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to think that with three young children a father should make every possible effort to be home for bedtime/bath time 14 Soapbox 11/09/08 10:48
To think that if you're grown up, you should act like it (and your parents should act like you are as well)? 16 Anchovy 11/09/08 10:25
To not want to pay for my tenant to have a doorbell professionally installed? 85 Freckle 11/09/08 09:34
to think that our new bunny should just eat what is offered and not be so fussy.......hmmmmmmmm 26 southeastastra 11/09/08 08:15
To have awful thoughts about these two boys ?? 11 Pria 11/09/08 00:19
To tell everone that mentions christmas before october... 44 ethanchristopher 10/09/08 22:50
to get unreasonably irritated by boys/men walking around with their trousers under their backsides? 58 ethanchristopher 10/09/08 21:55
I decide when dd has school lunches, right? Not her friends? 61 pointydog 10/09/08 21:47
to be cross/hurt that my friend blew me out for her messed up BF? 4 ethanchristopher 10/09/08 21:33
because I think I'm being sensible and courteous when.. 41 bluemousemummy 10/09/08 21:20
Any part time teachers out there? 65 islandofsodor 10/09/08 21:13
to be gobsmacked at how ignorant and obtuse this GP was?? 33 Janos 10/09/08 21:12
To be a bit rankled by sneering nurse? 18 CurrantBM 10/09/08 20:45
To expect the teenage boy over the road and his mates to not play football outside my window.... 10 deepinlaundry 10/09/08 20:18
to eat chilli every morning for breakfast? 14 3andnomore 10/09/08 20:13
to have NOT bought DD a new lunchbox?? 18 GrimmaTheNome 10/09/08 19:16
To pay for babysitting rather than rely on favours? 19 ethanchristopher 10/09/08 18:48
To think that social services are soulless thoughtless C***S! 143 edam 10/09/08 16:43
To think there is something wrong because my mum has had a mammogram recall.....? 11 Pixel 10/09/08 16:32
what would you do.... 20 AMumInScotland 10/09/08 16:01
to want to tell my boss to shut the feck up! 15 2beornot2be 10/09/08 15:31
to think being called a bitch is not on? 21 BlingLovin 10/09/08 15:18
I have lived in the same place, with the same neighbours for 7 years, AIBU to expect them to speak to me if they have a problem rather than put in an official complaint about me and would it BU to put one in back? 16 Aimsmum 10/09/08 14:33
to be sick of this woman asking for favours 14 flipflopper 10/09/08 13:57
NOT TO CALL "FRIEND" BACK? 14 hifi 10/09/08 13:02
I have not done the housework for weeks 71 FlightofhteG… 10/09/08 12:59
To ask my mother to back off a bit 23 bluemousemummy 10/09/08 12:51
Untitled 7 DaphneMoon 10/09/08 11:56
To not want nearly 10 year old son to have a TV in his room? 188 seeker 10/09/08 10:15
To put DD to bed without any dinner... 299 breadandroses 10/09/08 10:07
To think unjustified accusations of child abuse is out of order 85 morocco 09/09/08 23:26
my old friend has gone off the rails since her separation. 57 trumpetgirl 09/09/08 23:22
To expect replies to my DD's party invitation? 16 Word 09/09/08 22:36
... to hate people that bring their own food to parties? 190 TheSmallClanger 09/09/08 21:26
to think that this is a very sneaky way to advertise chocolate? 4 AvenaLife 09/09/08 21:20
To not want neighbours two girls in and out of my house all day, every day wanting this and that? 24 kt14 09/09/08 20:45
in thinking that school children shouldn't be answering the school telephone? 26 clam 09/09/08 20:39
to dislike my bump being touched 24 LadySweet 09/09/08 20:14
to want to purcase a plain grey or black or navy school type tracsuit for a tall and skinny 9 year old girl???? 9 MaloryDontDi… 09/09/08 20:07
Am I being unreasonable to want a second child? 39 LaVieEnRose 09/09/08 19:59
to not want my mother's breasts in my face???? 58 LittleBella 09/09/08 19:27
When I see smokers with babies, I really want to yell at them... 304 Firepile 09/09/08 19:25 think that the orange segment handed to me on a plate along with the hot lemon-scented towel at the end of my meal in the local Indian restaurant should not have been previously sucked by a person unknown to me? 25 cheshirekitty 09/09/08 19:04
to audition for the Xmas panto? 10 RubyRioja 09/09/08 18:57
to a) think ticket persons should not threaten to be watching out for someones car in particular, b)think the bank should accept my authenticity on production of several pieces of original identification and c) the weather should have the decency to make up its mind as to what season we are fgs 11 LaVieEnRose 09/09/08 18:47
To expect a non - religious school NOT to practise worship? 117 sfxmum 09/09/08 17:58
To Be Hacked Off With School 21 madhairday 09/09/08 17:48
10 yr old girl pillion passenger on a motorbike. >:-/ 12 worley 09/09/08 17:22
... to expect DH to back me up on this issue with DD(7) 23 MmeLindt 09/09/08 16:55
to want Andy Murray to lose? 80 tortoiseshell 09/09/08 15:57
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