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CHANGE OF DATE - In or near London and want to join us for an interactive workshop at Mumsnet? - £100 incentive for your participation

26 comesavemenow 30/01/20 22:30

Did your parents help you get on the property ladder? - Receive a £20 voucher for 1.5 hours online discussion

34 Dogsaresomucheasier 02/01/20 13:18

Do you live in or near London and currently pregnant or have a child aged 2 or under? We'd like to hear from you - £50 voucher for attendees

12 Mediaemily 21/12/19 13:17

Olive it! Event feedback - plus non attendees - chance to win olive hamper worth £60! NOW CLOSED

136 BigGreenOlives 12/09/19 08:58

Are you currently pregnant or have a child under 2, and live in or near London? We'd like to hear from you

1 JustineBMumsnet 03/05/19 17:28

UK MNer with at least one child aged 13+? Want to chat with Facebook?

21 Amaksy 19/02/19 22:34

Find out how MNers got on At Home With Instagram

20 miyajulia1 07/01/19 23:58

Read Mumsnet users feedback on the NFL Kickoff on Piccadilly event - 3x £100 vouchers to be won for feedback

19 groundcontro… 25/12/18 09:18

MNer with a teenager? Want to come to an event with Instagram about online safety?

49 IsabellaCombe 03/12/18 10:07

Free on Saturday 8th September? Want to attend the NFL Kickoff on Piccadilly event? 3x £100 vouchers to be won

13 EllieMumsnet 11/09/18 13:36

Want to help create a new energy tariff with Mumsnet & Octopus Energy?

18 CatkinToadflax 09/09/18 15:30

MNer with a child aged 5-11? Want to help McDonald’s develop their Happy Meal menu? Sign up to take part! NOW CLOSED!

74 Lovelydovey 14/07/18 11:53

MNer with a child aged 5-11? Want to come to the launch of the new McDonald’s Happy Meal?!

57 EmmaMumsnet 29/06/18 17:16

DFS ‘Match Made’ event feedback thread - non attendee? Chance to win £300 voucher! NOW CLOSED

428 SillyMoomin 03/05/18 13:50

Read Mumsnetters’ feedback on the launch event for Swedish children’s fashion brand Newbie - Non attendee? £150 voucher to be won NOW CLOSED

102 vincenta 23/04/18 13:36

Would you like to attend a launch event for Swedish children’s fashion brand Newbie? - £150 voucher to be won

21 Kizzy2018 06/04/18 13:21

Read MNers feedback on the new ‘Meals Under’ bundles from McDonald’s! NOW CLOSED!

20 KendalMintCakey 02/04/18 16:35

MNer with a child aged 5-11? Sign up to test McDonald’s new 400 or 600 calorie meal bundles for a chance to win £300 for your feedback! NOW CLOSED!

8 PeterPiperPi… 09/03/18 20:04

Find out how MNers got on at Take Five’s fraud event. PLUS non-attendees chance to win £150 John Lewis voucher! NOW CLOSED

102 EllieMumsnet 14/02/18 10:40

Want to help Mumsnet & Dreams create the perfect mattress? Join our sleep panel and you’ll receive the mattress once it’s made! NOW CLOSED

21 VanillaMcFly 10/01/18 18:37

Read Mumsnetters’ feedback on their baby massage classes, courtesy of WaterWipes - non-attendee? Chance to win £150 voucher! NOW CLOSED

202 Candyperfumegirl 04/12/17 16:28

LAST CHANCE: London 28th November evening event - £300 voucher to be won plus £500 NOW CLOSED

21 sabretiggr 28/11/17 23:30

Find out what MNers think of the new Bunnings home improvement store + check out a handy video of painting tips1 NOW CLOSED

15 Butteredparsn1ps 16/11/17 10:17

Share the DIY projects you need to get done before Christmas with the home improvement store Bunnings - vouchers to be won! NOW CLOSED

265 EmmaMumsnet 06/11/17 09:39

Would you like to attend an exclusive DFS event and be matched to your perfect sofa?

70 woodhill 10/09/17 10:58

Would you like a free baby massage class for you and your friends, courtesy of WaterWipes?

