you really want a vivid sense of place in your daughter’s name.
  8. Isla - another big hit. This traditional Scottish name means ‘island’. A great choice if you want something traditional but still unique.
  9. Jenny - a shortening of ‘Jennifer’, meaning ‘lady of the people’. We all love a democratic girl!
  10. Jessie - short for Jessica, meaning ‘God is gracious’. We think this one is pretty cool.
  11. Kirstie - a Scottish pet name for ‘Christine’, meaning ‘follower of Christ’.
  12. Lexie - meaning ‘sparkling’.
  13. Lindsey - meaning ‘Linden trees by the brook’ or ‘Island of linden trees’
  14. Lorna - referring to the laurel tree and created by the author R. D. Blackmore for the title character in his novel 'Lorna Doone' (1869).
  15. Maisy - a Scottish pet form of Margaret, meaning 'pearl'. A great mix of trendy and traditional.
  16. Mara - meaning ‘one who is forever beautiful’ or ‘sea’ in Scots Gaelic.
  17. Oona - meaning ‘one’ or ‘Lamb’. Not for the faint of heart, this one, but would certainly be the makings of a very unique lady.
  18. Rowan - a type of European tree, also known as Mountain Ash.
  19. Seonaid - a Gaelic form of Janet, Shon for short. This unique choice is a great twist on a standard name.
  20. Skye -  from the Isle of Skye off the coast of Scotland. Another one that is great for marking out Scottish heritage with a lovely reference to the land. 
  21. Ailsa - meaning ‘Island dweller’ - short for Ailsabel.
  22. Anessa - meaning ‘satisfaction’, ‘pure’. An alternative form of Agnes.
  23. Blair - meaning ‘field’ or ‘plain’, this is no plain choice. Blair is to the point, a rare single syllable for a girl’s name. 
  24. Camryn - meaning ‘crooked nose’. Cam for short, another unique option for a girl!
  25. Dallas- meaning ‘the waterfall’ or ‘field’.
  26. Elsie - a shortened version of Elizabeth, Elspeth. Elsie is a bouncy, happy girl.
  27. Ishbel - a rare choice meaning ‘light from God’ 
  28. Isobel - more familiar sounding, meaning ‘God's promise’. A classic choice, though users pointed out that it is very common these days.
  29. Kaila - meaning ‘one who is like God’. 
  30. Kesta - this unusual choice is the Scottish feminine of 'Kester' - which itself is the medieval form of Christopher. With traditional roots, this one is certainly a unique Scottish baby name for a girl! 
  31. Mackenzie - increasingly popular, meaning ‘fair’ or ‘handsome’.
  32. Mairead - another rare choice. This is the Gaelic version of ‘Margaret’, meaning ‘pearl’. 
  33. Nancy - meaning, ‘full of grace’. Nancy doesn’t necessarily say baby, but it's one to grow into.
  34. Paisley - meaning ‘flowery’. 
  35. Rhona - meaning ‘mighty’ is certainly a strong choice. And why not? We want our girls to be mighty! 
  36. Shay - another rare monosyllable, meaning ‘the stately one’ or ‘Supplanter’
  37. Susan - a reliable classic, meaning ‘graceful’ or ‘lily’. Sue for short. 
  38. Andrewina - this girl will be the only Andrewina in the class! The female form of ‘Andrew’, and unique choice.
  39. Arabella - meaning ‘lovable’.
  40. Briar - does what is says on the tin, meaning ‘thorny bush of wild roses’ or ‘bramble’.
  41. Esme - meaning ‘to esteem’. 
  42. Agnes - meaning 'chaste' or 'holy'. Agnes is a lovely choice, full of originality. 
  43. Christiana - meaning ‘follower of christ’.
  44. Coira - meaning ‘seething pool’. 
  45. Drew - meaning ‘wise’. Drew is an individual, short and sharp, we like!
  46. Inverness - a geographical choice again referring to the ‘mouth of the river Ness’
  47. Ione - a rare variation of Iona, which refers to the island off the coast of Scotland. A great one if you’re looking to change up an old classic. 
  48. Isa - meaning ‘salvation of God’ or ‘strong-willed’. 
  49. Kirsteen - meaning ‘believer’. A nice twist on Christene or Kirsten if you’re looking for something a little different.
  50. Beattie - meaning ‘voyager through life’.