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Best desk chairs: upgrade your home office with these comfortable seats

Is WFH becoming a pain in the neck? Check out our roundup of the best office chairs to keep you sitting comfortably from 9 to 5.

By Poppy O'Neill | Last updated Feb 7, 2022

Best office chairs

Working from home has become a way of life for many Mumsnetters and it looks like it’s here to stay in some shape or form. Having a comfortable home office set up makes a huge difference, and a good office chair that doesn’t cause backache is the best gift you can give yourself. Expertly placed supports, adjustable parts and a firm-but-not-too-firm seat all add up to an excellent office chair. 

It’s hard to tell how comfy they’ll be from looking at most office chairs - the proof is most definitely in the sitting. That’s why a recommendation is really valuable. Quality chairs aren’t cheap, and you need to know what they’re like to sit in for multiple hours per day before you invest in one. 

We’ve scoured the Mumsnet Talk forums to find the office chairs that keep Mumsnetters comfiest, and here’s what we found. 

Here are the best office chairs to buy this year. 

1. Best overall office chair: IKEA Markus Office Chair

Ikea Markus office chair

Price: £179 | Buy now from IKEA

"Recommended by my physio and extremely comfortable" - recommended by Mumsnet user, SpottedonMN

"The Ikea markus is well known for being one of the best and comfiest on the market - my partner works from home quite often and sometimes plays computer games so got one and it is literally the comfiest chair we own - even more so than the sofa and the reclining armchair! - Sarahkins1

The IKEA Markus is really popular on the Mumsnet forums, and we can see why. It combines value for money, comfort and durability. The mesh backrest means no sweaty back and it’s got cushioning in all the right places. The chair spins, reclines, has wheels and an adjustable seat height. Being IKEA, you do need to build it yourself, but there are only 11 bolts so it’s a pretty low-pressure flatpack situation. 

Key specs

  • Size: 62 x 60 x 140cm
  • Seat height: 46-57cm
  • Maximum load: 110kg

2. Best budget office chair: Hbada Office Chair

Hbada office chair

Price: £95 | Buy now from Amazon

"I have this one. Really really comfy and the arms flip up to push under the table when not in use. Much recommended" - tried and tested by Mumsnet user, Boopear

A good quality office chair under £100 is hard to find, but this one from Hbada is a real gem. Boasting a fully adjustable seat and backrest, as well as fold-away armrests and a rocking motion, this is a great chair for kitting out your study on a budget. The back rest only comes halfway up your back, so the chair doesn’t offer head or neck support, but otherwise it’s well designed and comfortable for a whole day’s work. 

Key specs

  • Size: 60x60x100cm
  • Seat height: 45-54cm
  • Maximum load: 136kg

3. Best stylish office chair: HNNHome Modern Eris Padded Swivel Chair

Hnnhome office chair

Price: £75 | Buy now from Amazon

"I bought this one in green and it’s comfy and looks lovely" - recommended by Mumsnet user, Katlow

"I second that chair. I have it in cream and despite being relatively inexpensive it's withstood me and my substantial derriere wfh for months very well and looks really nice" - tried and tested by Mumsnet user, StCharlotte

If you work from your dining table or just want a non-office chair looking office chair, this stylish one from HNNHome is a stunner. It’s cushioned all over, made from lovely soft velvet and available in seven tasteful colours. It has wheels and an adjustable height seat, just like a normal office chair, and Mumsnetters say it’s surprisingly comfortable to work on. 

Key specs

  • Size: 59 x 56 x 74cm
  • Seat height: Not stated
  • Maximum load: 120kg

4. Best ergonomic office chair: RH Logic Office Chair

RH Logic office chair

Price: £999 | Buy now from Amazon

"I have a chronic pain condition that can leave me wiped out but things like a properly adjusted task chair (RH Logic 400 w/headrest), adjustable desk and footrest made a huge difference to me being able to actually sit at a desk and do my job" - recommended by Mumsnet user, humansnowman

For an office chair that expertly supports you from head to toe, the RH Logic is a lifesaver. It’s adjustable in every direction you can think of, has a lumbar pump and is covered in firm, supportive padding shaped to support your spine and shoulders. It’s a very heavy chair, so moving it can take two, or one very strong, person. Designed specifically to relieve the pain that long periods of sitting can bring, it makes sure your circulation and posture are regulated throughout the day. 

Key specs

  • Size: 72 x 44 x 47cm
  • Seat height: 41-53cm
  • Maximum load: Not stated

5. Best office chair for back pain: Humanscale Freedom Task Chair

Humanscale Freedom Task office chair

Price: £1034 | Buy now from Amazon

"Freedom chairs by Humanscale are the best (IMO) but can retail at close to £1000" - recommended by Mumsnet user, Chopsypie

"Go for the Humanscale if you can afford it" - roses2

Despite its simple appearance, the Freedom chair by Humanscale is deceptively supportive. Using your own body weight to intuitively adjust itself, the chair provides tailored support as you move, meaning there’s no need to adjust it yourself. What’s more, it’s got tip-top environmental credentials, and is available with or without a headrest. 