14 carolineandbaby 23/08/17 07:43

Bunnings home improvement and gardening store - share your best home improvement tips - win £200 voucher NOW CLOSED

161 AnnMumsnet 24/07/17 13:52

Want to check out the new Bunnings home improvement and gardening store in Milton Keynes? Come along on 8/9 July - £20 to be had! NOW CLOSED

26 Mummysh0rtlegs 09/07/17 14:09

No7 returning to work with confidence event feedback thread - non-attendees, tell us what makes you confident every day - win a No7 hamper NOW CLOSED

316 TurquoiseDragonfly 21/04/17 11:27

MNer with a DC between 3-12: Find out how you could see the new film, Smurfs: The Lost Village, in London on March 26 NOW CLOSED

30 Gowgirl 26/03/17 13:08

Recently returned to work after children? Thinking about a return to work? Come along to a No7 event – London March 27th – goody bags for all! NOW CLOSED

19 Amaksy 23/03/17 20:51

Want to see VICEROY’S HOUSE with Hugh Bonneville & Gillian Anderson ahead of its UK cinema release & the chance to win £100? NOW CLOSED

13 AnnMumsnet 02/03/17 14:33

Want to see the inspiring A UNITED KINGDOM ahead of its UK cinema release & the chance to win £100? Find out more RECRUITMENT NOW CLOSED

6 hankyspanky 14/11/16 02:53

Want to get more active? See what Mumsnetters thought about David Lloyd clubs around the country. NOW CLOSED

28 JAKK 14/09/16 22:35

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar MN event - feedback - find out what MNers think about the new drink NOW CLOSED

145 DoorbellsSle… 21/08/16 23:08

Fancy finding out about Coca-Cola Zero Sugar? Event in London on 30 June - £200 to be won! NOW CLOSED

36 AnnMumsnet 01/07/16 11:20

See what MNers thought about the new film, The Angry Birds Movie! NOW CLOSED

72 merliquin 02/06/16 15:02

Florence Foster Jenkins film screening feedback thread - non testers - chance to win £100 and signed poster! NOW CLOSED

176 mellicauli 22/05/16 23:07

Attend a David Lloyd event in Hampton or Edinburgh and use facilities for a week! Win £300 voucher. NOW CLOSED

35 vincenta 20/05/16 12:03

Free EXCLUSIVE Mumsnet screening of The Angry Birds Movie! In London and Manchester on May 8! - NOW CLOSED

37 Dexterjamesmummy 10/05/16 15:49

QUICK! Preview screening of Florence Foster Jenkins TONIGHT! Last few seats available

1 AnnMumsnet 27/04/16 12:19

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter - review thread - chances to win goody bags! NOW CLOSED

142 JustineBMumsnet 18/04/16 12:11

Harry Potter or film mad? Want to visit the Warner Bros. Studio Tour on 23 March and report back for MN? NOW CLOSED

420 YesterdayOnceMore 26/03/16 19:38

Read Mumsnetters’ feedback on the Sky Academy event in London. Non-attendees: chance to win a £200 voucher NOW CLOSED

39 Seriouslyffs 02/12/15 20:55

Review thread for SUFFRAGETTE preview screenings: read the reviews! Non attendees: chance to win £100 NOW CLOSED

96 BitOutOfPractice 02/11/15 12:15

MNer with an 8-12 year old? Sign up to attend a Sky Academy event in London and you could win a £300 voucher for your feedback NOW CLOSED

7 Noeuf 19/10/15 18:13

See what MNers think of the new film, Hotel Transylvania 2 - £300 voucher prize draw for attendees NOW CLOSED

74 BlueBlueBelles 19/10/15 17:35

Want to see SUFFRAGETTE ahead of its UK release & the chance to win £200? Find out more...RECRUITMENT NOW CLOSED

42 AnnMumsnet 07/10/15 15:31

Come along to an EXCLUSIVE Hotel Transylvania 2 3D Preview Screening on Sunday 4th October – London and Manchester venues! £300 voucher prize draw! NOW CLOSED

46 RapidlyOscillating 04/10/15 23:09

Share your favourite football memory and see what Mumsnetters thought of McDonald’s Community Football days- £300 voucher prize draw!NOW CLOSED

56 MichelleMumsnet 10/09/15 15:49
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