Key specs

  • Size: 73x63x68cm
  • Seat height: 40.5cm
  • Maximum load: 136kg

6. Most comfortable office chair: Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Herman Miller Aeron office chair

Price: £1199 | Buy now from wellworking

"I work from home full-time (have done for years, I'm a writer) and I had back issues from rubbish chairs. I'm afraid the only thing that has helped me was expensive -- a Herman Miller Aeron" - recommended by Mumsnet user, NastyBlouse

"Herman Miller Aeron chairs are amazing to sit in. They are over a grand full price but we got one for £450 from a furniture warehouse place" - YippeeKayakOtherBuckets

Herman Miller chairs are known as the best money can buy, and Mumsnetters recommend the Aeron most regularly. Available in different sizes for maximum comfort, the chair is fully adjustable and has pivoting arm rests. Not content with designing the Rolls Royce of office chairs, when you buy one it’ll be delivered and adjusted for you by qualified staff, and the company will service it for you too. 

Key specs

  • Size: Various available
  • Seat height: Various available
  • Maximum load: Not stated

7. Best adjustable office chair: Secretlab Neuechair Office Chair

Secretlab NeueChair office chair

Price: £534 | Buy now from Secretlab

"Apparently the SecretLab chairs are good and highly adjustable. I've been eyeing up one. They come in different sizes according to your height and weight, and have neck support. Decent gaming chairs can be better than office chairs because they're designed to be adjusted in more ways to support your body correctly" - ftw163532

Designed to keep the body in a naturally balanced and comfortable position, the Neuechair from Secretlab is built for sitting at a computer for many hours at a time. It has adjustable armrests, seat height, tilt and there’s an optional headrest and it’s covered in hi-tech, breathable Neuemesh which regulates body temperature. It doesn’t have fiddly adjustment levers on the base, all the adjustments are done intuitively - for example you can shift the lumbar and head support by sliding the seat backwards. 

Key specs

  • Size: 104 x 66 x 47cm
  • Seat height: 47-56cm
  • Maximum load: 110kg

8. Best kneeling office chair: Varier Kneeling Chair

Varier Variable Kneeling Chair

Price: £329 | Buy now from Back In Action

"I have the Varier kneeling chair which I really like, and it also lets me fidget happily which is a plus for me as I hate sitting with my feet flat on the floor" - CMOTDibbler

While a kneeling chair doesn’t suit everybody, Mumsnetters who find them comfortable absolutely swear by this Varier model. With cushioning to prevent too much pressure on the knees, a kneeling chair keeps your back in alignment and allows movement throughout the working day. Available in lots of different colours, there’s also a model with a backrest - the Variable Plus. 

Key specs

  • Size: 51 x 52 x 72cm
  • Seat height: Not stated
  • Maximum load: Not stated

9. Best saddle office chair: Bambach Saddle Seat

Bambach saddle chair

Price: From £450 | Buy now from Bambach

"I was about to recommend a Bambach saddle seat. They really are not at all cheap, but teen DS' chair has been going nearly 10 years. We had it for multiple reasons but not least because it promotes active sitting which strengthens your stomach muscles. And it really does work" - recommended by Mumsnet user, Hazelnutlatteplease

"If you work at a desk I recommend a saddle seat (e.g. Bambach). This was the only place I could sit comfortably for more than about 15 minutes" - DuesToTheDust

As saddle seats go, the Bambach is the gold standard. It’s hugely customisable, so once your saddle seat arrives it’ll already be made to your specifications. There’s an optional footrest, armrest or backrest, and more than 30 colours to choose from. Similar to a kneeling chair, a saddle seat keeps you sitting upright, improving posture and helping with back, neck, hip and pelvic pain. 

Key specs

  • Size: Various available
  • Seat height: Various available
  • Maximum load: Not stated

10. Best mesh office chair: mfavour Ergonomic Office Chair with Back Support

mfavour office chair

Price: £160 | Buy now from Amazon

A mesh office chair prevents an uncomfortable, sweaty back because air can move easily through the fabric. This one from mFavour has great lumbar support, a large, comfortable backrest, plus an adjustable headrest, armrest and seat height. At around £150 it’s a great value office chair, easy to assemble and perfect for a home office. 

Key specs

  • Size: 70x135cm
  • Seat height: 45-55cm
  • Maximum load: 134kg

How to buy the best office chair 

If you’re able to try a chair out before buying it, do. Different chairs suit different people, so it’s worth trying a few different styles. If you suffer with back problems, it’s worth spending that bit more and getting an ergonomic model. 

Which type of office chair is best for your back? 

Ergonomic chairs have multiple adjustable features and are designed to hold your back in the optimum position to prevent and relieve back pain. 

Which type of office chair is best for sitting on for a long time? 

It depends on what kind of chair suits your body, but chairs that have ergonomic features are usually best for all-day sitting. 

What is the best office chair to buy?

The IKEA Markus is the best office chair to buy, because it’s the perfect blend of comfort and value for money. 

How we chose our recommendations

We spent several hours sifting through Mumsnet's forums for recommendations from our users on the office chairs they rate most highly. We were also on the lookout for poor reviews of products to avoid.

We consulted recommendations from experts, consumer websites and print media and made sure we included brands that regularly appeared in top 10 lists.

We then looked at reviews for each of our longlisted heated throw blankets to check that previous customers were satisfied with their purchases.

By doing this, we whittled our longlist down and chose a selection of office chairs that we think offer something for everybody.

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